Old Trafford, England

Attendance: 74959

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Manchester United

  • Sergio Ramos 48' OG

1 - 2


2nd leg: 2 - 3 (Agg)

Real Madrid

  • Luka Modric 66'
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 69'
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  • 96'

    Mourinho stops quickly to say to ITV: "Independent of the decision, the best team lost. We didn't deserve to win."

  • 96'

    United had looked more threatening up until the Nani sending off and Real were beginning to look a little ragged. It was near-on impossible for the ten men of United to survive against the wealth of attacking talent Real possess. Such a shame all the focus is on the official.

  • 96'

    One of United's back room staff would do well to make sure Fergie is let nowhere near the referee for at least half an hour. Mind you, he'll still be raging in 30 days one feels. No doubt the red card altered the game.

  • 95'

    FULL TIME - Ferguson points and looks disgusted as the referee stands surrounded by furious United players. Mourinho had already exited before the final whistle. Real go into the quarter finals, Manchester United will have to concentrate on a domestic double.

  • 94'

    Ronaldo is looking threatening, he tries to deceive De Gea by shooting when it looked like he would cross. Decent save.

  • 93'

    Ramos missed the ball as Young goes down in the area and that could easily have been a penalty.

  • 92'

    Another incredible save from Lopez! Vidic bullets a header on goal from a corner and the keeper flies across to parry clear.

  • 91'

    De Gea denies Ronaldo with a good low save and United come again....

  • 90'

    Five added minutes.....

  • 89'

    Kaka almost scores as his cross flicks off Vidic, then RVP bumps into Diego Lopez as a long ball comes over the top. The keeper gets up, throws the ball out of play, then collapses. That is embarrassing.

  • 88'

    Yellow card for Pepe. United free kick given. No idea on either count.

  • 87'

    Rafael off, Antonio Valencia on.

  • 86'

    I'm pretty sure Real Madrid's players and coach will agree that referee Cuneyt Cakir has had a shocking evening.

  • 85'

    Ronaldo very nearly grabs another, cutting inside and getting a shot off. De Gea anticipates well.

  • 84'

    A valiant rearguard action from United - both of those chances were of the golden variety.

  • 83'

    Two huge chances! RVP is denied by Lopez as Rooney's shot is deflected into his path, then as the ball comes back in Rooney volleys over from seven yards as he tries to hook the ball over his shoulder. Difficult but doable for a player of his quality.

  • 82'

    What a save! A short corner is whipped in by Giggs, Carrick flicks powerfully on goal but Lopez saves superbly.

  • 81'

    Real happy to sit deeper now and repel United. Gaps evident at the back.

  • 80'

    Welbeck has shot that hits Ramos on the upper arm from point blank range. The home crowd scream penalty but the ref waves it away. That is Welbeck's last involvement as Ashley Young replaces him.

  • 79'

    More changes approaching for United.

  • 78'

    Real can play keep ball here and surely they'll have chances to score as United push forward and leave gaps.

  • 77'

    Fair enough Ronaldo didn't celebrate when he scored but apologising to the home support? That's a stretch too far for me.

  • 76'

    If United can just grab one in the next ten minutes they can give themselves a sniff.

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    I think there is a genuine chance the Turkish referee will have to be escorted off the field by the police at the end of this game. Ferguson looks absolutely livid.

  • 74'

    Its like the air has been sucked out of Old Trafford. They know this is now an almost impossible cause and they know a referee has altered this game definitively.

  • 73'

    Rooney on for Cleverley.

  • 73'

    Kaka gets booked after shoving Rafael.

  • 72'

    Carrick is booked for dissent after claiming a handball from Evra's cross. Corner instead.

  • 71'

    Ozil trots off and Pepe will come on, presumably to add stability.

  • 71'

    Two goals needed without reply from ten men with 20 minutes remaining. A tough ask.

  • 70'

    Higuain fires in a low cross, Ronaldo slides in at the back post and finishes with a lunging boot. No celebration, almost an apology. This game has turned around completely.

  • 69'

    GOAL Ronaldo makes it 2-1!

  • 68'

    Benzema was stripped and receiving instructions from Mourinho when the goal went in. Now he's sitting down again with his jacket on.

  • 67'

    A thumper from Modric as he works space outside the area past Carrick. A fantastic hit that clips the inside of the post and nestles in the opposite corner.

  • 66'

    GOAL Modric scores a stunner!

  • 65'

    Giggs stays tight to Coentrao to win a goal kick and is roared like he'd just scored a 35-yard screamer. Old Trafford bristling with injustice now.

  • 64'

    Mourinho shuffled across to Fergie to utter something a moment ago, clearly saying it was a terrible red card call judging by the Manchester United manager's reaction.

  • 63'

    Modric fires a low cross in from a short corner and it somehow ricochets clear. Real simply have to score soon if they carry on like this. United have no out ball.

  • 62'

    It hit Rafael's arm! From point blank range, Varane's header, which was going in, hit the defender's arm and spun clear.

  • 61'

    Superb from Rafael! He blocks off Varane as a corner fell loose in the box. Another corner, this time cleared by Vidic.

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Intense Real pressure now as United try to regroup.

  • 59'

    Modric is on for Arbeloa as Fergie whips the crowd into a frenzy from the touchline.

  • 58'

    The rest of United's players must keep their heads here. They were as shocked as everyone when the card came out. This is going to be a tough last half hour now.

  • 57'

    Nani is high and clumsy but he's watching the ball and that is in no way a red card. Nani can't believe it and this game might well have been significantly altered by an utterly incompetent Turkish referee.

  • 56'

    It's a red! Oh my word. That is a horror show. Fergie is going ballistic and well he might. That is inexplicable.

  • 55'

    A high boot from Nani as he goes for a bouncing ball. He catches Arbeloa in the chest and when he gets up he'll get a card.

  • 54'

    What a ball in from Higuain. Right across the edge of the six-yard box in between keeper and defender but no green shirt attacked it. They should have done.

  • 53'

    United defend the corner well then a combination of Rafael and RVP block Ozil's second cross.

  • 52'

    Still, Ronaldo struggles to find a way into the game.

  • 51'

    That's provoked a reaction and Real are penning United in their own half now.

  • 50'

    Welbeck actually got a tiny touch on Nani's cross which may have deceived Ramos. Real have to score, but then they did at 0-0 too.

  • 49'

    A sustained period of pressure brings a goal as Rafael drives into the box, Welbeck controls and the ball goes to RVP, his shot is blocked and as Nani crosses low Ramos sticks out a leg and diverts it past Lopez.

  • 48'

    GOAL A Ramos own goal!

  • 47'

    Giggs does well to keep pace with Ronaldo as the winger gets down the left. He looks for Kaka but Vidic covers.

  • 46'

    We begin again. The first half was intriguing, the second should be explosive....


    Welbeck thought his shot had crossed the line for a moment as Lopez saved with his legs


    I'd say Fergie's 4-4-2 is working pretty well so far. Alonso hasn't been able to get on the ball, Ronaldo has had a limited impact and it is United who have created the more dangerous opportunities.


    All is not going to plan for Jose yet

  • 45'

    HALF TIME - and there is the whistle. Manchester United the more threatening, Real and Ronaldo yet to burst to life. A 0-0 draw is good enough for United don't forget. Expect fireworks in the second period.

  • 45'

    Mourinho has seen enough - he's gone down the tunnel already when there is still a minute of added time to play.

  • 44'

    Here he comes... to confirm Di Maria off, Kaka on.

  • 43'

    A lull in proceedings. Kaka still not on.

  • 42'

    Di Maria heads straight down the tunnel and Kaka is readying himself.

  • 41'

    Di Maria needs some treatment as United's fans encourage Mourinho to sit down.

  • 40'

    A vital tackle from Varane as Giggs finds Welbeck. He was the last man. Giggs made his united debut before Varane was born.

  • 39'

    Two goals in Germany - none here. It can't end 0-0, can it? Well, it can now I've raised the possibility. Karma's a kwak.

  • 38'

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    Real Madrid to win, with bet365  

  • 38'

    Goal in Dortmund and the home side lead 2-0 (4-2 on aggregate) after Gotze taps home Lewanowski's cross. Mountain for Shakhtar to climb now.

  • 37'

    Arbeloa gets carded for a late tackle on Evra after a poor touch. High and late.

  • 36'

    Rafael goes down looking for a penalty he was never going to get as Ramos stayed tight to him inside Real's area.

  • 35'

    Vidic wins the header as the corner comes in but it balloons into the air. Far from convincing from Lopez, either with RVP's initial shot or from the resulting corner.

  • 34'

    A double save from Lopez! RVP's fierce effort is parried unconvincingly but the keeper does well to get up and get something on Welbeck's follow up. Corner.

  • 33'

    Real have the ball in the net but the flag is up - Ramos climbs above RVP and Higuain finishes off. Foul given for an arm in the striker's head but that is a very European decision, if you get me.

  • 32'

    Dortmund have taken the lead in Germany against Shakhtar, a Santana header from a corner. 3-2 on aggregate to the Germans.

  • 31'

    Now at the other end an Arbeloa cross is taken well by Higuain and Carrick blocks his low cross out for a corner. Ronaldo was lurking.

  • 30'

    Manchester United to win, with bet365  
    Real Madrid to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Very nearly a sublime ball into RVP from Cleverley but Ramos read it well.

  • 29'

    Di Maria wins a corner as he finds space on the left - Rafael comes across to block.

  • 28'

    A chance for Ronaldo as he is found over the top - perhaps he should have taken the ball first time, he chose to control and his shot was blocked.

  • 27'

    A rare touch for Alonso as Welbeck tracks him all over the field when Real have the ball.

  • 26'

    Neat feet from Coentrao and a handy dive to win a free kick from Cleverley.

  • 25'

    Good from Welbeck as he races away, his shot is blocked by Ramos. Nice touch from RVP to set him away.

  • 24'

    Ronaldo receives a warm welcome

  • 24'

    A poor ball from Arbeloa to Khedira, Evra shields it and is fouled for his trouble.

  • 23'

    Ronaldo's impact has been limited - his latest cross is cleared cleverly by Cleverley.

  • 22'

    United are on top now after that slow start. Less possession but much more threat about them in the final third.

  • 21'

    Incredible! Vidic's header cannons off the post, Welbeck instinctively knocks it back on goal from five yards and the ball lodges between Lopez's legs, right on the goalline, before he gets two hands on it. What an escape!

  • 20'

    Superb work from Giggs who shields the ball from Coentrao, then tries to beat him, then wins a corner. Brilliant.

  • 19'

    A card for Evra as he brings down Di Maria when Real looked to break from United's corner.

  • 18'

    Lovely one-two between Welbeck and Nani as the Portuguese wins a corner.

  • 17'

    Welbeck has definitely been told to drop onto Alonso, that means Khedira is getting far more of the ball.

  • 16'

    That cross from Giggs was pretty sexy. Life begins at 39.

  • 15'

    Manchester United to win, with bet365  
    Real Madrid to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Better from the home side as Welbeck gets away, he pulls it back from Giggs who picks out RVP with a glorious outside of the boot cross and the striker's volley is hacked behind by Ramos.

  • 14'

    The corner comes to nothing as Cleverley wastes possession from the clearing header. Looks like his amateur dramatics were completely unnecessary.

  • 13'

    First attack for United as Welbeck gets away, then Nani's cross is flicked behind by Coentrao.

  • 12'

    It's all Real Madrid so far. United playing like the away side.

  • 11'

    First big chance of the game as Di Maria and Ozil work well to feed Higuain, who manages to fashion a shooting chance but fires wide of the post when he should have hit the target.

  • 10'

    Cleverley goes down under a challenge from Ronaldo and signals to the bench straight away. No blame attached to Ronaldo. Cleverley is up and hobbling. Why do players do that?

  • 9'

    Van Persie is flagged for a foul on Ramos as he chases down Giggs' pass. Not his finest through ball.

  • 8'

    As Real regroup Alonso fires the ball to Ozil unmarked at the back post but his half hearted attempt to keep the ball in was never going to work.

  • 7'

    Ozil swings the ball wide left to Di Maria, who took his time to cross when he should have centred it sooner. Corner is the result, cleared at the near post by RVP.

  • 6'

    Ronaldo's last game at Old Trafford was the last time there was a 0-0 draw here. Four years ago. Wow.

  • 5'

    Ronaldo's free kick hits the wall, to cheers from the home crowd. Now an errant touch hands United a throw in. Wonder if that huge ovation will have affected him?

  • 4'

    Giggs upends Coentrao with a sliding tackle. Free kick left side of the area for Real.

  • 3'

    It was an ironic boo - his name was greeted with stupendous noise as the teams were read out. Evra tries to look for Nani over the top but Lopez is out to collect.

  • 2'

    Ronaldo's first touch is booed, perhaps predictably. Giggs sticking close to him in the early stages.

  • 1'



    The teams file into the tunnel and emerge to a predictably loud roar. Here we go. Buckle up people.


    Mourinho has a decent record against Manchester United but lost on his last visit to Old Trafford, with Inter Milan in 2009. Jose' record is in full, won two, drawn two and lost two.


    Ferguson: "Wayne probably needs a game or two to be honest. He'll probably come on in the second half." He also said he thought Welbeck was best suited to offering better cover when Real, and more specifically Xabi Alonso, has the ball.


    A portent for the future perhaps? The clubs have met previously four times in the European Cup, the winner of the tie going on to claim the trophy on three occasions.


    How about some well-informed pre-match reading before the match? Here is our Real Madrid blogger, Nicholas Rigg on what we can expect from tonight's match, and the view from the Manchester United camp as Mark Payne interviewed a certain Nicholas Rigg on the "match the world is waiting for". See what he did there?


    And what of Ronaldo on his first return to Old Trafford since leaving Manchester United? His record there in his final three years was pretty impressive, scoring 59 goals in 75 games. Will the glowing reception he is bound to get affect him tonight though? Personally, I doubt it.


    As for past meetings at Old Trafford, surely we all remember the last one in 2003, when Ronaldo (the rotund, Brazilian one) scored a hat-trick and was applauded off the field before Man Utd won 4-3. Real went through 6-5 on aggregate though.


    Right, after the shock of Rooney's omission has subsided, let's move on to some hardcore stats. Here's your starter for ten: Real have failed to score in only one of their last 32 Champions League games but they haven't kept a clean sheet once in the competition this season.


    My guess is that Fergie had picked his team long before the Norwich game, hence the omission of Rooney and Kagawa.


    Well, what do we make of that then? Has Welbeck overtaken Rooney as one of Fergie's most trusted? Let's not forget Rooney set two goals up on Saturday and scored a screamer to boot. I bet he's fuming.


    Just one change for Real from the Bernabeu, Higuain is in for Benzema. And of course, Cristiano Ronaldo starts.


    The team news is in and it makes for interesting reading - Wayne Rooney is DROPPED by Sir Alex. Ryan Giggs starts and makes his 1,000th senior appearance. Also included are Nani, Vidic and Cleverley.


    Shakhtar team: Pyatov, Kucher, Rat, Rakitskiy, Hubschman, Fernandinho, Teixeira, Srna, Adriano, Mkhitaryan, Taison. SUBS: Kanibolotskiy, Kryvtsov, Stepanenko, Kobin, Gai, Costa, Eduardo.


    Ronaldo hit back after Danny Welbeck's first to make sure it is 1-1 going into the game. Read the match report here


    Ronaldo is back in Manchester, and will be key to Real Madrid's hopes.


    Join us at 1945 GMT to see whether it will be Manchester United or Real Madrid who progress from the match 'everyone in the world' will be watching.

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Manchester United

  • 19(7)

  • 19

  • 7

  • 37%


  • Real Madrid

  • 22(10)

  • 24

  • 12

Manchester United

POS No Name


1 David De Gea


2 Rafael
7 Antonio Valencia


3 Patrice Evrà


5 Rio Ferdinand


15 Nemanja Vidic


11 Ryan Giggs


16 Michael Carrick


17 Nani


19 Danny Welbeck
18 Ashley Young


23 Tom Cleverley
10 Wayne Rooney


20 Robin van Persie
POS No Name
G 13 Anders Lindegaard
D 6 Jonathan Evans
M 7 Antonio Valencia
M 18 Ashley Young
M 26 Shinji Kagawa
F 10 Wayne Rooney
F 14 Javier Hernández

Real Madrid

POS No Name


41 Diego Lopez


2 Raphaël Varane


4 Sergio Ramos


5 Fábio Coentrão


17 Álvaro Arbeloa
19 Luka Modric


6 Sami Khedira


7 Cristiano Ronaldo


10 Mesut Özil
3 Pepe


14 Xabi Alonso


22 Ángel Di María
8 Kaká


20 Gonzalo Higuaín
POS No Name
G 13 Antonio Adán
D 3 Pepe
D 18 Raúl Albiol
M 8 Kaká
M 19 Luka Modric
M 21 José Callejón
F 9 Karim Benzema

Match Stats

  • Manchester United
  • Real Madrid
19(7) Shots (on goal) 22(10)
7 Fouls 12
9 Corner kicks 12
4 Offsides 1
37% Time of Possession 63%
2 Yellow Cards 3
1 Red Cards 0
8 Saves 7

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