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  • Alessandro Matri 24'
  • Fabio Quagliarella 65'

2 - 0


2nd leg: 5 - 0 (Agg)

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  • 93'

    Thanks for joining us folks and to continue the conversation, you can contact me on Twitter at @marklomasESPN . Don't forget we've got a night of Europa league action ahead on Thursday - some tasty ties there too.

  • 93'

    JUVENTUS 2-0 CELTIC (5-0 on aggregate): The gap in quality told in the end but it was a solid performance by Celtic and they deserved to at least get a goal at some point in the 180 minutes. Some fantastic memories from this Champions League campaign for Celtic, though - not least beating Barcelona. Juve look a stern defensive proposition, will be interesting to see them against better opposition in the quarter-finals.

  • 93'

    It's all over. Juventus are through...

  • 93'

    Quagliarela with an acrobatic effort, but he was offside anyway.

  • 92'

    Lassad the latest Celtic player to have a go. Difficult to describe just how far over that went.

  • 91'

    Three minutes of stoppage time to be played.

  • 90'

    Kayal strikes one and Buffon spilled it but there were no Hoops players following up as Matri did for Juve for the opening goal this evening.

  • 89'

    Lassad receives the ball on the edge of the box, and floats the ball out of play. Bemused by that one.

  • 89'

    Forrest has a bash from distance. Never really troubling Buffon with that one though.

  • 88'

    Celtic still pushing for that elusive goal. Juve looking for a fifth straight clean sheet.

  • 87'

    ESPN commentator Derek Rae on Twitter: Juventus defend as well as any team in the CL. Do they have enough to win it? Probably not this season but they are a club on the up again.

  • 86'

    The Hoops will come back down to earth this weekend when they visit Ross County. Juventus host Catania in Serie A.

  • 84'

    Concerning news for Celtic is that Wanyama's removal at half-time was down to a tight hamstring. A pair of hammies in one night. Bad times.

  • 82'

    Samaras smashes in a shot from the edge of the box but it was always rising. He should have got that one on target - of all the Celtic players is probably most deserving of a goal for his performance.

  • 80'

    Samaras still searching for space on the flanks. Izaguirre crosses again and once more it's not a good one. Buffon catches it with ease.

  • 78'

    In tonight's other Champions League game it's PSG 1-1 Valencia. Lavezzi equalised for PSG and now a late Los Che goal would take the tie to extra-time.

  • 78'

    Isla offside for Juve, this game really fading away to nothing now.

  • 77'

    Giaccherini attempts to lift the ball over Mulgrew but the Celtic man read the situation and came away with the ball.

  • 76'

    ESPN's Italy Correspondent Adam Digby on Twitter: If you think Juventus would play like this against a better team you need to consider the score. They're doing a job #TakingCareOfBusiness

  • 75'

    Juventus to win, with bet365  
    Celtic to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Izaguirre smashes the ball to safety with Matri waiting behind if he'd missed it.

  • 74'

    Izaguirre's cross over Hooper's head. His delivery hasn't been good enough all night.

  • 74'

    Hooper takes on a shot from 25 yards out but it's a timid effort that is dragged well wide.

  • 73'

    Giaccherini played in but Forster is out quickly to claim the ball at his feet.

  • 72'

    Lassad Nouioui on for Kris Commons.

  • 71'

    On the pitch, Commons pounces on a loose ball but his shot is blocked by Barzagli.

  • 70'

    The beers still flowing in the Celtic end and the Hoops fans amazingly still look like they are having a ball despite their Champions League campaign coming to an end this evening.

  • 70'

    Kris Commons lets fly on the edge of the box but it really does fly, high and over Buffon's crossbar.

  • 69'

    Enough of this neutral commentary malarky - I'd really like to see Celtic claim a goal for their efforts across this tie. You can forgive me that subjectivity right?!

  • 68'

    Pirlo the latest Juve player to be given a rest as Giaccherini comes on.

  • 67'

    So that's 5-0 on aggregate. Poor Celtic. Really feel for them. 2-0 seems a little harsh to be honest.

  • 66'

    Mauricio Isla on for his Chilean compatriot Vidal.

  • 65'

    Juventus 2-0 Celtic. Vidal picks up the long diagonal and picks out Quagliarella beyond the stranded Forster. Too easy.

  • 65'

    GOAL Quagliarella taps it in at the back post.

  • 64'

    Indeed, so much so that I can barely even entertain the idea - it's got a certain quantum-physical quality to it.

  • 63'

    @MiguelSensacion on Twitter: Those Four leaf clovers should come in handy any time now... It would be a catastrophic meltdown on Juve's behalf.

  • 63'

    An unusually poor delivery from the bearded Italian maestro.

  • 63'

    Free-kick from Juve, Pirlo to take it.

  • 62'

    Celtic fans making plenty of noise in the away end - cracking support from the Scots.

  • 61'

    Ambrose with a tasty stepover, followed by a huge hoof forward. Rubbish.

  • 60'

    Juventus to win, with bet365  
    Celtic to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Ledley gets to the byline but his pull-back is steered away by Barzagli, with Hopper loitering in close proximity.

  • 59'

    In tonight's other game, Valencia lead PSG 1-0 thanks to Jonas. That's 2-2 on aggregate now, but the Parisiens have the away goals advantage at present. Chris Murphy has updates.

  • 58'

    Asamoah on for Peluso

  • 57'

    Ambrose rises but his header goes into the ground and bounces up over the bar.

  • 57'

    Corner now for the Hoops, Mulgrew to deliver.

  • 56'

    Samaras heads across goal, but he can't find a Celtic team-mate.

  • 55'

    Wonderful touch from Samaras to pluck the ball with his high boot out of the air. Nani could probably learn a thing or to from the Greek striker!

  • 54'

    Stats: At the end of the first half, Celtic had had a total of 23 shots across the two legs without scoring.

  • 53'

    Wilson again makes a last-ditch interception to deny Quagliarella, who was bearing down just left of centre in the penalty area.

  • 53'

    Wasted chance as the ball not put in the box.

  • 52'

    Samaras tries to steamroller his way through the Juve midfield but is dispossessed. But Joe Ledley subsequently fouled and Celtic have a free-kick.

  • 51'

    Ambrose goes to right-back and Mulgrew to drop into centre-back by the looks of it.

  • 51'

    Forrest on for Matthews

  • 51'

    Matthews pulls up and it looks to me like his hamstring is gone. Don't expect him to play any further part.

  • 50'

    Wilson does well to intercept as Peluso looked to find Matri.

  • 49'

    Corner for Juve. Vidal's ball was poor though and Commons could clean up.

  • 48'

    Decent save from Forster to deny Quagliarella's left-foot shot from Matri's backheel.

  • 47'

    Alessandro Matri celebrates after giving Juve the lead against Celtic in Turin

  • 46'

    Padoin crosses from the right but Celtic clear and advance forward.

  • 45'

    Juventus to win, with bet365  
    Celtic to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    Bad memories for Mr Ambrose from the first leg. He had a nightmare evening. About as bad as this one from Mikael Silvestre the other day.

  • 45'

    Efe Ambrose on for Wanyama at half-time.

  • 45'

    And we're off for the second half...

  • 45'

    ESPN's Celtic blogger Andy Muirhead on Twitter: HT Juventus 1-0 Celtic. First goal was always going to be important and sadly for Celtic it was Juventus. 45mins to play for pride.

  • 45'

    ESPN's Italy Correspondent Adam Digby on Twitter: HT. 4-0. Juventus with the exact performance needed, not drawing attention, staying under the radar but #TakingCareOfBusiness #JuveNews

  • 45'

    A heartwarming football moment here = courtesy of @101greatgoals - as a Juve fan and a Celtic fan swap shirts over a fence at the Turin Stadium.

  • 45'

    As always, I'm keen to hear your opinions on the game, so give me a shout on Twitter at @marklomasESPN

  • 45'

    JUVENTUS 1-0 CELTIC. A really strong first-half showing by Celtic but the goal from Matri has all-but ended their already slim hopes have qualification. To be fair, though, they could have been completely deflated but instead kept pushing - the Hoops deserve kudos for that. Juventus just doing what needs to be done.

  • 45'

    There goes the half-time whistle.

  • 45'

    Wanyama arrives but he's pulled up for a push.

  • 45'

    Corner for Celtic, surely the last action of this first half.

  • 45'

    Izaguirre sends one in towards Kayal, but the Israeli is penalised for climbing over Barzagli.

  • 44'

    Adam Matthews tussles with Federico Peluso during the first half.

  • 43'

    Vidal's fires a low shot in from 20 yards but it's down Forster's throat and he holds onto the ball.

  • 42'

    But he takes a touch and the ball finds its way to Buffon. Hooper probably should have had a swing at that one.

  • 42'

    The ball about to drop for a Hooper volley...

  • 41'

    Kayal and Matthews trying to create an opening, the cross comes in from the left in the end and Kayal attacks it but heads straight into Buffon's hands.

  • 39'

    Wanyama holding his own as an auxiliary centre-back thus far - certainly looking more solid than Efe Ambrose did in the first leg!

  • 38'

    Pirlo with a beautifully curled left-foot through-ball that was sent all of 50 yards forward, but Quagliarella's first touch lets him down.

  • 37'

    Stats: Both sides have had four shots on goal and two on target so far.

  • 36'

    Pirlo delivers a free-kick, but Celtic stand firm this time.

  • 35'

    Samaras gets into space down the left and fizzes a ball across goal but it's a little too fizzy for Hooper, who can't get his toe on the ball to put it over the line. The closest Celtic have come yet.

  • 34'

    They're inches from scoring there though...

  • 33'

    Celtic have never won an away European game in Italy, Spain or Germany in 33 attempts.

  • 31'

    Ledley pulls back Vidal to concede a free-kick.

  • 31'

    Pogba with a wonderful floated ball towards Matri, but the man who scored the opener in both legs had just strayed offside.

  • 30'

    Juventus to win, with bet365  
    Celtic to win, with bet365  

  • 29'

    Chance for Vidal, who curls one towards goal from about 25 yards out. But it dips just over.

  • 28'

    Celtic of course need to win 4-1 now on the night to progress to the quarter-finals. Seems more than a tad unlikely.

  • 27'

    Commons' shot was diverted goalwards by Hooper but Buffon was down to produce a top-class save despite the ball changing direction.

  • 27'

    Incredible save from Buffon!

  • 26'

    Looking at the replay of the goal, Forster perhaps should have been better to push the ball clear. Though I think the Celtic defence were just too slow off the mark.

  • 25'

    Heartbreaking for Celtic, who have certainly been the best time so far. But Juve were ruthless, a good quality for a team seeking Champions League glory.

  • 24'

    Juventus 1-0 Celtic (4-0 aggregate) Quagliarella's left-foot shot was well saved by Forster but it was parried out and Matri was first on the scene to steer it home.

  • 23'

    GOAL Matri opens the scoring again.

  • 22'

    Quagliarella emerges into some space but his attempted through ball is woeful.

  • 21'

    Joe Ledley lets fly from 25 yards and it's only narrowly wide of the upright. Great effort.

  • 20'

    Rangers are the only Scottish team to have won in Italy in 33 attempts - their 3-2 Europa League victory over Livorno in 2006.

  • 19'

    Juve sitting right back, as I guess you'd expect from a side 3-0 up on aggregate. But there are still plenty of home fans for them to please. Poor from the Old Lady thus far.

  • 18'

    Commons swings in the free-kick but Juve again clear their lines. The ball put in another couple of times but the Bianconeri standing firm.

  • 17'

    Peluso and Matthews embroiled in a bit of handbags and the former gets a yellow card for pulling the Celtic man down.

  • 17'

    Pirlo beginning to see a little more of the ball, which is bad news for Celtic.

  • 16'

    Wanyama and Pogba having a cracking physical duel. I wouldn't like to predict who would win an arm-wrestle between them!

  • 15'

    Juventus to win, with bet365  
    Celtic to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Quagliarella tries a hopeful effort from about 35 yards out. He spotted Forster off his line but it bounces tamely wide.

  • 13'

    And just as I type that Matthews gets into space on the right and whips in a cross. Headed clear though.

  • 13'

    Celtic getting the most joy down the left at the moment.

  • 12'

    Delightful swivel from Pogba opens up some space inside the box but Forster is out to smother the loose ball.

  • 11'

    Stats: Juventus have never gone out of European competition after winning a first leg away from home. In 34 games. Big ask for Celtic.

  • 10'

    Hooper was lurking as a header back towards Buffon nearly fell into his path. The Juve keeper claims though.

  • 9'

    The ball breaks to Kayal on the edge of the box but his shot is blocked out.

  • 8'

    Joe Ledley and Mulgrew combine down the left but the ball gets beyond the former and Juve can breathe easy.

  • 7'

    Some decent possession football from Celtic so far actually. They've kept the ball better than Juve in the early exchanges.

  • 6'

    Quagliarella up front for Juve instead of Vucinic, but he hasn't really seen the ball yet.

  • 4'

    Saying that, the ref in the first leg at Parkhead copped plenty of criticism for his handling of the off-the-ball wrestling at set pieces.

  • 4'

    We've another Turkish referee tonight in Firat Aydinus but I have a strong feeling he's not going to be facing the same level of attention as his compatriot at Old Trafford at the end of this one.

  • 3'

    A positive run from Ledley gives Samaras the chance to cross. Hooper can't connect and Juve can counter.

  • 2'

    Kayal and Matthews combine but the ball finds its way through to Buffon, who is playing in his 67th Champions League game.

  • 1'

    The ball has twice been fired up to Samaras in the early stages - as good a tactic as any for the Hoops.


    And we're off...


    We're nearly ready for kick-off now, surely Celtic can't do it...


    If you want to keep up to date with tonight's other Champions League contest - PSG v Valencia - Chris Murphy has your minute-by-minute coverage. I'll be providing goal updates from that one too.


    The weather is torrential in Turin but Celtic will be hoping they can rain on Juve's parade (I'm sorry!).


    I'm keen to hear your opinions on the game, so give me a shout on Twitter - @marklomasESPN is the place to find me


    The word 'complacency' has been widely used in the build-up to this game, and ESPN's Juve blogger Mina Rzouki is no different as she prays the Bianconeri show a ruthless streak in Turin.


    Alessandro Matri set Juve on their way in the first leg before Claudio Marchisio and Mirko Vucinic piled on the woe in the second half.


    If the Celtic fans can bear to, cast your minds back three weeks to the first leg - as Juventus swept the Hoops away at Parkhead.


    Join Mark Lomas from 1945 GMT for live text commentary on the Champions League last-16 second leg at Turin Stadium. Celtic are chasing a seemingly impossible dream against Juventus, looking to overturn a 3-0 deficit.

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