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  • Philipp Lahm 39'
  • Sami Khedira 61'
  • Miroslav Klose 68'
  • Marco Reus 74'

4 - 2



  • Giorgos Samaras 55'
  • Dimitris Salpingidis 89' PEN
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  • 92'

    Greece exit the Euros with their heads held high. Their defence may have capsized in the second half but even reaching the last eight was a heck of an achievement. Hopefully, they've offered those back home a glimmer of relief from the hardship they are living through.

  • 92'

    Just the 15 competitive wins in a row for Germany now. They look a really fluid unit and play some great football. Whoever wins the England-Italy quarter will be underdogs against Low's outfit. A dynamic bunch of footballers.

  • 92'

    FULL TIME - it turned out as expected but Greece fancied themselves after that shock equaliser. In truth, they were far inferior to Germany, who could afford to rest a hat-trick of stars and still breeze through. A good bet to win the whole thing in my humble opinion.

  • 91'

    Two minutes added....

  • 90'

    What a good evening's entertainment. Six goals, plenty of drama, intrigue and lovely football. Euro 2012 is ace isn't it?

  • 89'

    GOAL Salpingidis sends Neuer the wrong way and that is a nice way for Greece to sign off.

  • 88'

    PENALTY TO GREECE - harsh on Boateng as a Fotakis shot hits his hand. He wasn't even looking.

  • 87'

    This has all gone pretty swimmingly for Joachim Low, despite the flutters brought on by Greece's equaliser. He rested three big players and has won at a canter.

  • 86'

    Nice lay-off from Gomez to Ozil but he doesn't get a clean strike on his shot allowing Sifakis to save low down.

  • 85'

    Excellent from Hummels as Samaras gets into the area. He had to get that spot on, and he did. Top defending.

  • 84'

    A chorus of the German national anthem as their side continue to stroke the ball around. Greece just going through the motions now.

  • 83'

    Klose bags his customary goal

  • 82'

    The winners of Sunday's quarter-final between Italy and England will face Germany in the semis. That should be tasty.

  • 81'

    So nearly a fifth for Germany as Ozil dances inside three men and forces a save from Sifakis. Gomez tried to force home the rebound but was offside.

  • 80'

    German changes, Klose trots off to be replaced by Mario Gomez and Gotze comes on for Reus, who has been first class.

  • 78'

    Looks like Mario Gotze is about to see some action as Samaras fires a shot wide.

  • 77'

    We shouldn't be too hard on Greece. Emerging from their group was achievement enough. They've given their fans some cheer but were always up against it playing Germany, who look very classy indeed.

  • 76'

    Such is Germany's domination their fans now break out the "ole's" as they keep possession neatly.

  • 75'

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    Greece to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Papastathopoulos gets his inevitable booking for a rugby style challenge on Ozil. His third of the competition.

  • 74'

    GOAL Reus with a stunning volley! It's turning into the rout we thought it might. Klose is sprung through by Ozil, Sifakis saves but it pops up for Reus who volleys in off the crossbar.

  • 73'

    Liberopoulos' first involvement is an attempted howitzer from 35 yards. It doesn't hit the target.

  • 72'

    Last Greek change as Makos departs and Nikos Liberopoulos comes on.

  • 71'

    That is now 64 goals for Miroslav Klose in a Germany shirt. Quite a record. He's a goalscoring machine.

  • 70'

    A pretty obvious push from Samaras on Boateng as they charged down the left wing together.

  • 69'

    Terrible marking from Papadopoulos as he allows Klose to wriggle free, and awful goalkeeping from Sifakis, who charges out without getting the ball. Klose nearly grabs his second inside a minute as Germany pour forward again.

  • 68'

    GOAL Klose on target! A simple header from Ozil's free kick and that should be that.

  • 67'

    A Germany change as Muller replaces Schurrle.

  • 66'

    Papastathopoulos will get a yellow card if he carries on like this. Another foul on Ozil, then a moan at the player for a supposed dive.

  • 65'

    Samaras brings the Greeks level, but parity was fleeting

  • 64'

    Superb defending from Torosidis as Reus received the ball at the back post. He was lining up a shot on goal just as the defender stepped in and pinched the ball away.

  • 63'

    Now Gekas with a chance after a lovely step inside away from Khedira. He has a free hit from 18 yards but blazes over. He knows that was a good opening.

  • 62'

    Normal service is resumed and that is a quality goal. He's thumped that on the volley with his right foot, from a cross from the right. Great skill.

  • 61'

    GOAL Khedira volleys home! A neat move, a nice cross from Boateng and a brilliant finish from Khedira. A volley into the roof of the net.

  • 60'

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    Greece to win, with bet365  

  • 59'

    How about this for a stat: Samaras' goal means Greece have scored in their last 21 international matches - a new record eclipsing that of 1989-1991.

  • 58'

    And remember, Greece haven't scored twice in one game in their opening three matches. No pictures of Merkel in the stands but I'm sure her glum face is getting a workout.

  • 57'

    No need for Germany to panic here though, they are still the superior side and have created far more. They just need to be more clinical.

  • 56'

    Well, that wasn't in the script but Greece have scored with their first real chance. Credit to Salpingidis for a strong run and a precise cross. Game on!

  • 55'

    GOAL Samaras equalises! A great break down the right as Salpingidis streaks away from Lahm. His cross is perfect and Samaras forces it home. Greece cancel out the deficit!

  • 54'

    Now Klose spurns a good chance as he is fed inside the box. He neglects to shoot and tires to find Schurrle, at which point the ball is lost.

  • 53'

    A clear chance for Greece as Samaras runs at Hummels with Salpingidis in support. They are two on two for a minute but after feeding his team-mate the return ball wasn't forthcoming.

  • 52'

    A disappointing pass from Schweinsteiger as Schurrle went for a one-two. He's not looked good tonight, unusual for him.

  • 51'

    No let up for Greece as Germany start the half strongly. They want a second goal and some breathing space.

  • 50'

    Ozil's take is deep and met by Badstuber but Torosidis hacks clear. Then Makos does well to get out of his half under pressure from Schweinsteiger.

  • 49'

    Reus now wins a free kick from Papastathopoulos on the right flank. He's not happy with the linesman but it was a foul.

  • 48'

    Papadopoulos clears Ozil's corner moments after he'd put a stop to a strong run from Reus.

  • 47'

    Normal service resumed right away as Germany win a corner then Khedira nearly threads a ball through for Klose.

  • 46'

    Greek changes as we start the half: Giorgios Fotakis is on for Tzavellas and Gekas replaces Ninis.


    Greece should take the positives really, that it is only 1-0. Germany could and should have been 2-0 up within 15 minutes. Gekas is on the bench and might be a good option. Salpingidis hasn't had much change up front at all.


    A pretty damning statistic: Greece didn't make a single touch in the opposition box in the first-half against Germany tonight.


    So, Fernando Santos must earn his corn at the break. How can his players hurt Germany? They can start by getting themselves ten yards up the field and offering Salpingidis some support. Germany look certain to score more.


    Philipp Lahm smashes home Germany's opener

  • 45'

    HALF TIME - one way traffic, as expected. Many people thought Greece's only chance was to win 1-0 - that option has gone now, and so has sitting nine players behind the ball. They must try to make something happen in the second half.

  • 45'

    Another fantastic effort from Schurrle, who loves a pop, he nudges past Torossidis and lets fly. Sifakis is beaten but the ball flicks the side-netting. He and Reus have been excellent so far.

  • 44'

    Schurrle cuts in and has a pop, Torossidis gets a boot on it and Sifakis is relieved to watch it flash past the far post.

  • 43'

    Let us not forget that Greece went behind in their opening game of the tournament, then had a player sent off before hitting back to draw with Poland. They have got it in their locker.

  • 42'

    As for Germany, a second before half time and they can really put their feet up after the break.

  • 41'

    Now then, what have you got Greece? You won't get a goal sitting nine men behind the ball. They'll probably keep the same tactics until half time though I'll wager.

  • 40'

    Angela Merkel enjoyed that one. Off her feet and punching the air with delight.

  • 39'

    GOAL Lahm with a stunner! That's the skipper's way to do it! He chests the ball down and thumps a shot into the far corner from 22 yards.

  • 37'

    Even by Greece's standards this is a remarkably negative display. But then, if it ain't broke...

  • 36'

    Germany should test Greece's 'keeper as much as possible having seen how he flaps in the opening 36 minutes. Get crosses and shots on him as soon as possible.

  • 35'

    Neat football as Ozil beats two men and lays it back to Khedira - his effort is on target and Sifakis makes a mess of it before Makos clears at the second attempt.

  • 34'

    Now Lahm wins a corner off Torossidis.

  • 33'

    Fantastic from Schurrle as he beats Torossidis. He tires a curler to the far post but it was never troubling the net.

  • 32'

    A shot from Ninis and a rather desperate looking save from Neuer, even though the ball looked to be going wide. Greece gaining encouragement all the time.

  • 31'

    Hummels goes forward and tries to dribble into the are but loses it and suddenly Samaras is in on Badstuber, but the centre back does well to hold him up then get a toe on the ball.

  • 30'

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    Greece to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Reus has been excellent so far, just lacking the finishing touch, again he gets good ball and is clipped as he flicks towards Klose but no free kick is awarded.

  • 29'

    A rare mistake from Schweinsteiger as he gives the ball away when Germany had numbers in attack.

  • 28'

    Time-wasting tactics being employed already by Greece. Papastathopoulos caught by Reus and stays down a long time. It was only a clip.

  • 27'

    Katsouranis with a ball over the top for Salpingidis who is through and onside but Neuer's starting position on the edge of his box means he can get there first.

  • 26'

    Yet another chance for Germany as Reus arrives at the back post to hammer a shot wide from ten yards. Low goes nuts as he watches another opportunity go begging. He knows they can't afford to squander these openings.

  • 25'

    Another big chance for Germany as Ozil crosses for Reus who drags his shot from eight yards. Klose diving in at the back post is a yard away from turning it home. Pressure building.

  • 24'

    Now Reus tests Sifakis at his near post with a fierce shot that the keeper is equal to. Corner.

  • 23'

    Fabulous football from Germany as Reus plays a one-two with Klose then slides a glorious pass to Ozil who only has the keeper to beat but he hits his shot right at Sifakis who saves with his legs.

  • 22'

    Germany working the ball from side to side before Khedira crosses. It is nodded way and they start the process again.

  • 21'

    All ten men behind the ball for Greece and the ball is only 30 yards from their goal.

  • 20'

    Germany do look a touch negligent when Greece do get the chance to counter, Katsouranis very nearly found Makos down the right there as Khedira lost the ball.

  • 19'

    Greece's fans are in good voice though. They booed loudly when Angela Merkel was pictured on the big screen before kick off.

  • 18'

    Greece's left hand side is woeful as Ozil feeds Reus again. Papadopoulos is across to block the cross.

  • 17'

    A hopefull ball from Ninis as Salpingidis tries to get in front of Hummels. Nothing in the way of invention or creativity from Greece yet.

  • 15'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    Greece to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Greece are sitting very very deep. On the edge of their box deep. Not sure that's a good idea. Boateng crosses but Klose can't connect with a header. Khedira went down as Torossidis tugged him but nothing doing.

  • 14'

    Schweinsteiger goes down under a Samaras challenge and we have the game's first yellow. Studs on Achilles. Nasty but not necessarily intentional.

  • 13'

    If Germany can keep their composure in the Greek box there are goals galore for them tonight. Reus gets into the box again and finds Klose but his touch to Ozil leaves the Real Madrid man with no option than a hopeful poke across goal. Greece clear.

  • 12'

    Then at the other end Reus is sprung through the middle but fires well wide under pressure from Tzavellas. It took a horrible bobble just before he hit it, to be fair to him.

  • 11'

    A chance of a break for Greece momentarily as Nins tries to chip a ball for Salpingidis but Neuer is out again to claim.

  • 10'

    Ozil having to come deep to get the ball. Germany would prefer him to get it on the edge of the box not on the halfway line.

  • 9'

    Greece have calmed the early storm. Normal service resumed; sit deep and soak it up. Germany pressing.

  • 8'

    A half chance for Salpingidis as he looks to mug Badstuber but Neuer was out on the edge of his box and claims well.

  • 7'

    An effort from Greece as Makos scuffs a shot on goal after Ninis had won the ball of Khedira.

  • 6'

    Lovely move from Germany, infused with crisp passing. Klose's lay-off to Khedira affords space for the shot but it flies over the bar.

  • 5'

    Germany have raced out of the blocks here. They clearly want to get the job done early. Greece overrun at the back.

  • 4'

    The ball is in the net but the flag is up again. Khedira's shot is saved by Sifakis and the rebound is turned in by Schurrle, but he looked level when the effort came in. Controversial. Greece all over the place here.

  • 3'

    It should be 1-0, Reus gets down the right channel with Greece all over the place at the back, he crosses for Klose who is all on his own but the ball is a yard behind him. Fast start from Germany.

  • 2'

    Very nearly an early sighter for Klose as he gets into the area. Papastathopoulos comes across to tackle him but the flag was up, wrongly as the replay shows.

  • 1'

    KICK OFF - we are off and running in Gdansk.


    A quick flurry of rubbish jokes. Greece might need a bail out from Germany if it is 2-0 at half time. Does Joachim Low get to pick Greece's team and tactics? Can Greece ask for an emergency loan of German players at half time? I'll get my coat.


    There are four players on yellow cards who would miss the semi-final should their team get through. For Germany, Holger Badstuber, for Greece, Torossidis, Salpingidis and Papadopoulos.


    Germany have won all three of their games so far, Greece just one. Germany have scored five goals, Greece just three. Greece have never beaten Germany before. We're all set as the anthems get underway.


    Germany's prime minister, Angela Merkel, is in Gdansk for the game and will get plenty of grief from Greece's fans one imagines. Just like their comparative economies, Germany are the bigger of the two and are clear favorites.


    Greece, as we all know, is in deep trouble. They have relied on help from their EU partners to keep the country afloat and are staring at years of low growth and bleak prospects. Many blame Germany for their plight, rightly or wrongly, and would love to get one over on them tonight.


    This is one of those games that transcends sport; it was written that these two should meet on the pitch, given the tumultuous goings on in Europe's markets recently. Germany, the continent's economic powerhouse, have been chief providers of financial aid to Greece, and have demanded sweeping austerity measures in return. Talk about spicy.


    Two changes for the Greeks as Sotiris Ninis replaces Fanis Gekas. That means Salpingidis will plough a lone furrow up front. The other change sees Grigoris Makos come in for Greece's suspended skipper Giorgos Karagounis.


    The only other German change sees Jerome Boateng return after he missed the Denmark game through suspension. Slightly harsh on Lars Bender, who scored the winner in that game.


    More pathetic financial puns on the way but first the team news and the rumors are true, Joachim Low has dropped Gomez, Podolski and Muller. In come Miroslav Klose, Andre Schurrle and Marco Reus. Just like putting money on Greece leaving the Euro, it's a massive gamble.


    Evening all and welcome to the Eurozone grudge match, the debt derby or whatever other financial twist you want to put on it. It's the bailed out against the, err, bailer-out-erers, and it's live with me, Chris Murphy.


    Ahead of this match, our Greece blogger Chris Paraskevas has been paying tribute to former national team boss Alketas Panagoulias, who died on Monday.


    Greece coach Fernando Santos has been trying to be as positive as possible in the build-up, while Germany boss Joachim Low expects their opponents to keep "nine men on the edge of their area".


    Greece will be relying on defensive austerity against Germany and, in particular, prolific Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez.


    Prepare yourself for financial puns aplenty from Chris Murphy as he brings you live text commentary of Germany v Greece, the second of the Euro 2012 quarter-finals, from 1945 BST.

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  • possession

  • Germany

  • 24(14)

  • 15

  • 9

  • 66%


  • Greece

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  • Germany
  • Greece
24(14) Shots (on goal) 9(5)
9 Fouls 10
10 Corner kicks 1
5 Offsides 2
66% Time of Possession 34%
0 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
3 Saves 8

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