Madejski Stadium, England

Referee: K Friend | Attendance: 23980

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  • Jason Roberts 12'
  • Laurent Koscielny 18' OG
  • Mikele Leigertwood 20'
  • Noel Hunt 37'
  • Pavel Pogrebnyak 116'

5 - 7



  • Theo Walcott 45' +2'
  • Olivier Giroud 64'
  • Laurent Koscielny 89'
  • Theo Walcott 90' +6'
  • Marouane Chamakh 103'
  • Theo Walcott 120' +1'
  • Marouane Chamakh 120' +3'
  • 127'

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off for a stiff drink and a 14-hour kip *collapses*

  • 127'

    In the end a super finish from Chamakh after Gunter missed a long ball and Federici was stranded - he lobs it into the net and that is finally FULL TIME in one of the most remarkable games of football I have ever seen. Breathless, majestic stuff. To recap, the final score was Reading 5-7 Arsenal.

  • 127'

    GOAL Chamakh seals the victory with a SEVENTH GOAL!

  • 126'

    Friend plays an extra two and a half minutes and Reading nearly score as the ball is pumped into the box.

  • 125'

    I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Arsenal come flooding forward as the seconds tick down, Arshavin fires across the goal, the ball breaks off Shorey and Walcott whacks it home from five yards. Must be the winner. Nurse, nurse!!

  • 125'


  • 124'

    So close for Giroud as he fires a shot wide of the post with the outside of his boot. A yard wide.

  • 123'

    Two minutes left .. penalties await.

  • 121'

    Now Eisfeld is carded and I've got to be honest, I've no idea what for - I'm struggling to keep up!

  • 120'

    And Chamakh almost puts Arsenal straight back in front as he goes up with Federici for a looping ball two yards out! Goodness me, what a game.

  • 119'

    He is just about level as a shot is deflected into his path and that is the tenth goal of the game. I need a lie down.

  • 118'

    GOAL Pogrebnyak nods home! 5-5!

  • 117'

    Martinez booked for time wasting.

  • 116'

    Excellent cross from Shorey but Pogrebnyak and Gunter get in each other's way. The crowd groan.

  • 115'

    Arshavin's cross is booted clear. If Reading don't get another goal out of this I can smell a huge moan coming Kevin Friend's way.

  • 114'

    No holding back from Jernade Meade as he dived into a tackle with Morrison, who is rightly carded for a horrible lunge.

  • 113'

    Superb save from Martinez as Shorey's free kick found Morrison.

  • 112'

    Djourou is penalised for climbing when Church clearly backed in. Kevin Friend is having a stinker.

  • 111'

    We are underway again and Church has nearly scored, but Koscielny intervenes. Before that Walcott forced a save from Federici.

  • 110'

    HT in ET Wow, Arsenal now lead and Reading have 15 minutes to rescue the game.

  • 110'

    A half chance for Pogrebnyak as the ball comes into the box but Martinez cleans up. Miquel has to come off on a stretcher and Jernade Meade will replace him.

  • 109'

    A neat flick started the move, he gets it back from Arshavin then fires into the bottom corner, for his first goal in over a year!

  • 108'


  • 106'

    Sunderland 0-1 Middlesbrough, Leeds 2-0 Saints and Swindon 2-3 Villa have all finished.

  • 105'

    Wigan v Bradford is also in extra time by the way.

  • 104'

    I honestly can't pick a winner here. Neither side can defend at all.

  • 103'

    Great cross from Walcott across the face of goal but no Gunner had gambled on it.

  • 101'

    After a frantic 90 minutes, the game has calmed down a little now.

  • 100'

    Chamakh is being forced to play in a wide right role now and fouls Pogrebnyak.

  • 99'

    Brilliant work from Giroud to beat two and come away with the ball, he finds Arshavin but his pass for Walcott is cut out.

  • 98'

    No wonder Reading are aggrieved, not only was there erroneous added time on top of the four minutes, but Koscielny should have been sent off too.

  • 97'

    Then at the other end, Eisfeld nearly bursts through before spraying the ball out of play with a heavy touch.

  • 96'

    McAnuff so nearly makes it 5-4 to Reading! Charging through the middle then forcing a save from Federici.

  • 95'

    Right, we begin extra time. What is left in this breathless game?

  • 95'

    "Are you serious?" Jason Roberts shouted at the fourth official. "95 and a half minutes?!" Then Giroud and Coquelin throw their shirts into the crowd thinking they had won, then had to ask for them back when they were told there'd be extra time!

  • 95'

    Incredible. Jason Roberts is going mad at the fourth official asking why an extra minute was played on top of the four. The substitution only adds 30 seconds I thought. Anyway, the ball is in and we will have extra time! Amazing stuff.

  • 95'

    Giroud brought the ball down, Walcott's shot looked to have gone over the line before Shorey poked it out, then Jenkinson finished it off! The ref had played a full minute extra!

  • 95'

    GOAL Arsenal score! They've done it! JENKINSON!

  • 94'

    Church wastes some time before Arsenal grab a goal kick. Last chance saloon now.

  • 93'

    A canny substitution from Reading as Roberts departs for Simon Church.

  • 92'

    Kevin Friend is determined not to send Koscielny off after he fouls Pogrebnyak this time. Reading in the corner, wasting time.

  • 91'

    So close! Walcott twists past Gunter and sends a shot narrowly wide via a deflection.

  • 90'

    Koscielny hauls down Roberts as he mugs him again on the touchline. The striker would have been into the area and he ref has bottled that completely, it was definitely another yellow. Four added minutes.

  • 89'

    Goodness me, what a game! Do Arsenal have enough time? 30 seconds and injury time left.

  • 88'

    GOAL Koscielny nods home unmarked!

  • 87'

    Walcott's cross is nodded behind for a corner.

  • 86'

    Koscielny is humiliated by Roberts there, the striker knocks the ball past him on the touchline, then is fouled from behind and the Frenchman has a card for his trouble.

  • 84'

    Leeds look to have wrapped it up against Southampton, Diouf making it 2-0.

  • 83'

    Jenkinson swings in a decent cross and McAnuff clears behind. Arsenal need another one now if they are to pull this back.

  • 82'

    Tabb wants a penalty for hitting the ball at Djourou, but it's not happening.

  • 81'

    Arshavin tries to be a hero, cutting on to his left foot and firing a shot wide. He had chums in the box too.

  • 80'

    Swindon 2-2 Villa, 18-yr-old Miles Storey scores two in three minutes!

  • 79'

    So nearly another for Giroud as he flails a leg at Chamakh's knockdown but just fails to make contact.

  • 78'

    Reading force a rare corner and Morrison heads over the bar, though he was climbing all over Miquel.

  • 77'

    Superb save! Eisfeld whips in a cross and Giroud flicks it at the near post but Federici makes a fantastic save. Then Giroud is booked for a lunge on Gorkss.

  • 76'

    Eisfeld looks a bit too raw to me. Again he charges on the back four with lots of time and space but squirms a shot well wide. Waste.

  • 75'

    Reading to win, with bet365  
    Arsenal to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Giroud takes this one but even clear the wall. Bring Walcott back.

  • 74'

    Eisfeld is lucky again, dawdling on the ball before he is tackled by McAnuff, but he didn't take ball the first time and concedes the free kick.

  • 73'

    Reading changes now: Hunt and McCleary off, Pogrebnyak and McAnuff on.

  • 72'

    Giroud has made a big difference here, forcing Federici into a smart save with a crashing shot from 20 yards out.

  • 71'

    Walcott takes the free kick - it is neither cross nor shot and sails about five yards over the bar. Awful.

  • 70'

    It's been coming for a long time and now Leigertwood gets a yellow for clipping Eisfeld.

  • 69'

    One more goal and Reading really will start to brick it.

  • 67'

    ESPN's Mark Lomas at the Madejski: "Na na na, na na na na...Djourou. Or is it Giroud? One chant, two players. Efficient stuff from the Arsenal fans."

  • 65'

    Arsenal fans back in good voice now. They can smell a comeback here. Remember St James' Park a few years back?!

  • 64'

    GOAL Giroud flashes a header past Federici and we do have a game on!

  • 63'

    Chamakh finds space down the right but his cross is blocked behind for a corner.

  • 62'

    Arsenal changes: Frimpong and Gnabry off, Giroud and Eisfeld on.

  • 60'

    Reading to win, with bet365  
    Arsenal to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Gnabry again trying to over-elaborate when he had a chance to get the ball into the mixer.

  • 59'

    Giroud looks like he's about to come on.

  • 58'

    Inexperience from Gnabry as he runs on Reading's back four with Arshavin in support - he tries to be greedy when he had to pass to the Russian.

  • 56'

    This is a rip-roaring game. If Arsenal can break through here, it could be a right finish.

  • 55'

    Fine play from Arshavin, who has acres of space in the hole, he feeds Jenkinson wide and his cross is flicked wide by Walcott from four yards out.

  • 54'

    Chamakh is booked for protesting Gunter handled the ball as they sped towards Reading's goal. Neither ref nor linesman saw it, and they should have done. It was a penalty and a red for Gunter. As it is, Chamakh is booked.

  • 53'

    So close for Gnabry after being fed by Walcott. He takes on Gunter, the ball breaks loose for him and he fires a left foot shot wide of the far post from a tight angle.

  • 51'

    Now Walcott is off again, fed by Arshavin, but he's taking the ball to his left side and ends by toe-poking a shot that goes behind via the post and Federici.

  • 50'

    Excellent play from Roberts, as he mugs Koscielny and lays it back to Leigertwood, who side-foots over the bar from 12 yards out. Should have been five.

  • 49'

    This time Martinez is awarded a free kick as several Reading players go up to challenge him. Seeing a replay of the Chamakh/Hunt incident, it is as clear a penalty as you will ever see.

  • 48'

    Reading are screaming for a penalty as Chamakh bundles Hunt to the floor - certain pen, then nearly another own goal as Miquel shanks over his own bar from a cross.

  • 47'

    big chance for Reading as Hunt wins a long free kick and Robson-Kanu's free header from seven yards is parried behind by Martinez.

  • 46'

    We begin again....


    Arsenal have endured a torrid first half at Reading


    As for the other scores, they look like this: Leeds 1-0 Southampton, Sunderland 0-1 Middlesbrough, Swindon 0-2 Villa, Wigan 0-0 Bradford.


    Well, what a strange half of football. Reading scored with practically every attack they launched for the first half an hour and Arsenal were pitiful. But that goal will strengthen their belief and I wouldn't put it past them to drag this back.

  • 45'

    HALF TIME - just prior to that, Arsenal's fans were singing, "We want our Arsenal back." Their side have been battered, sliced apart by Reading's reserves. But they have a lifeline.

  • 45'

    GOAL Walcott reduces the arrears! Arshavin's ball finds him clean through and he dinks over Federici. It's on.

  • 44'

    Now a chance for Koscielny as Miquel nodded the ball down to him - he couldn't get a proper shot off and the ball is scrambled clear.

  • 43'

    More spark from Gnabry, who cuts into the box and wins a corner.

  • 42'

    Reading's fans taunt their counterparts with a song that goes: "Robin van Persie ...is laughing at this."

  • 41'

    First sight of goal for Arsenal as Gnabry puts a good ball through for Chamakh but his shot is weak and Federici saves comfortably.

  • 40'

    Swindon 0-2 Villa (Agbonlahor).

  • 39'

    The cameras pick up a few Arsenal fans who trudge towards the exit. Are they going home or just sloping off for a pasty?

  • 38'

    Sunderland 0-1 Middlesbrough (McDonald).

  • 37'

    A super cross from the right from McClearly finds Hunt at the back post and he beats Jenkinson to the ball to nod back across goal and in off the post.

  • 36'

    GOAL Hunt nods home number four!

  • 35'

    Oh dear, an awful pass from Coquelin right out of play, following on from Arshavin's wasted pass a moment before that.

  • 34'

    This time it is Jenkinson's turn to swing in a poor cross, that Federici gobbles up again.

  • 33'

    Some score updates, Leeds 1-0 Southampton (Tonge), Swindon 0-1 Villa (Benteke).

  • 32'

    Miquel was carded for that clip, though it looked pretty innocuous to me.

  • 31'

    Martinez gets a confidence boost as he flies to his right to block Hunt's low shot. McCleary is down injured after a kick from Miquel.

  • 30'

    Reading to win, with bet365  
    Arsenal to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Arshavin has been busy so far, but pretty poor with his final ball. I always forget he's at Arsenal, until the League Cup comes around.

  • 29'

    Surely Reading will just try and hang on until half time. They can't lose if they get to the break 3-0 can they? Or can they?

  • 28'

    Walcott fires in a swerving cross but it is right at Federici.

  • 27'

    Remember, this is a Reading side yet to win in the Premier League this season. They have won in the Capital One Cup though - at QPR.

  • 26'

    "Preeeeeetty confident Chamakh will turn this around single-handedly," says ESPN's James Dall in the office. Hmmm.

  • 25'

    Reading have retreated slightly deeper now, which is natural given their lead, but no clear openings for Arsenal yet.

  • 24'

    Frimpong tries to ape Reading's successful policy of low crosses with a ball for Walcott, but he takes too long to get a shot off and has his effort blocked.

  • 23'

    Arsene Wenger sat stony-faced on the bench. There are some miserable faces in the visiting end too.

  • 22'

    Martinez, as many keepers do nowadays, was diving to his left but tried to save the shot with his right hand. He was too quick on it and instead of flying away from goal, it looped up and dropped into the net.

  • 21'

    Leigertwood does very well as Arsenal try to break from the corner, he holds the ball up, advances into the area and unleashes a powerful shot, but the keeper Martinez pushes it into own net as he tries to parry it clear.

  • 20'

    GOAL Leigertwood makes it three! Astonishing!

  • 19'

    It was very nearly three! Another excellent cross into the box finds Mccleary and his powerful shot is blocked by Koscielny, who diverts this one round the post.

  • 18'

    Gunter runs on to a ball from McCleary and his cross is turned home at the near post by a lunging Koscielny. Oh dear.

  • 17'

    GOAL A Koscielny own goal makes it 2-0 Reading!

  • 15'

    Reading to win, with bet365  
    Arsenal to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Arshavin gives away a free kick wide on the left and Reading can get the ball into the box. Martinez has looked less than comfortable with crosses so far.

  • 14'

    No other goals in the four other Capital One Cup ties as yet.

  • 13'

    It's a decent open game this, more goals inevitable you would have thought *commentator's curse*

  • 12'

    That's a super goal, Shorey finds Tabb, who turns and feeds Robson-Kanu wide - his first time ball finds Roberts six yards out and he slides it home. Excellent goal.

  • 12'

    GOAL Roberts pokes home for Reading!

  • 10'

    Already signs that the pace of Walcott will trouble Reading's back line. I'd get it wide to Theo as soon as possible if I were Arsenal.

  • 9'

    Arshavin cuts inside after the corner is returned to him and a block from Morrison prevents his near post shot troubling Federici.

  • 8'

    Decent from Arsenal as Arshavin's ball misses Chamakh but finds Walcott, who dances into the area and wins a corner - Arsenal's first.

  • 7'

    Super run from Tabb after taking Roberts' lay off, he gets into the box but Martinez smothers his shot and the home side have a corner, that hands Arsenal a free kick.

  • 6'

    Poor ball from Jenkinson after Arsenal had worked the ball wide - goal kick for Reading, though it took a huge deflection off a blue and white shirt.

  • 5'

    After that initial burst of pressure from Reading, Arsenal are now in control. A long ball over the top finds Walcott but Gorkss gets back to knock it behind.

  • 4'

    The omens aren't good for Reading, Arsenal have won the last nine meetings between the two sides.

  • 3'

    Off the post! Frimpong tries to nod Morrison's header from Reading's latest corner away, but it beats him, strikes the post, then bounces clear via a touch off Martinez.

  • 2'

    An early corner for Reading after a terrible first touch from Gnabry. Things can only get better for him.

  • 1'



    As for Reading, Jay Tabb gets a chance to impress in midfield while veteran striker Jason Roberts gets a start up front. He's been in the news recently, of course, but not for on the pitch reasons.


    Arsene Wenger has just been talking up Serge Gnabry, who will start in the 'Cazorla role' tonight. Big things are expected of the 17-year-old German, who scored for Arsenal's U-21's against Reading a few weeks back.


    As for Arsenal, they field a completely different XI to the one that edged past QPR. Marouane Chamakh makes his first start since January while Theo Walcott and Andrei Arshavin both come in.


    Six changes for Reading from the team that drew 3-3 with Reading on Saturday as Federici, Gunter, Morrison, Robson-Kanu, McCleary and Hunt all start.


    Good evening one and all and welcome to live coverage of Arsenal's trip to Reading in the fourth round of the Capital One Cup.


    Marouane Chamakh could be given a rare chance to impress


    While you await the kick-off, take a look at the latest Arsenal blog as Andrew Mangan urges fans to open their minds.


    Arsenal take a second-string team to the Madejski Stadium, with stars including Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Lukas Podolski left out. For the full squad, click here.


    Live commentary will appear here from 1945 GMT.

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  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Reading

  • 13(6)

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  • 14

  • 44%


  • Arsenal

  • 25(14)

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  • 17

Match Stats

  • Reading
  • Arsenal
13(6) Shots (on goal) 25(14)
14 Fouls 17
11 Corner kicks 11
9 Offsides 0
44% Time of Possession 56%
2 Yellow Cards 6
0 Red Cards 0
11 Saves 8

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