Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

Referee: Héctor Baldassi | Attendance: 62955

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  • David Villa 63'

1 - 0


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  • 93'

    So Spain are into the last eight without hitting top gear. If Torres can find some form, the prospect of a Spain v Argentina semi-final is a mouthwatering one.

  • 93'

    Read our full match report here.

  • 93'

    David Villa draws himself level with Gonzalo Higuain and Robert Vittek as the tournaments top goalscorer. Who'd bet against him collecting the golden boot now?

  • 93'

    Cristiano Ronaldo joins fellow superstars Wayne Rooney and Franck Ribery in heading home early. He will be very disappointed with his World Cup.

  • 93'

    Comment from Joy Gupta in Cape Town: Spain deserved that, they bossed it from the start. Still not hit their stride but getting there, it would seem. A few of the Portuguese played out of their skins but just not enough on the night.

  • 93'

    The game ended on a sour note. Capdevila seems to have conned the referee into sending Costa off. Unfortunately, this World Cup is in danger of being remembered for these sort of incidents.

  • 93'

    FULL TIME David Villa settles this one. Spain will play Paraguay in the quarter-finals. Portugal will reflect on a disappointing performance.

  • 92'

    Marchena on for Alonso

  • 91'

    Have Portugal got one more attack in them? Spain are going to bring Marchena on.

  • 90'

    Ronaldo scuffs an awful shot wide of the goal. The boos ring out around the stadium. Oh dear Cristiano...

  • 90'


  • 89'

    Ricardo Costa is sent off and it looks very dubious to say the least.

  • 88'

    A risky change from Del Bosque, if Portugal can score Spain will be without Torres and Villa in extra time...

  • 87'

    David Villa off for Pedro

  • 86'

    Llorente wastes another golden opportunity! Villa floats a glorious ball beyond the defence, Llorente can only guide the ball wide.

  • 85'

    More great work down the left from Coentrao, only this time the final ball is poor. Whether it was a cross or a shot, one things for certain, it was awful.

  • 84'

    Spain have taken a leaf out of Portugal's book and are sitting back now. Portugal are having real difficulty finding a way through. Can they create one final chance?

  • 82'

    The game has gone flat and this exactly how Spain want it. Portugal have shown nothing since the break.

  • 80'

    A moment of magic from Ronaldo. He performs a cross-field pass with a back-heeled flick. Wonderful. It doesn't find a Portugal player though.

  • 78'

    Llorente has provided a different threat to Fernando Torres. His physical presence has really worried the Portugal defenders since his introduction.

  • 77'

    David Villa slots the ball past Eduardo

  • 76'

    Ramos has got the taste for it now. Running at Coentrao again, the ball finds its way to Villa who smashes it from 25-yards. Another smart save from Eduardo.

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Portugal are struggling to find anything here. They've got 15 minutes to save their World Cup.

  • 73'

    Xabi Alonso is the first Spain player to be booked in the tournament. It was deserved after a poor challenge on Mendes.

  • 72'

    ESPN Stats & Info: When the first goal of the match is scored after the 61st minute, the team scoring that goal is 82 of 92 games in the World Cup (including extra-time).

  • 72'

    David Villa celebrates his fourth goal of the tournament

  • 71'

    Pepe and Simao replaced by Mendes and Liedson

  • 71'

    The ball is over everybody and out for a Portugal throw.

  • 71'

    Villa once again dashing down the left, he earns another corner.

  • 70'

    The corner is once again comfortably handled. Portugal preparing a double substitution.

  • 69'

    Ramos finally manages to twist his way inside Coentrao, his shot is low and powerful. Only an excellent save from Eduardo denies Spain.

  • 68'

    Ronaldo needs to somehow get himself in the game. He has the ability to get Portugal back in this game, has he got the form?

  • 67'

    Carvalho blocks off Capdevila, free kick Spain.

  • 66'

    Spain now look confident. Comfortable on the ball, sharp passing. Portugal need some inspiration.

  • 65'

    Portugal can't sit back now or they're going home. What have they got in reply?

  • 64'

    Comment from Joy Gupta in Cape Town: Finally Villa gets the goal he deserves, right from the very first minute and all through the match.

  • 64'

    Eduardo out strongly and punches clear. He's having a very good tournament.

  • 63'

    Corner Spain, can they wrap it up?

  • 62'

    GOAL David Villa scores for Spain! Lovely play from Iniesta, a beautiful back-heel from Xavi, Villa's finish is poor, but it comes straight back to him to clip home. Game on!

  • 62'

    Fernando Torres had another unfruitful night

  • 61'

    Villa goes within inches of giving Spain the lead! Seconds after Llorente, Villa almost scores for Spain. His curling effort just wide of the post.

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Llorente should score with his first touch! Ramos with a splendid cross from deep. The scene is set for a dream start for Llorente, his diving header aimed straight at Eduardo.

  • 59'

    It's hard not to feel sorry for Fernando Torres. A player of undoubted quality who is really struggling for form.

  • 58'

    Llorente on for Torres

  • 57'

    Danny on for Almeida

  • 56'

    Villa is furious. His burst down the middle was halted by Carvalho, not sure about that decision...

  • 55'

    Spain are preparing Javi Martinez, possibly Alonso to make way.

  • 54'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Every Spanish player (except Fernando Torres) has more touches than Cristiano Ronaldo so far.

  • 53'

    Iniesta attempts to curl one from 20 yards. Carvalho throws his body on the line and blocks the shot. The game has gone a little flat.

  • 52'

    The corner is cleared, the set pieces have been disappointing again tonight.

  • 51'

    A fantastic counter from Portugal. Almeida leaves Puyol chasing shadows, his low cross deflects off a defender, loops towards the far post and goes inches wide. A let off for Spain!

  • 50'

    Ramos tries to run at Coentrao again, his clipped ball in is a decent one, Alves heads clear.

  • 49'

    The pulsating Vuvuzela sounds flat in this second half. I hope that doesn't signal the return of the constant drone.

  • 48'

    Iniesta spins neatly, tries to get his shot off early, Meireles blocks and it runs through to Eduardo.

  • 47'

    Cristiano Ronaldo gestures towards his Real Madrid team-mate Xabi Alonso

  • 46'

    Coentrao is having an excellent tournament. Torres runs at the left back, who executes a perfect sliding tackle. Spain are getting no change out of him.

  • 46'

    Torres sent tumbling by Bruno Alves, free kick just inside the Portugal half for Spain.

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    KICK OFF Portugal start the second half.

  • 45'

    The teams are out for the second half, lets hope we get that goal...maybe even two?!

  • 45'

    Jonathan Carter at Soccernet HQ "I want to see a goal."

  • 45'

    Portugal have handled everything Spain have thrown at them reasonably comfortably. Spain may have to wait until Portugal try and attack to get their chance.

  • 45'

    Well we're all a little saddened by that first half. The second half can only get better. Someone has got to win it.

  • 45'

    Comment from Joy Gupta in Cape Town: Spain had Portugal on the ropes in the first 15 minutes but they've settled down a bit more...The midfield has been won by Spain but Portugal's defence has been excellent

  • 45'

    Iker Casillas takes evasive action to deny Hugo Almeida

  • 45'

    HALF TIME Disappointing so far. Something has got to give in the second half.

  • 45'


  • 44'

    Torres' World Cup gets worse. Portugal give the ball away cheaply and Spain break, Iniesta plays it to Torres, who turns straight into Carvalho. It's not pretty at the moment.

  • 42'

    Portugal attack again, Coentrao's ball in finds the head of Tiago. It's a good header, but wide of the goal.

  • 41'

    Ramos gets his head to corner, Eduardo gathers comfortably. He throws the ball immediately to Ronaldo who's streaking away. Casillas is out quickly and clears.

  • 41'

    Alonso is up and Spain continue, earning a corner. Xavi to take...

  • 40'

    A nasty knock for Xabi Alonso, Coentrao's trailing foot catching him square on the chin. That's going to sting.

  • 38'

    Puyol is back on his feet. Spain resume trying to break down a disappointingly defensive Portugal.

  • 37'

    Hugo Almeida with a high foot on Puyol and the Barca defender is hurt.

  • 35'

    Ramos runs at Coentrao for the first time, he gets past the Benfica full back, his ball into the box is scrambled away.

  • 34'

    Ronaldo is looking frustrated already. Another attempt to earn a free kick goes unnoticed. It just doesn't seem to click for him with Portugal.

  • 32'

    Portugal's tactics are working so far. Spain passing the ball in front of them, Alonso getting frustrated and hitting his shot from 40 yards which is blocked.

  • 31'

    This game really needs a goal to spark it into life. A Spain goal would force Portugal forward, a Portugal goal would force Spain into all out attack.

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    Xavi lets fly from 25 yards after dogged tackling from Alonso. The shot is powerful, but dragged well wide.

  • 29'

    Gerard Pique challenges for the ball in the air

  • 28'

    Villa again running at Costa, the poor full back can't live with him at the moment. This time Villa's cross-come-shot is wayward.

  • 27'

    Another Ronaldo shot. Casillas fumbles and it's scrambled clear. The Spain number one looks strangely uncertain.

  • 25'

    Another Coentrao run and it's a Portugal free kick. I wonder who is going to take it...

  • 24'

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  • 24'

    Carvalho heads clear and Spain have to start again. Iniesta, Xavi and Villa work it magnificently and Xavi's through ball is only slightly over hit. Goal kick Portugal.

  • 24'

    Spain with a free kick, a chance to get the ball in the box...

  • 23'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Iker Casillas captains Spain for the 51st time tonight, setting a new Spanish national team record ahead of Andoni Zubizaretta.

  • 22'

    Someone really needs to have a word with "CR9". He continues to shoot from distance and they've all been terrible.

  • 20'

    The synchronised Vuvuzela is scaling new levels tonight. That is an intense noise.

  • 19'

    Casillas has his first save to make. A fantastic run from the impressive Coentrao, he feeds Tiago who hits a decent effort from 20 yards. The Real Madrid 'keeper palms the ball rather than away, the danger passes and Spain survive.

  • 18'

    Fernando Torres looks woefully short of confidence. He's getting in the right positions, but seems uncharacteristically hesitant. This time Coentrao nicks the ball from his feet as he runs towards the box.

  • 17'

    Cristiano Ronaldo consider his personal campaign to score from 50 yards out. His free kick is low, tame and straight at Casillas.

  • 16'

    Ronaldo goes down in a heap after what he thought was a trip. Referee waves play on only for Coentrao to be brought down seconds later. Free kick Portugal.

  • 15'

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  • 15'

    Portugal with ten men in their own half, inviting Spain to try and break them down. A risky strategy.

  • 13'

    Fernando Torres gets an early shot away

  • 12'

    Xavi's short corner finds Torres at the near post. He hits it first time and it narrowly clears the crossbar.

  • 11'

    Torres earns Spain's second corner after a Coentrao block.

  • 10'

    Queiroz stated that his Portugal side would go out and attack Spain. On the evidence of the first ten minutes, that was a lie.

  • 9'

    Ronaldo runs at Capdevila, his cross is a poor one though, goal kick Spain.

  • 7'

    Some hectic defending from Spain, Ramos' header clear only finds Almeida, who guides the ball towards the offside Cristiano Ronaldo. Spain's defence does not look comfortable at set pieces.

  • 7'

    The corner is a good one, Capdevila glances it wide for another corner.

  • 6'

    David Villa is twisting Costa in knots early on. Once again he cuts in from the left and Eduardo makes his third save of the game. At the other end, Coentrao's run results in a corner for Portugal.

  • 5'

    Torres goes down in the area after knocking the ball around Coentrao. No penalty given. Rightly so.

  • 4'

    Villa again running at Costa, who's been busy early on. He blocks his cross and it's the first corner of the game. Eduardo collects the cross well. Portugal will not be happy with how bust their goalkeeper has been in the opening five minutes.

  • 3'

    David Villa has an identical effort to Torres' earlier shot. As before Eduardo makes a smart save. Ricardo Costa seems to be a little isolated at right-back.

  • 2'

    Straight away it's clear Ronaldo will be playing down the Portugal left. Queiroz presumably identified Capdevila as a weak link in the Spanish rearguard.

  • 1'

    First shot from Torres, and it looks like he's up for it tonight! From the corner of the penalty area he cuts onto his favoured right foot. His effort is powerful, but Eduardo is up to it. A promising start.


    KICK OFF Spain get us started.


    The teams are out for the anthems. This promises to be one of the games of the tournament.


    Spain may have the mercurial talents of Torres and Villa in their attack, but they find themselves up against a watertight Portugal defence. Carlos Queiroz's team have conceded just once in their last 12 matches.


    Portugal will be wanting to shrug off their tags as international under-achievers. Despite his goal against North Korea, Cristiano Ronaldo still has a fair amount of doubters at this level. A match-winning performance tonight will go a long way towards silencing his critics.


    It's two years since Spain were crowned kings of Europe thanks to Fernando Torres' goal against Germany at Euro 2008. The Liverpool man will be hoping history repeats itself tonight, and he can kick start what has so far been a frustrating World Cup campaign.


    ESPN Stats & Info: Portugal have won only five of their previous 32 meetings with Spain in all competitions. Despite this, Portugal won their last meeting with the Spaniards when securing a 1-0 victory in their Euro 2004 group match.


    Portugal have included the experienced Simao at the expense of Duda, with Hugo Almeida the man chosen to lead the attack.


    Spain remain unchanged from the team that beat Chile on Friday, which means Xabi Alonso is fit enough to take his place in centre of midfield.


    The World Cup has a distinctly Iberian feel tonight as European giants Spain and Portugal go head-to-head in a local derby of global proportions.


    Join us at 1830 GMT for live commentary of the Iberian derby.



    David Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Spain

  • 19(10)

  • 16

  • 13

  • 61%


  • Portugal

  • 9(3)

  • 28

  • 18


POS No Name


1 Eduardo


2 Bruno Alves


6 Ricardo Carvalho


21 Ricardo Costa


23 Fábio Coentrão


15 Pepe
8 Pedro Mendes


16 Raul Meireles


19 Tiago


7 Cristiano Ronaldo


11 Simão
9 Liédson


18 Hugo Almeida
10 Danny
POS No Name
G 22 Daniel Fernandes
G 12 Beto
D 3 Paulo Ferreira
D 4 Rolando
D 13 Miguel
M 5 Duda
M 8 Pedro Mendes
M 10 Danny
M 14 Miguel Veloso
M 17 Rúben Amorim
M 20 Deco
F 9 Liédson

Match Stats

  • Spain
  • Portugal
19(10) Shots (on goal) 9(3)
13 Fouls 18
6 Corner kicks 3
0 Offsides 3
61% Time of Possession 39%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 1
3 Saves 9

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