Old Trafford, England

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Manchester United

  • Vincent Kompany 59' OG

1 - 2


Manchester City

  • James Milner 51'
  • Sergio Agüero 78'
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  • 90'

    And it is - the final whistle goes and City have won the derby. United remain 12 points clear, but this was a good performance from Mancini's men, their triumph sealed by a superb Aguero strike.

  • 90'

    Forward come United again - and they win one more corner. Evra gets a header, and Hart claims. That must be it...

  • 90'

    Valencia concedes a free-kick and becomes yet another name in the book.

  • 90'

    Javi Garcia is on for Carlos Tevez as City make their final change of the night.

  • 90'

    And the United man becomes the latest in a spate of recent bookings.

  • 90'

    Zabaleta clears and then Giggs loses the ball. Aguero is fouled by Rafael just over half-way.

  • 90'

    Sub Lescott heads a cross clear. United corner. Time running out...

  • 90'

    Shinji Kagawa is on and Young, hobbling after a knock, is on.

  • 90'

    There will be four added minutes at Old Trafford.

  • 89'

    Silva is off and defender Joleon Lescott on.

  • 89'

    Milner gets a booking, and in the meantime there will be a substitution...

  • 89'

    There's a bit of a melee, sparked by United playing on with City's David Silva down. The dust from that seems to be settling, but there may be a card or two.

  • 88'

    Evra's up in the attack with a low cross. Zabaleta hammers that one away. Rafael follows up with another cross, and again it's blocked.

  • 87'

    Jones gets his head to it, but can't steer it on target and City have the goal-kick.

  • 86'

    Jones on the ball on halfway for United. It goes up towards Hernandez, who is fouled. Free-kick United, in a dangerous position wide on the left. That results in a corner...

  • 85'

    Hernandez is on and Rooney off as the game enters its final five minutes or so.

  • 84'

    Tevez is booked for clattering into Jones, and now United will make a change.

  • 84'

    A cross comes in towards Van Persie, who gets a header in but it's easy for Hart.

  • 83'

    City play the ball long downfield - too long. Goal-kick to City. It looks as though Hernandez will be entering the fray for Manchester United soon...

  • 82'

    Here comes Young. He frees Giggs, whose low ball in can't quite be converted by Robin van Persie.

  • 81'

    Rooney reacts angrily after being penalised for a foul deep inside the City half.

  • 80'

    They have ten minutes, plus injury-time, in which to do so.

  • 79'

    Welbeck is off and Valencia on as United make a change. Can the home side produce a leveller?

  • 78'

    GOAL: And Aguero puts City back in front with a moment of brilliance out of the blue, jinking his way into the area and blasting high past De Gea at the near post. The defending champions have regained the lead!

  • 78'

    Barry and Milner combine on the right for City. Rafael heads the cross away. Things have really started to open up as we head towards the final ten minutes.

  • 77'

    Silva finds Toure in a bit of space in the area. He, too, tries a low shot and this one is blocked.

  • 76'

    Young crosses as United look to, and then Welbeck sets up Young for a shot from outside the area. It's low, and it's stopped and held by Hart.

  • 75'

    Quarter of an hour remaining at Old Trafford - can either side find a winner?

  • 74'

    He can't. Hart punches and clears the danger, but United come again. City, though, force them back and in the end the ball goes all the way back to De Gea.

  • 74'

    Good United pressing wins them a corner on the right. Can Van Persie deliver a cross as good as the one he conjured from the free-kick for the equaliser?

  • 73'

    Barry looks a bit dazed after what seems to have been a collision with Van Persie and his own team-mate Nastasic. He'll be OK, though.

  • 72'

    Throw to City. That looked as though it should have been United's. But when the ball comes in, Jones is there again. He is having an excellent game.

  • 71'

    Aguero, the man whose late goal against QPR won last season's title, is on for Nasri as City boss Mancini makes the first substitution of the night.

  • 70'

    Silva chips a ball forward towards Nasri - he tries to improvise a flicked finish, but lofts it well over the bar.

  • 69'

    And forward come United: Rooney crosses towards Van Persie but even more towards Hart, who claims confidently.

  • 68'

    Milner tries to get around Giggs and cross, but is fended off by the veteran.

  • 68'

    From it, Evra puts the ball behind for another corner to Manchester City.

  • 67'

    City are still looking neat and tidy in possession. As they look for Tevez down the right, though, Jones is across again to put the ball out for a throw.

  • 66'

    De Gea catches that comfortably at the far post: a poor corner, that one.

  • 65'

    From that, City come forward and Jones has to concede a corner...

  • 64'

    Young sees his attempted pass to Van Persie cut out after Welbeck had done well to win the ball in midfield.

  • 63'

    One or two City subs are warming up - changes afoot for Mancini's men soon?

  • 62'

    City on the attack again. Barry and Clichy link on the left. Silva does well to find Tevez, whose mishit shot hits the (offside anyway) Silva and bobbles behind.

  • 61'

    Jones slides across to make an excellent challenge as Tevez tries to make ground down the right. Goal-kick United after all that.

  • 60'

    This time, though, the ball is cut out and Toure ushers City forward. Silva finds a cross and De Gea, under pressure from two City players, is fouled and gets the free-kick.

  • 59'

    More than half and hour remaining, and United surge forward again.

  • 59'

    GOAL: Jones gets his head to it and the ball ricochets in off Kompany. Parity at Old Trafford!

  • 58'

    It's a cracker of a free-kick, dangerously across the box towards Phil Jones...

  • 57'

    Rafael launches into a run down the right. Yaya Toure is racing back with him, and is adjudged to have sent him tumbling near the byline. Free-kick, which Van Persie is over.

  • 56'

    United suddenly look in need of a shot in the arm. The Stretford End faithful are doing their bit to try and get them going.

  • 55'

    But they can't create any danger this time. Grumblings, though, from the home fans as an aimless ball forward is easily cut out.

  • 54'

    Rooney eventually crosses. Hart claims and City come forward again. They, and their fans, are energised.

  • 53'

    Giggs plays the free-kick in from deep. It goes all the way across the box and is adjudged to have flicked off a City defender. Corner...

  • 53'

    Rafael is fouled by Nastasic. Free-kick United. What can the champions-elect find against the current champions?

  • 52'

    United try to hit back straight away - the ball is long towards Van Persie, but Hart gathers.

  • 51'

    GOAL: He shoots, and the ball deflects low past De Gea and into the corner. Manchester City have the lead!

  • 50'

    United look to play the ball forward and Clichy clears. Tevez and Milner try to combine and then Giggs loses the ball to Barry and the ball comes to Milner on the edge of the area...

  • 50'

    Giggs plays the ball in deep, but United are penalised for a foul somewhere in the penalty area melee.

  • 49'

    Rooney sweeps a lovely first-time ball towards Rafael on the right, and Clichy does well to get that away. United come again, and City are forced to concede a corner...

  • 48'

    Welbeck then goes to ground on the edge of the area, but referee Dean waves away the appeals.

  • 47'

    Welbeck on the right for United. Giggs feeds it back out that way and Rafael links with Van Persie, whose cross eludes everyone.

  • 47'

    From his cross, Tevez is adjudged to have impeded Jones and United have the free-kick.

  • 46'

    Kompany, Silva and Milner link, but the latter's ball is cut out. Back come City, with Nasri feeding Clichy.

  • 46'

    And off we go - City get the second half going and keep possession.

  • 45'

    Back come the players. As Sir Alex Ferguson walks out of the tunnel, he gees up the Stretford End.

  • 45'

    Rooney loses the ball on the edge of his own area, but United get it away - and the half-time whistle goes with the visitors in a crossing position. No goals at Old Trafford, but plenty of pace to this game.

  • 44'

    Last minute of the first half, and Rafael tries to link with Welbeck down the right. United win the throw, and Van Persie nods the ball down to Rafael. He manages to steer it goalwards, and against the outside of the angle of post and crossbar.

  • 43'

    They do, and it's cleared to Van Persie, who lashes a shot high into the crowd.

  • 42'

    That's another booking, and a free-kick United can swing into the area.

  • 41'

    Carrick threads the ball towards Young, and Kompany lunges in on United's left touchline...

  • 40'

    Kompany gets in Van Persie's way as United try to come forward. City win it back and Tevez hooks the ball over his shoulder and into the United area. None of his colleagues are close enough to that to make anything of it, though.

  • 39'

    Barry is fouled on half-way and City have possession once again. They've passed pretty well so far tonight.

  • 38'

    Rooney takes it very long. Evra tries to get to it, but can't make anything of it. Goal-kick.

  • 37'

    Here come United, with Young leading the charge. He tries to drive the ball across the area and Zabaleta gets in the way. Corner...

  • 37'

    A little under ten minutes until the break: City have had the better of it territorially, but there hasn't been an enormous amount in the way of clear chances.

  • 36'

    Yaya Toure tries to thread the ball low through the middle for Tevez, who can't get on the end of it and slips over. I think we can say the Stretford End appreciated that moment.

  • 35'

    Van Persie is back there to defend that one soundly and, as the ball breaks clear, Welbeck wins a throw for his side.

  • 34'

    Tevez is in a race down the left with Carrick, and the United man is adjudged to have fouled him. Free-kick City. Milner will cross...

  • 33'

    ...but he's offside. Young swings a cross in as United come forward once again seconds later, and City clear.

  • 33'

    The free-kick is wasted and United come forward. They play it back to Ferdinand, who plays a superb lofted pass forward to Rooney...

  • 32'

    And it brings the night's second booking. Not much doubt about that decision.

  • 31'

    Van Persie flicks on, and then Milner is caught by Rooney on the left. It's not a great challenge by any means.

  • 30'

    The ball is cleared. Young picks up possession and tries a curling shot. It's optimistic, high and wide.

  • 30'

    Van Persie whips it in and Zabaleta has to scramble it behind for a corner.

  • 29'

    Van Persie is adjudged to have been buffeted by Nastasic. Free-kick to United, on their right, and this is one that will be crossed into the area, you'd have thought.

  • 28'

    And ref Mike Dean says that's worthy of the evening's first yellow card.

  • 27'

    Tevez turns well and finds Zabaleta on the left. He crosses towards Silva, who gets up for the header but handles the ball under challenge from Ferdinand.

  • 26'

    Rafael comes forward: he crosses, it's blocked and then the ball ricochets back off him for a City goal-kick.

  • 25'

    Neat play by City gives Milner a sight of goal from the edge of the box, but it's straight at De Gea and easily saved by the United 'keeper.

  • 24'

    A good chance for the visitors, that: they have seen a lot more of the ball than United lately, but can they turn it into something more tangible?

  • 23'

    Barry tries to feed a pass into the area to Tevez, but United cut it out. The ball is soon back with him, though - and when it falls to Nasri inside the box, he slices a decent chance into the Stretford End.

  • 23'

    Jones is there again, winning an important header, and United spring forward. Giggs crosses, City clear and Toure has them back in possession again.

  • 22'

    City profit from a stray pass by Rooney, and Nasri moves down the left...

  • 21'

    Carrick gets in the way and then finds a pass into space on the United left. United lose it, then win it back, and then a deflected ball finds its way to Rooney, who can only head well over.

  • 20'

    Milner does well on the City right, finding a cross to Nasri, who is crowded out. As the ball comes back in, Jones does well to deny Tevez. Good spell from City.

  • 18'

    The game is settling into a slightly more gentle pattern. Phil Jones has the easiest of headers back to his keeper after a spell of neat City passing ends with the most aimless of balls forward.

  • 18'

    Silva tries to get something going on the right for City. Step forward fresh-faced whipper-snapper Ryan Giggs with a challenge.

  • 18'

    They don't mind it so much now: that comes to absolutely nothing.

  • 17'

    Silva links with Nasri again and crosses from the left. Carrick gets in the way, but the ball comes back in again and Tevez is able to force a City corner. The home fans don't like that decision.

  • 16'

    Rafael tries to lead a charge forward by United. He overruns it, though, and Kompany blasts it away.

  • 15'

    Silva finds Zabaleta. United feel there was a foul from him, but he goes on, crosses towards Tevez and the home side are relieved that the Argentine can only flick the ball back towards nobody in particular.

  • 14'

    As the ball comes back towards the City area, Rooney almost frees Giggs with a lovely flicked pass, but it's just beyond the Welshman.

  • 13'

    Young swings a superb ball out towards the right and Welbeck. Although he keeps it in, City can get the challenge in.

  • 12'

    Nasri and Silva link on the edge of the box. United escape, Van Persie looking to lead the charge, and the United man is fouled by Gareth Barry.

  • 11'

    Evra commits a foul to give City a dangerous free-kick which can be swung in from the right. De Gea catches it with contemptuous ease.

  • 10'

    It's been an eventful and entertaining opening ten minutes - plenty of ebb and flow.

  • 10'

    Milner chases a ball into the United half, but De Gea gets that one and looks to set Evra away on the left.

  • 9'

    Giggs swings it in, and City deal with it well.

  • 8'

    Tevez is penalised for a foul deep inside United territory. Forward come the hosts, and win a corner on their right.

  • 8'

    Jones on the ball. 'We shall not be moved,' sing the United fans as Rooney finds Van Persie on the left of the area. He shoots, but drags the ball across from that angle. Half-decent chance, that.

  • 7'

    Now United try to build from the back. Ferdinand looks for Van Persie, only for the ball to run through to Joe Hart in the City goal.

  • 7'

    Nastasic feeds the ball to his left as City look to build again from the back. Yaya Toure tries to spread the play, but the pass is cut out.

  • 6'

    Van Persie tumbles in the area. Nothing wrong with that one, says referee Mike Dean.

  • 5'

    ...he does, and drags it horribly wide, to jeers from the Stretford End. Good run, shame about the finish (if you can call it that).

  • 5'

    Downfield from City, who have plenty of zip about them in these early stages. Clichy runs purposefully toward the United area, and he'll shoot here...

  • 4'

    Then Milner gets down the right and whips in another dangerous ball. United clear, but this is end-to-end stuff.

  • 3'

    Welbeck and Young lead a superb break - beautiful interchanging in midfield - but Welbeck overruns it and City can get that one away.

  • 3'

    Now City come forward, with Nasri spreading the ball to Zabaleta. Milner crosses low and Silva is denied by Rafael. City corner...

  • 2'

    Welbeck pops up on the left, lays the ball off and gets into the box to flick the cross goalwards. It's easy for Hart.

  • 1'

    Giggs gets the ball, but Milner is across to make sure that doesn't go anywhere.

  • 1'

    Danny Welbeck tries to get in involved early on, but the ball ricochets off him for a throw-in. United win it back...

  • 1'

    And here we go - United get us going to a huge roar from the crowd.


    The handshaking is going on: there are two minutes or so until we get under way here.


    The players are in the tunnel - and here they come. Plenty of noise at Old Trafford.


    A little over 15 minutes until the action gets under way - stay with ESPN FC for full coverage.


    Mark Payne, though, feels United - despite their huge lead - have not been convincing of late.


    Iain Macintosh says tonight, for Manchester City, is all about pride.


    That completed a double over United after the staggering 6-1 City victory at Old Trafford, but the champions have found the defence of their title a struggle.


    Last year, of course - and fair bit later in April than this - the shift that took the title to City really began when they beat United 1-0 at home to go top of the table on goal difference with two games left. Just three weeks before, they had been eight points adrift of their neighbours.


    City fan Simon Curtis, though, believes a Manchester power shift is still on the way.


    United, of course, can all but touch another title - victory tonight would take them 18 points clear of their neighbours.



    If you want a top-quality preview, we have one: here's Jon Carter's take on tonight's match.


    City look like this: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Barry, Yaya Toure, Milner, Silva, Nasri, Tevez.


    And here, ladies and gents, are the teams. United start like this: De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Jones, Evra, Young, Carrick, Giggs, Welbeck, Rooney, Van Persie.


    United have the chance to double their neighbours and take another step towards their inevitable regaining of the title. City boss Roberto Mancini, though, has demanded pride and intensity from his players, and they should be desperate to stop that from happening.


    There isn't the tension, or the ramifications, of last season's second Manchester derby - but this should still be a very decent occasion at Old Trafford.


    Join Chris Borg from 7PM BST for live commentary of Manchester United v Manchester City. Kick off at 8PM BST.

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Manchester United

  • 15(5)

  • 29

  • 13

  • 45%


  • Manchester City

  • 10(3)

  • 23

  • 21

Manchester United

POS No Name


1 David De Gea


2 Rafael


3 Patrice Evrà


4 Phil Jones


5 Rio Ferdinand


10 Wayne Rooney
14 Javier Hernández


11 Ryan Giggs


16 Michael Carrick


18 Ashley Young
26 Shinji Kagawa


19 Danny Welbeck
7 Antonio Valencia


20 Robin van Persie
POS No Name
G 13 Anders Lindegaard
D 28 Alexander Büttner
M 7 Antonio Valencia
M 17 Nani
M 23 Tom Cleverley
M 26 Shinji Kagawa
F 14 Javier Hernández

Manchester City

POS No Name


1 Joe Hart


4 Vincent Kompany


5 Pablo Zabaleta


22 Gaël Clichy


33 Matija Nastasic


7 James Milner


8 Samir Nasri
16 Sergio Agüero


18 Gareth Barry


21 David Silva
6 Joleon Lescott


42 Yaya Touré


32 Carlos Tevez
14 Javi Garcia
POS No Name
G 30 Costel Pantilimon
D 6 Joleon Lescott
D 13 Aleksandar Kolarov
D 28 Kolo Touré
M 14 Javi Garcia
F 10 Edin Dzeko
F 16 Sergio Agüero

Match Stats

  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
15(5) Shots (on goal) 10(3)
13 Fouls 21
9 Corner kicks 4
3 Offsides 1
45% Time of Possession 55%
3 Yellow Cards 5
0 Red Cards 0
1 Saves 5

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