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Manchester City

  • Carlos Tevez 61'

1 - 0


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  • 102'

    And that's the final action of a marathon match - City weren't convincing, and Swansea can feel a bit hard done by, but the champions have won 1-0

  • 102'

    Seconds to go. City break with Balotelli, who lashes over the top

  • 101'

    Ki, Graham and Dyer combine and it's cleared. The City fans want their players to stop sitting so deep. They push out a bit, and Clichy finds a crossing position. And wastes it, by floating the ball into Hart's hands

  • 100'

    100 minutes in. Two to go. One goal the City lead

  • 99'

    Tevez picks up a misdirected pass and sets off on another meandering run by the edge of the box. He gets the shot all wrong, though, and it poses no danger to the Swans

  • 99'

    Good run by Balotelli, ended on the byline by a splendidly no-nonsense Davies challenge. City have a corner

  • 98'

    Then Ki gives the ball away and Yay Toure fails to profit. We still have four minutes or so to play

  • 97'

    ... but he blazes it high into the stand

  • 97'

    Davies again crosses for Swansea from the left. Rangel picks up possession on the other side of the area. The ball breaks to Ki on the edge of the area...

  • 95'

    Here comes Lescott, and there goes Aguero

  • 94'

    One more change for City... Joleon Lescott is getting ready to come on

  • 93'

    Still about ten minutes to play... Routledge tries to take on Kolo Toure down the left, but the defender shows him exactly who's boss in that situation

  • 93'

    Dyer engineers a good crossing position on the Swansea right - and then crosses the ball into the stand. What a waste

  • 92'

    There will be 12 minutes of injury time, the fourth official says

  • 91'

    Keepball from City until Barry finds Aguero... and finds him offside

  • 90'

    In the meantime, Swansea are having a good spell of possession. Rangel fires in another cross, and the home side get it away and break...

  • 90'

    We'll soon be finding out how much injury time there will be - I'd imagine about ten minutes

  • 89'

    Swansea can be pleased with the way they have played, even if they don't end up getting anything out of the match

  • 88'

    Rangel fires a dangerous cross in. Danny Graham can't get there, but you could argue that others should have been attacking that one too

  • 87'

    Davies gets forward and fires in a dangerous cross for Swansea, which City - not entirely comfortably - get away

  • 86'

    Four minutes or so of normal time to go - but there will be a very considerable amount of injury time

  • 85'

    City content to play it short. Ki defends well for Swansea, but Mancini's team have the ball again

  • 84'

    Clichy is challenged - and fouled - by Nathan Dyer down the City left. Free-kick, and a yellow card for Dyer

  • 83'

    Kolo Toure is brought on in place of Richards, and he immediately heads a long Swansea throw clear

  • 82'

    Mario Balotelli is having a word with Richards as he is stretchered off. Huge applause from the City supporters for their defender

  • 81'

    Hard to tell exactly what happened to him, but it doesn't look good

  • 80'

    Indeed he will and, as with Vorm, a crowd of medics surrounds him. He appears to be being given oxygen

  • 79'

    Kolo Toure is the likely replacement for Richards, who is receiving treatment and may have to be stretchered off

  • 78'

    Micah Richards is down, clutching his knee. There was nobody near him - seems he may have twisted something, and that's another injury setback for Mancini

  • 77'

    Heavy challenge on Tevez near the centre circle - free-kick to Manchester City. Toure crosses after a one-two with Tevez, but it drifts beyond his colleagues in attack

  • 76'

    Nathan Dyer on, Pablo Hernandez off for Swansea as they make their final change of the evening

  • 76'

    Rangel crosses long, and Graham salvages the ball. City thump it clear, but Swansea are flickering back to life. Chico Flores, though, wastes the momentum with a wild shot into the stands

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Into the last 15 minutes. Balotelli makes a determined run down the right, but the ball sneaks out before he can get a cross in

  • 74'

    Superbly hit by De Guzman, and a warning sign for Mancini's men that they're not safe yet

  • 73'

    Routledge in the City area... his cross is unconvincingly cleared by Richards and De Guzman, with a curler from the edge of the box, isn't far off

  • 73'

    Michu almost threads a ball through for Graham instantly, but it's cleared. A promising sign, though

  • 72'

    Leon Britton off, Danny Graham on as Swansea ring the attacking changes

  • 72'

    Tevez tries to start another run but loses it. Michu finds a bit of space on the Swansea left, but he is largely bereft of support and his low cross is cleared

  • 71'

    De Guzman and Rangel try to engineer something on the Swansea right. The latter crosses, Michu heads, and it bounces off Kompany and back to Joe Hart

  • 70'

    Aguero, after an exchange of passes with Nasri, almost tricks himself and stumbles over the ball in a promising position on the edge of the area

  • 69'

    But here they come again: Nasri on the right. His low cross is hacked away by Williams

  • 68'

    That said, a long ball down the middle goes nowhere

  • 67'

    Manchester City look much more settled, much more constructive. A second goal, you feel, would put it beyond doubt

  • 66'

    Their first attempt to get something going is a long, but aimless, ball towards Michu down the right. He can't make anything of that

  • 65'

    And, eventually, Swansea kick off. Can they find a route back into this match?

  • 64'

    He is now on a stretcher and being carried off. Gerhard Tremmel is on in his place

  • 63'

    And still the treatment for Vorm continues. He is surrounded by medical staff

  • 63'

    Vorm looks to have pulled a muscle and is still receiving treatment. There will be quite a lengthy delay before the game kicks off again

  • 62'

    Keeper Vorm looks to have hurt himself in attempting to get across to that... and it looks as though he will have to be stretchered off

  • 61'

    GOAL Tevez makes a run and fires in a brilliant shot from almost 25 yards - it flies into the bottom corner and the champions have the breakthrough

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    At the other end, a jinking run by Tevez, but the shot is weak and easily held by Vorm

  • 59'

    ...It's a great headed chance, but steered too close to Hart, who saves

  • 59'

    Again, though, they're being forced back - but Hernandez takes a chance to come forward and crosses to Michu...

  • 58'

    Davies takes it, and they quickly win another

  • 57'

    A little bit of a breather for Swansea as they head into the City half and win a throw

  • 56'

    Nasri gets a ricochet on his own attempted pass and tries to take that on through the middle. Toure takes over, and Barry steers the ball to Aguero, who doesn't hit his attempted shot well at all

  • 55'

    Barry and Toure link in midfield. Clichy then looks for Nasri on the right, but the pass is overhit

  • 55'

    And indeed he is: he's back on his feet and the game will resume

  • 54'

    As he went for that, Williams takes a knock. He's being treated, but should be OK

  • 53'

    City corner: they're becoming a bit relentless. Richards heads this one over

  • 52'

    Micah Richards gets on the end of a great Tevez ball down the right and crosses low - it looked as though Mario Balotelli was shoved as he went for it, but ref Atkinson says no penalty

  • 51'

    Chico Flores takes his time over a free-kick inside his own half. That irks the crowd, but City soon win the ball back anyway

  • 50'

    Nasri puts Balotelli clear, but Vorm is out quickly, forcing him wide, and the cutback is cleared

  • 50'

    Good attack by the home side, but well dealt with by the Swans

  • 49'

    City cut out a De Guzman through ball - Nasri crosses and Chico Flores denies Balotelli

  • 48'

    As if to prove the point, Tevez harries young full-back Ben Davies and wins a throw

  • 47'

    Swansea are caught offside in their first forward foray of the half, and forward come City. They seem to be doing things just a little bit quicker in this half so far

  • 47'

    Within seconds, Balotelli has an effort blocked, and those improvements have generated a response from the crowd

  • 46'

    It's better already: Aguero makes a determined run and, although he curls his effort wide, that's more the approach the fans want to see

  • 46'

    Balotelli is on for Kolarov as the second half begins - a statement of intent from Mancini after that lacklustre first-half display

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    Last free-kick of the half for City. It is blazed over the top, the whistle goes and there are boos for the home side. 0-0 at the break, Swansea the better side

  • 45'

    Two extra minutes. There will be a few mumblings from the stands at half-time, you feel

  • 45'

    Aguero takes it and, in keeping with his side's attacking performance, can't get it past the first defender

  • 45'

    There'll be a bit of injury time after Michu's treatment. City have a corner...

  • 44'

    Routledge is halted and Micah Richards comes forward down the right for the champions. Again, the visitors are holding their shape admirably

  • 43'

    Tevez tries to bring a flash of inspiration to a drab evening with a jinking run but - as with almost everything else City have done so far - it fizzles out

  • 42'

    Swans manager Michael Laudrup, however, will be very pleased with what his team have done in this first half - they could, and probably should, be in front

  • 42'

    Manchester City, you would imagine, will get an ear-bashing in a few moments

  • 41'

    That was the best chance of the game by a distance, and it tells you everything you need to know that it should have fallen to the visitors

  • 40'

    Michu is through and onside for Swansea, running into the area from the left... his first touch is a bit heavy and Hart blocks the eventual shot

  • 40'

    Richards is booked for his earlier foul

  • 39'

    Good refereeing from Martin Atkinson to play the advantage, and a good move by Swansea

  • 38'

    Tevez fires a shot from the right-hand corner of the box, which Vorm holds. Then Hernandez crosses after the referee plays on after a Richards foul, and the ball is hacked clear

  • 38'

    Good noise from the Swansea fans, who so far aren't having anything like the kind of difficult night they might have feared

  • 37'

    Then Swansea play Michu through - he's offside but finishes neatly (if pointlessly) past Joe Hart. Still 0-0. Very 0-0

  • 36'

    You cannot imagine Roberto Mancini being a happy man at half-time. This lethargy is not what he would have wanted... Tevez tries to change that but is crowded out

  • 35'

    Oh dear - Clichy gets a cross all wrong and balloons the ball high into the stand behind Vorm's goal

  • 34'

    De Guzman slips as he tries to control a ball through to him in midfield - that could have been promising for the visitors had he managed to stay on his feet

  • 32'

    Kolarov pops up on the right, and then the ball is worked to Barry. He tries to slip a pass through to Tevez, but puts too much on it

  • 31'

    Neat again from Swansea in midfield. Rangel plays it forward, but City can usher that away. They play it forward again, and Chico Flores is crowded out by Kompany

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    ...Again, though, they're forced back. Already, there are signs of frustration from the home fans

  • 29'

    Kompany deals elegantly with a long ball from Davis but yet again Swansea's shape as the hosts come forward is good. But Richards finds a cross, which goes too long but is salvaged by Clichy...

  • 29'

    Not a classic. Not a classic at all

  • 28'

    Coming up to the half hour, and City are in midfield again. But their play is stodgy, and when the ball is played forward it's too far in front of Aguero and goes for a goal-kick

  • 27'

    It's as though the shadow of that 3-1 defeat at Ajax is subduing them and the crowd, too, who have been pretty quiet

  • 26'

    Definite suspicions of a Champions League hangover here for Manchester City. They haven't got going at all

  • 25'

    Nastasic is fouled by De Guzman just inside the Swansea half. Yaya Toure will mastermind operations from the free-kick

  • 25'

    De Guzman gets a shove on halfway. The free-kick goes long towards Michu, who is offside

  • 24'

    'Stand up for the champions,' chant the City fans - but they're not looking particularly championish so far. An aimless long ball goes nowhere, does nothing

  • 23'

    He's back on his feet now, though, and play resumes

  • 23'

    A long delay while Michu is treated

  • 22'

    Michu flings himself at a Hernandez cross and is hurt as Micah Richards challenges him. He looks dazed, and a concerned Joe Hart tries to make sure the physio is on as soon as possible

  • 21'

    But then Tevez does well on the left and tries to bend a low ball in for the onrushing Aguero. Vorm is alert to the danger and smothers the ball

  • 20'

    You can't say Swansea have been overstretched so far. You can't really say they've been stretched too much at all

  • 19'

    Toure tries to get on the end of a one-two, but the return pass goes astray

  • 18'

    A wonderful touch from Aguero gets a long ball under control, but he just overdoes his attempted pass out to Kolarov on the left and it goes out of play

  • 17'

    Throw to City, which Clichy will take in an attacking position. They lose the ball, but in the ensuing scrapping concede a free-kick to the Swans

  • 16'

    ...and is adjudged, harshly, to have dived after running in to Barry

  • 16'

    Pablo Hernandez and Ki work the ball to Rangel. He slumps to the ground...

  • 15'

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  • 15'

    He looks to be fouled... play on, says the referee, but Swansea clear

  • 14'

    Coming up to the quarter of an hour mark, and this game has yet to really come to life. Michu tries to change that, working the ball to Routledge

  • 13'

    Swansea's first threat of the game. At the other end, Toure tries to get the ball forward but Williams is resolute

  • 12'

    There's a bit of a delay before De Guzman whips it in well. Hart doesn't get there, but the offside flag is up

  • 11'

    Free-kick to Swansea in a good crossing position on their left

  • 10'

    Swansea can be pretty pleased with their start. Ten minutes in, they're looking quite comfortable and assured

  • 9'

    Kompany again: but as he brings the ball forward, Swansea are harrying the home side's midfielders and forcing them back

  • 9'

    The ball drifts out of play on the City left and now Swansea have a spell of possession in the middle third... before heading all the way back to keeper Vorm

  • 7'

    Tevez takes the ball on from Aguero's hold-up play and tries to burst into the area before being crowded out

  • 7'

    Swansea caught offside and the home side, patiently and smoothly, try to work the ball through the middle - but to no avail

  • 6'

    In possession terms, it's all Manchester City in these early stages. We're yet to have a meaningful effort from either side so far, however

  • 5'

    Richards comes forward down the right and absolutely hammers in a cross, which bounces to safety off one of his own team-mates

  • 4'

    Not for long, though - the ball is back with the hosts. Then Swansea try a long pass down the middle, which Hart gathers with no fuss

  • 3'

    Kompany on the ball at the heart of the City defence. He plays it forward, but Swansea snap in to win it back

  • 3'

    City moving forward on their right with Nasri: he wins a throw

  • 2'

    Some crisp inter-passing from the Swans on half-way: they're buzzing around and trying to put pressure on the hosts deep inside their own half

  • 1'

    Kolarov finds Aguero inside the Swansea half, but his effort to keep the move going merely sees the ball out for a Swansea throw-in


    Manchester City will get us under way - and off we go


    And this is the Swansea line-up: Vorm, Rangel, Williams, Chico, Davies, Britton, Ki, De Guzman, Hernandez, Routledge, Michu


    The home side welcome back Carlos Tevez, and look like this: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Y Toure, Barry, Nasri, Tevez, Kolarov, Aguero


    The teams are out at the Etihad, and we're going through the now-customary pre-match handshakes routine. City need to bounce back from another tough night in the Champions League, while Swansea's season has been up and down so far


    Former Man City boss Kevin Keegan has been impressed with Swans boss Michael Laudrup, but he expects a home win at the Etihad Stadium.


    Sergio Aguero scored a brace on his Man City debut at home to Swansea last season.


    Join us from 1730 BST for live text commentary of Manchester City vs Swansea as Roberto Mancini's side look to bounce back from the disappointment of a midweek Champions League defeat to Ajax.

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Manchester City

  • 11(4)

  • 21

  • 8

  • 54%


  • Swansea City

  • 9(2)

  • 17

  • 10

Manchester City

POS No Name


1 Joe Hart


2 Micah Richards
28 Kolo Touré


4 Vincent Kompany


22 Gaël Clichy


33 Matija Nastasic


8 Samir Nasri


13 Aleksandar Kolarov
45 Mario Balotelli


18 Gareth Barry


42 Yaya Touré


16 Sergio Agüero
6 Joleon Lescott


32 Carlos Tevez
POS No Name
G 30 Costel Pantilimon
D 6 Joleon Lescott
D 28 Kolo Touré
M 11 Scott Sinclair
M 70 George Evans
F 10 Edin Dzeko
F 45 Mario Balotelli

Swansea City

POS No Name


1 Michel Vorm
25 Gerhard Tremmel


4 Chico


6 Ashley Williams


22 Angel Rangel


33 Ben Davies


7 Leon Britton
10 Danny Graham


20 Jonathan de Guzmán


24 Ki Sung-Yeung


9 Michu


11 Pablo
12 Nathan Dyer


15 Wayne Routledge
POS No Name
G 25 Gerhard Tremmel
D 16 Garry Monk
D 21 Dwight Tiendalli
M 12 Nathan Dyer
M 26 Kemy Agustien
F 10 Danny Graham
F 17 Itey Shechter

Match Stats

  • Manchester City
  • Swansea City
11(4) Shots (on goal) 9(2)
8 Fouls 10
3 Corner kicks 0
2 Offsides 5
54% Time of Possession 46%
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 3

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