Seoul Stadium, Seoul, South Korea

Referee: A. Bujsaim

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  • Papa Bouba Diop 30'
  • 90'

    What a stunning result it is - the referee blows the final whistle and defending champions France have lost 1-0 to Senegal. An extraordinary result, an extraordinary performance

  • 90'

    Dugarry flicks, Sylva gathers. Surely that's it now... What a stunning opening result this could be

  • 90'

    This time Leboeuf gets a shot in, and again Sylva is there to save well. About 40 seconds remaining

  • 90'

    Lizarazu now... he finds Petit, whose mishit shot goes towards Henry but is scrambled behind. It's a corner

  • 90'

    Three minutes of stoppage time... Desailly hits the ball long, but Petit wants too much time and Senegal step in and hammer it away

  • 90'

    Stoppage time, and Henry gets into the area for France. The shot's powerful, the save from Sylva excellent

  • 90'

    Last minute of normal time, and Diatta wins a throw for Senegal. N'Diaye likes the idea so much that he wins another

  • 89'

    Hold on - here's Henry... not for long, though, and N'Diaye goes to the other end and crosses too long

  • 88'

    France have a free-kick inside their own half... Daf gets the ball back to his keeper Sylva and Senegal are within touching distance of glory now

  • 87'

    France just can't find any zip and spark to their game against a side defending with real unity and determination

  • 86'

    Fadiga crosses towards Diouf, who is narrowly offside. Barthez is trying to hurry his team-mates forward, but Dugarry concedes a free-kick

  • 85'

    This could be like Argentina v Cameroon 1990 all over again... Leboeuf hits a long-ranger, but it's too close to Sylva, who saves

  • 85'

    This time Desailly gets his head to it, but it's poor, it's weak and it's wide. Five minutes and counting

  • 84'

    Henry crosses, Cisse follows up, Daf gets there with a good challenge. Corner. Again. But France really aren't making much of them

  • 83'

    Cisse can't keep a long ball forward in play, and Diatta makes another good interception when the champions win it back again

  • 82'

    Trezeguet gets his head to the cross, but the ball lands on the top of the net rather than going in. Still no equaliser, not much time

  • 82'

    Diatta heads the ball away powerfully, N'Diaye clears the follow-up. Another corner, and the late pressure is growing

  • 81'

    Djibril Cisse comes on for Wiltord as Lemerre tries to boost his side's firepower... Cisse is fouled by Daf down the right and it's another free-kick

  • 80'

    Great defending from N'Diaye, who cuts off Lizarazu's dangerous-looking break down the left

  • 79'

    Wiltord crosses, Henry flicks, France are frustrated once more as the ball trickles away from danger

  • 78'

    Bouba Diop lashes in a shot after an excellent 1-2 with Fadiga... Diouf was unmarked in the middle, but Diop didn't see him

  • 77'

    Dugarry tries to get on the end of a loose ball inside the area, but he can't and the seconds are ticking away for the - so far - disappointing champions

  • 76'

    Lizarazu makes a last-ditch challenge as N'Diaye gets into the area after some slick Senegalese football

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    ...Sylva, as calm as his defensive colleagues, comes out and catches with aplomb

  • 75'

    Henry fires in another cross, and Diatta is there to usher it away for a corner

  • 74'

    It's rather uncertainly cleared: Petit, though, slices his attempt to cross the ball back in and it arcs woefully over the top

  • 73'

    Petit masterminding... it's deflected off goalscorer Diop and France have a corner

  • 72'

    Petit loses control of the ball in midfield, but Thuram picks up the pieces and earns France a free-kick

  • 71'

    Diouf - what a game he's had - manages to hang on to it for long enough to get a cross in, but the ball is too long to cause any danger

  • 71'

    Senegal are hardly seeing anything of the ball at all, but they won't care - they're winning

  • 70'

    Trezeguet flicks the ball on, but it goes nowhere. 20 minutes and counting

  • 69'

    Henry runs into traffic as he weaves his way towards the Senegal goal. The referee is unimpressed by his artistic meeting with the ground, and gives no free-kick

  • 68'

    Yet more good defending by Senegal - their spirit and organisation at the back cannot be questioned

  • 67'

    Petit floats an intelligent ball forward, which Vieira controls. He hits it goalwards, and another good block means another France corner

  • 67'

    A typically classy effort from Henry, and it looked for all the world like an equaliser

  • 66'

    France were almost staring at an unthinkable 2-0 deficit: but seconds later Henry nearly levels with a bending shot which hits the bar

  • 65'

    ...he cracks in a shot - it's a superb effort - and the ball hits the top of the bar. Nearly, nearly...

  • 64'

    Most of the possession is with the team in blue - but suddenly Fadiga is racing into the area for Senegal...

  • 63'

    Wiltord is sent crashing to the ground by Daf's challenge on half way - France waste the free-kick, and some uncharacteristic sloppiness is coming into their passing

  • 62'

    Dugarry volleys in a cross which just eludes his colleagues. France haven't really created all that much - they need to

  • 61'

    Dugarry, the new man, is robbed as he tries to make an impact. Senegal look forward quickly: Diouf is offside, about the 463rd time that's happened to him today

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Lizarazu crosses for France, and Senegal clear their lines. Half an hour stands between them and a memorable, incredible win

  • 60'

    Djorkaeff is coming off, and Christophe Dugarry is introduced by coach Roger Lemerre

  • 59'

    Barthez punches clear with tremendous power and distance, and it looks as though France are about to make a substitution

  • 59'

    They've got other things to worry about now - a free-kick to Senegal in a promising position

  • 58'

    From nowhere, they have upped the tempo after making a pretty slow start to the second period

  • 57'

    From the corner, Sylva clutches a Patrick Vieira header. France so close to equalising

  • 57'

    Djorkaeff shoots low, Sylva parries and then scrambles the ball behind as Trezeguet closes in on the rebound

  • 56'

    Henry makes a typically dazzling run - he crosses low and it eludes everyone... Wiltord floats the ball back in and Henry heads over when he should have done much better

  • 55'

    Thuram races forward and finds Trezeguet with a lovely cross - he flicks it wide of the mark

  • 55'

    It's hit long, and Leboeuf is there to clear the danger

  • 54'

    We restart, and Senegal have another dead ball situation, just inside the France half this time

  • 53'

    Cisse's still down: when he eventually gets to his feet, he looks more than a little shaken by the challenge

  • 53'

    Vieira hacks down Cisse: free-kick to Senegal inside their own half

  • 52'

    Not for the first time, however, the French delivery is poor and Senegal don't have to work too hard to get it away

  • 51'

    Cisse fouls Desailly and is booked... Desailly was coming forward with some purpose for France then, and they have a free-kick

  • 50'

    Petit whips the ball in, and goalscorer Diop heads it clear well

  • 50'

    Chance for France to cause some danger - Djorkaeff and Petit sizing up the situation

  • 49'

    Coly plays one forward for Senegal, and Leboeuf deals with it rather shakily... France come forward and Djorkaeff is fouled by Cisse on the edge of the area

  • 48'

    Leboeuf, though, overhits an attempted ball out wide and it goes out for a throw

  • 48'

    Desailly carries the ball forward for France, who are passing it calmly as they strive for a leveller

  • 47'

    Following it, N'Diaye crosses but the offside flag goes up

  • 46'

    The Arsenal man is unable to hold onto the ball, and Senegal win it back. Diao is fouled, giving them a free-kick just inside the France half

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    We're under way in the second half, and Vieira tries to get things going for France...

  • 45'

    Leboeuf gets a foot in as Diouf threatens again - and that's the last action of the first half. Senegal go into the break in front: can champions France respond in the second half?

  • 45'

    Another clearance - Daf the man stepping in. Petit then lunges at Diouf, and becomes the first player to be booked in World Cup 2002

  • 45'

    Another French free-kick, another chance to cross the ball deep into the Senegal area

  • 45'

    We're into first half stoppage time - there will be two minutes of that. Senegal, against all expectations, lead the champions 1-0

  • 45'

    The referee about the only person around who didn't see that as a foul. But then again, life would be boring if we were all the same

  • 44'

    Diouf looks to have been fouled by Vieira as he bursts towards the penaly area again - not so, says the referee

  • 44'

    The French, though, are upping the pressure in the first half's dying stages

  • 43'

    Wiltord launches into a good run at the heart of Senegal's back line: he ends it with a low, skidding shot which is too close to Sylva to cause any problems

  • 43'

    ...and by a reasonably large margin, what's more

  • 42'

    Djorkaeff tries his luck from distance after the ball ricochets back to him - that's over the top

  • 41'

    That's well cleared, and Senegal are putting together some increasingly confident passing moves as the game wears on. This one ends with France scrambling the ball away

  • 40'

    Thuram hurls a long throw into the penalty area, but the Senegal defence copes well again. The end result is another corner

  • 39'

    It's a poor kick and easily cleared. France then give away a free-kick as Diouf causes problems once again

  • 39'

    Henry tries to change that, and forces a corner on the right

  • 38'

    In the end, it's Djorkaeff who tries his luck. Sylva saves comfortably and Senegal still hold their unlikely lead

  • 38'

    Senegal lining up the wall: Leboeuf looks interested

  • 37'

    Wiltord is fouled about 35 yards out and central... no Zidane today, so what can France do with this?

  • 36'

    Diouf is caught narrowly offside from another through ball. Senegal always capable of troubling France with pace

  • 35'

    France lump it forward - keeper Sylva comes wandering again, and again it works as he gets there first to thwart the champions

  • 34'

    Senegal scrape it away and N'Diaye will lead the breakaway

  • 34'

    Djorkaeff will mastermind this one: he's going to swing it in

  • 33'

    France win a free-kick inside the Senegal half as they try to find a way back into the game...

  • 32'

    N'Diaye attempts to cross as Senegal comes forward again: the ball floats over Barthez and over the bar as well

  • 31'

    Leboeuf was taken to the cleaners in that move - Senegal ripping into the heart of the France defence to devastating effect

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    ...he beats Leboeuf down the left and Bouba Diop, at the second attempt, sweeps the ball past Barthez. France are stunned - Senegal lead 1-0 against the champions!

  • 29'

    Coming up to the half hour, no goals... France have come closest, but here comes Diouf...

  • 28'

    Diouf and Leboeuf collide: France have the ball, but Wiltord is robbed... keeper Sylva comes out of his area to head clear as France play it back in

  • 27'

    Barthez fumbles but recovers the ball - Lizarazu crosses at the other end, and Cisse is in the right place to clear for Senegal

  • 26'

    Diouf then wins a free-kick - it's a good crossing position...

  • 25'

    ...and now it's Senegal's turn to keep the ball for a while. That doesn't last and Coly is required to make another important interception inside his own half

  • 25'

    Another spell of excellent passing from France - they're beginning to up their game now. Diouf intercepts on this occasion...

  • 24'

    Excellent football created the chance, and Trezeguet seemed to have done everything right

  • 24'

    France within inches of scoring the competition's first goal

  • 23'

    Henry frees Trezeguet, who hits a superb shot from the edge of the area. It crashes back out off the post with Sylva utterly beaten

  • 22'

    Fadiga shows great control to trap a long crossfield pass - then he overdoes things and France break...

  • 21'

    Wiltord looks for Djorkaeff through the middle, but the ball just eludes the France forward

  • 21'

    Another offside against Senegal, this time against N'Diaye

  • 20'

    Petit takes, keeper Sylva gets a touch and Cisse clears - Trezeguet chases the ball back in and collides with Sylva, but the referee is happy with that challenge

  • 19'

    Here come France again as Wiltord beats Daf and crosses - it's blocked, and the defending champions have a corner...

  • 18'

    Former Norwich player Pape Diop - yes, it's true - does superbly to rob Vieira as he attempts to find a crossing position on the right for France

  • 17'

    Djorkaeff embarks on a mazy run: Cisse can't be doing with that and steps in to win the ball midway inside his own half

  • 16'

    Ndiaye motors down the right after a great flick frees him - alas for Senegal, the offside flag brings an enterprising move to a halt

  • 16'

    At the other end, Djorkaeff swings a free-kick in and it's headed clear well

  • 15'

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    Senegal to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Good play by Fadiga allows Senegal to keep the ball, but their attempts to move forward peter out

  • 15'

    It's swung into the area and headed clear by Lizarazu - but the whistle had gone for a foul in any case

  • 14'

    Leboeuf brings down Diouf as he runs deep into the France half - what can Senegal create from this?

  • 13'

    Not masses to talk about in the way of chances - it has been an interesting game so far but has still to really get going

  • 13'

    Petit is making life tough for defender Ferdinand Coly: he and his colleagues combine to get the ball out of harm's way in the end

  • 12'

    France on the ball again, building from the back... Petit swings a pass towards Henry, but more good defending by Senegal clears the danger

  • 11'

    Djorkaeff lurks on the right - the attempted pass to him is overhit and flies out of play

  • 10'

    Bouba Diop tries a heart-warmingly optimistic effort from several miles out - it skids through to Barthez, who was never going to be troubled by that

  • 9'

    Leboeuf, never short of belief in his own abilties, tries to set Wiltord free - the ball is just too long and slides out for a goal-kick

  • 8'

    Bouba Diop concedes a free-kick inside the France half - from it, France sweep the ball wide to Djorkaeff and there's a little confusion before Senegal clear their lines

  • 7'

    Talking of pace, Thierry Henry gets the ball for France and attacks down the left - the cross, however, swings out of play

  • 7'

    Bright stuff from Senegal, who have the pace and power to trouble their illustrious opponents

  • 6'

    He pulls the ball back, and Barthez makes a save from the resulting low shot

  • 5'

    ...Lizarazu is there to win it back and try to get the champions moving. They don't, and Diouf races away

  • 4'

    France building again - Senegal get the ball away with some purpose

  • 3'

    ...but Trezeguet, well-positioned, scuffs his shot wide of the post. A decent chance goes begging

  • 3'

    Thuram races away down the right - the first real burst of pace. He crosses...

  • 3'

    Ndiaye is fouled by Lizarazu - the free-kick is hit long into the France half, but comes to nothing

  • 2'

    Now Djorkaeff for France - they try to get neat passing going, but Senegal are pressing well and win the ball back

  • 1'

    It's floated in and flicked on by Diouf, but keeper Barthez gathers

  • 1'

    They win the tournament's first free-kick, around 40 yards out...


    Senegal get the opening game under way - the World Cup is here!


    We're just seconds away from kick off in the 2002 World Cup: a fantastic atmosphere in a fantastic stadium


    All the action as the holders begin the defence of their crown against first-time finalists Senegal. Kick-off 12.30 BST

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  • Senegal
16(7) Shots (on goal) 6(5)
18 Fouls 21
10 Corner kicks 0
2 Offsides 11
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 7

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