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  • Wayne Rooney 48'
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    It was far from perfect from England, but they got the result they wanted and France's shock loss to Sweden means England will now face Italy on Sunday.

  • 93'

    And that's it! Full time! England top Group D

  • 93'

    England fans in fine voice now. The game is up.

  • 92'

    So now even if Ukraine score twice in 90 seconds England will be through.

  • 92'

    Sweden 2-0 France - Seb Larsson

  • 92'

    Yarmolenko goes for the pitching wedge from inside the D put spoons it over the bar.

  • 91'

    Three minutes of added time.

  • 90'

    Oxlade Chamberlain breaks down the centre, he has the sprinting Walcott on the left and for some reason keeps on a straight line and is tackled. That was a simple pass to the in-space Walcott.

  • 89'

    Ukraine running out of ideas now.

  • 88'

    The ball is put in the box, it looks like Carroll is pushed but no penalty - and the ref stops play for treatment to Rakitskiy who Carroll was pushed into.

  • 87'

    Oxlade Chamberlain comes on for goalscorer Rooney.

  • 86'

    Young is hacked down by Sheva, clear free-kick just inside the Ukraine half.

  • 85'

    Same again, Sheva wins the header this time but it's Rooney who blocks the close-range effort.

  • 85'

    Nazarenko into Sheva at the near post, put behind by Terry.

  • 85'

    Ukraine probing and win a corner.

  • 84'

    Rooney tries a stupid back-heel and gives possession back to Ukraine.

  • 83'

    Carroll is introduced for Welbeck

  • 82'

    Tymoschuk trips Gerrard before he can break with the ball. Could have got a second yellow there.

  • 82'

    Nazarenko shoots ... into row Z.

  • 81'

    Nazarenko tries to find Shevchenko put it's hit way too hard and out for a throw.

  • 81'

    John Terry 'clears off the line'

  • 80'

    Cole booked for timewasting, his first of the tournament

  • 79'

    Nazarenko on for Garmash

  • 78'

    Opta Stat: 17% - Ukraine have the worst shooting accuracy of any team at Euro 2012.

  • 78'

    Butko is on for Milevskiy.

  • 78'

    Konoplyanka shoots over again.

  • 78'

    Gusev crosses from the right, great defensive header by Johnson.

  • 77'

    This is frantic stuff now. End to end.

  • 76'

    Gerrard takes, finds Rooney free at the far post for a header, but it's a weak effort for Pyatov to save.

  • 76'

    Welbeck feeds in Rooney and Rakitskiy just gets a foot in. Corner.

  • 76'

    Rakitskiy cynically hacks down Gerrard.

  • 75'

    Ukraine to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Hart does well to save a power drive from Konoplyanka.

  • 74'

    Gerrard is penalised for leading with the elbow in a challenge with Garmash. Gerrard not in danger of being banned for yellows.

  • 73'

    Rakitskiy takes from the right, far too much on it, over everyone and our for a goal-kick.

  • 72'

    Cole blocks Gusev's cross and it's a corner.

  • 71'

    Rooney turns well and shapes to shoot and instead tries to slip in Walcott, Walcott is just not ready and it runs through to Pyatov.

  • 70'

    Shevchenko is on in place of Devic - can the talisman turn this around in dramatic fashion?

  • 70'

    Theo Walcott comes on to try and exploit the space Ukraine will leave at the back in place of James Milner

  • 70'

    The corner comes in from the left, Pyatov is uncertain again and Gerrard sees a shot blocked.

  • 69'

    Milner finally does something, cuts back on to his left and tries to pick out Rooney. Pyatov flaps yet again and Cole gets a shot it - Pyatov gets across his goal well to push it behind.

  • 68'

    Rooney plays a poor ball down the left for Milner, who never looks like being able to win it back.

  • 68'

    Garmash and Devic try to get space in the box, Terry and Lescott are tight once more to make sure the danger is snuffed out.

  • 67'

    This game is breathless now.

  • 66'

    I've just seen a replay of that John Terry goal-line clearance, and I have to say that was over the line. Ukraine robbed.

  • 65'

    Now Yarmolenko crosses from the right, it's across the face of goal and Lescott makes a superb decision to let it run and England have the goal-kick.

  • 64'

    England break with Parker and Tymoschuk has no option but to bring him down.

  • 63'

    Milevskiy plays in Devic, he cuts onto his left and shoots but Hart gets something to it. The ball loops up towards goal and is heroically cleared off the line by Terry

  • 63'

    What a goal-line clearance from John Terry!

  • 62'

    Corner to Ukraine again, taken short and swung in to the near post and the unmarked Milevskiy who somehow headed over. He had to score.

  • 61'

    Oh, Milevskiy!

  • 60'

    Ukraine to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    And Young plays in shot ... he gets the cross in second time but Rakitskiy heads to safety.

  • 59'

    Garmash fells Cole 25 yards out on the left, chance to swing one in.

  • 59'

    Awful ball from Gerrard to Johnson when England could have had space to attack in to, Gerrard has to track back and win the ball again.

  • 58'

    So with that goal England are firmly in control of top spot in the group ... for now.

  • 57'

    Sweden 1-0 France - A stunner from Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • 56'

    Another shot from Konoplyanka which goes nowhere near the goal.

  • 55'

    Rooney manages to play it back for Milner, who sees the weak shot blocked.

  • 55'

    And England can break! Rooney is put through and has the whole Ukraine half to run in to - but the chaser is Yarmolenko who keeps pace with Rooney and manages to stop the run.

  • 54'

    This time Cole blocks a cross from Konoplyanka, and it's another corner but Gerrard stops the ball from getting to Yarmolenko.

  • 53'

    Konoplyanka takes the corner again and once more it's cleared away at the near post.

  • 53'

    Ashley Cole heads behind at the near post. Anther corner.

  • 52'

    Gusev crosses from the right, and Hart has to be sure and palm the ball behind for a corner.

  • 51'

    Ukraine have to come out and attack England now. If they don't win they are going ... staying home.

  • 50'

    Ukraine win a couple of corners, but can't make anything of it.

  • 49'

    So, England are top of Group D as it stands and will play Italy.

  • 48'

    GOAL WAYNE ROONEY! Gerrard crosses from the right across the face, the keeper makes a real hash of the save and it runs though to Rooney who nods in from a yard out.

  • 48'

    Gerrard's corner is easily headed away by Tymoschuk.

  • 47'

    Milner wins a corner kick. A contribution!

  • 46'

    The players are only just coming out for Sweden v France. Very odd.

  • 46'

    England kick-off - but is it their last 45 minutes at Euro 2012?


    Out come the teams.


    After that first half, I can't wait for the World Cup qualifier between England and Ukraine on September 11.


    Opta Stat: The last time England failed to have a shot on target in the first half of a game at the Euros was in 1980 (vs Italy).


    James Milner has been poor along with Rooney, but few have come out with any true credit. Join me, Dale Johnson (Twitter: @dalejohnsonESPN), for the second half.


    Wayne Rooney misses a gilt-edged chance to put England in front.


    Ukraine have to score so there may be more space for England to exploit, but they have to play better than they have.


    It's been a poor match, in which Ukraine have been on top but the disappointing Wayne Rooney has missed the best chance of the game.

  • 45'

    No injury time, and that's half-time.

  • 45'

    Awful cross from Garmash, over everyone and out for a goal-kick.

  • 45'

    Milner is penalised for a foul on Selin, looked not much in that.

  • 44'

    Konoplyanka's corner is poor into Milevskiy at the near post who is marked by two men - it hits Milevskiy's shins and it's a goal-kick.

  • 43'

    Yarmolenko tries to use his twinkle toes to dance into the box, no one can get a tackle in until Lescott gets a foot in and it's a corner.

  • 42'

    This game is pretty desperate stuff, it has to be said.

  • 41'

    Parker shoots about 15 yards wide from 25 yards out. Worse than most of Ukraine's efforts.

  • 40'

    Johnson plays a ball inside to Welbeck, who fails to control for yet further England frustration.

  • 39'

    It's Mexican Wave time in the stands.

  • 38'

    Milevskiy throws himself to the ground and wins a free-kick in his own half.

  • 37'

    It's Garmash's turn for a shot from distance, it goes harmlessly wide of the left-hand post.

  • 36'

    Cole feeds in Young down the left, he's got three white shirts inside the box but his cut back finds none of them.

  • 35'

    Welbeck is tripped in the centre circle by Garmash, free-kick.

  • 34'

    The game is definitely becoming more stretched now.

  • 33'

    It's Gerrard from the right this time, and Terry gets his timing wrong and it's never going on target.

  • 32'

    Shot from Ashley Young, deflected behind for a corner.

  • 31'

    Comfortable save from Hart after a left-footed effort from Yarmolenko - that was a decent chance as Yarmolenko had time to pick his spot.

  • 30'

    Ukraine to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    A better last five minutes for England, they have to continue with this and not let Ukraine dictate again.

  • 29'

    Brilliant pass out left to Young from Terry. Young produced a perfect pass for the unmarked Rooney eight yards out... and he nods a yard wide.

  • 28'

    What a chance for Rooney!

  • 28'

    Awful cross from Milner on the right - over everyone and out the other side.

  • 27'

    Gerrard takes, a white shirt can't get to it and eventually a combination of Tymoschuk and Rakitskiy manage to clear.

  • 26'

    Now Young is tripped by Tymoschuk on the left flank. Great chance to put one in the box.

  • 26'

    It's still Sweden 0-0 France.

  • 25'

    Gerrard again with the corner on the left, it's behind Terry and he can't get anything of note on the header - Ukraine can come out

  • 24'

    Gerrard stands over and crosses for Rooney, it's just in front of him and Pyatov makes a right hash of it - and gets away with just a corner.

  • 23'

    Glen Johnson looks to break forward, Rakitskiy brings him down 30 yards out.

  • 22'

    Young misjudges the ball in the air and lets it bounce over his head, that allows Gusev to cut in and fire a yard over. Closest yet.

  • 21'

    Gusev gets forward from right back and looks for a team-mate in the box, Terry meets it with a typical header.

  • 20'

    England really struggling for any kind of fluency in the opposition's half.

  • 19'

    Ukraine having all the chances, as you'll see from the shot view to your left, though all but one is a speculative effort from distance. Nothing from England though.

  • 18'

    Konoplyanka cuts in dangerously from the left again and onto his right. His shot is blocked by the chest of Terry, it runs to Tymoschuk 25 yards out who joins the Row Z club.

  • 17'

    Milevskiy is close to a cross in from the left, Terry just got a nick on the cross which helped it run through to Hart.

  • 16'

    Rakitskiy shoots from 30 yards and finds row Z.

  • 15'

    Ukraine to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Gerrard takes the corner from the left, Pyatov flaps at it a bit but does manage to help the ball on to a team-mate on the edge of the box and not an England shirt.

  • 14'

    Johnson crosses from Rooney in the box, it's just too high and Gusev knocks behind for a corner.

  • 13'

    Devic has a shot blocked on the edge of the area by Parker, could have been worse for England.

  • 12'

    Nice flick from Rooney to Welbeck and on to Cole, but the Chelsea man slips when crossing and it runs to Pyatov.

  • 11'

    Foul against Milevskiy for a high challenge on Johnson, in England's half.

  • 10'

    Welbeck knocks the ball back for Rooney, but he fails to control it and the move breaks down.

  • 9'

    Lescott stepped up and left Yarmolenko with a chance to break on goal - Cole got across well to make the tackle. The Ukraine winger should have done better there.

  • 8'

    Up the other end and Garmash smashes in a shot from 35 yards - it's not far over but Hart is always comfortable.

  • 7'

    Wayne Rooney tries to break down the left, great challenge from Garmash.

  • 6'

    Good play from Cole to win a throw off Yarmolenko as the co-hosts looked to press.

  • 5'

    It has to be said there's not much to report from the opening five minutes.

  • 4'

    Ukraine allowed to keep possession at the back.

  • 4'

    Poor pass from Johnson, straight out of play for a throw.

  • 3'

    Wayne Rooney gets his first touch of Euro 2012.

  • 2'

    Konoplyanka cuts in from the left onto his right foot and slices a shot from 25 yards miles, miles wide.

  • 1'

    And it's Ukraine to kick off in Donetsk.


    We're just about ready to go.


    If you want to hear me babbling on about football in general, I'm on Twitter: @dalejohnsonESPN


    The players are out and lined up. Here come the national anthems.


    In short, England are through with a draw while Ukraine need to win. England can top the group if they better France's result or if both win and England have the better group goal difference.


    Panic over. Andriy Shevchenko joins the warm-up.


    Wayne Rooney's last international tournament goal was against Portugal at ... Euro 2004.


    Reports from the stadium suggest Shevchenko is not warming up. If true it sounds like he would be out of the game, a sad end to his international career.


    England have Milner, Young and Oxlade-Chamberlain one card away from missing a quarter-final tie. Ukraine have Selin and Tymoshchuk.


    So the talisman Shevchenko fails to recover from injury while Andriy Voronin is dropped. In come Milevsky and Devic.


    Ukraine: Pyatov, Gusev, Rakitskiy, Khatcheridi, Selin, Yarmolenko, Tymoschuk, Garmash, Konoplyanka, Milevsky, Devic.


    So, as expected, the only change for England is the return of the suspended Wayne Rooney in place of Andy Carroll.


    England team: Hart; Johnson, Terry, Lescott, Cole; Milner, Gerrard, Parker, Young; Rooney, Welbeck.


    So it's D-day in Group D as Ukraine look to remain in their own tournament while England hope to get at least the point they need to go through.

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Ukraine

  • 16(5)

  • 15

  • 12

  • 58%


  • England

  • 9(5)

  • 20

  • 13

Match Stats

  • Ukraine
  • England
16(5) Shots (on goal) 9(5)
12 Fouls 13
10 Corner kicks 6
0 Offsides 0
58% Time of Possession 42%
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 2

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