Durban Stadium, Durban, South Africa

Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco | Attendance: 61692

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  • Arjen Robben 18'
  • Wesley Sneijder 84'

2 - 1



  • Robert Vittek 90' +4' PEN
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  • 96'

    Don't forget that the Dutch will play the winner of tonight's all-Latin American tie between Chile and Brazil. Here's our preview of the game. I'll be back at 6pm GMT to kick off our live coverage.

  • 96'

    That late Vittek strike means he is now Slovakia's all-time leading scorer, with 23. He overtakes the retired Szilard Nemeth.

  • 95'

    Vittek salvagaes some pride with that final kick but he could have etched his name futher into Slovakian folklore if he'd snared those two great chances when the game was at 1-0. The Dutch can definitely be got at, no question. they will face the winners of Brazil v Chile later. Brazil then yes?

  • 94'

    FULL TIME So, a goal for Slovakia as reward for their excellent efforts in getting out of a tough group. The Dutch never really got out of first gear and look good for the last eight.

  • 94'

    GOAL Vittek scores! And that is full time!

  • 93'

    Stekelenburg brings down Vittek and Slovakia can register a goal with the game's final kick. Keeper is booked.

  • 93'


  • 92'

    The sub nearly scores with his first touch but his drags his effort wide of the post.

  • 91'

    Sneijder goes off and Afellay comes on.

  • 90'

    Three minutes added....

  • 89'

    Kuyt tries to cut the ball back for Elia but Mucha grabs it. For once.

  • 88'

    The game is pretty much over as a contest now. A comfortable passage into the last eight for the Dutch, and Robben got a good 70 minutes too. Ideal.

  • 87'

    Hamsik and Zabavnik go off and Spara and Jakubko come on.

  • 86'

    What a shame for Slovakia. They've had a great World Cup but they've fallen short today. Vittek, the hero of the Italy game, is the villain today.

  • 85'

    Skrtel is booked for having a pop at the referee for awarding the initial free-kick. He can shout all he wants but he should be directing at the 'keeper. Looks like Everton have got a duff one on that evidence.

  • 84'

    GOAL Sneijder scores! Mucha has a nightmare as he rushes out for a long ball and Kuyt steals it, squares and Sneijder taps in. Game Over.

  • 84'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Robin van Persie had just 22 touches, the fewest by any starter for the Netherlands.

  • 83'

    The free-kick is taken short to Hamsik but his cross is terrible. I thought he was their star player?

  • 82'

    Hamsik wins a free-kick and they can load the box.

  • 81'

    Slovakia have had their chances but look like they may be running out of puff. They may as well laucnh men forward now though....

  • 80'

    Van Persie has a few harsh words for his coach as he comes off. Pipe down sunshine.

  • 79'

    Huntelaar is coming on for Van Persie, who hasn't hit the heights at all today.

  • 78'

    Vittek's having a stinker. He grabs a loose ball in the area, seems to dawdle until defenders get back, before slamming a shot miles over. Oh dear me.

  • 77'

    Kuyt dances past Zabavnik but is found wanting in the pace department as the Slovakian tracks back.

  • 76'

    Elia gets down the left again but his cross is poor. Again.

  • 75'

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    Slovakia to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Elia shows a glimpse of his immense talent by skipping round two players but his cross is woeful.

  • 74'

    Kuyt has a crack from outside the area and Mucha slips on his way across before turning it behind for a corner.

  • 73'

    Arjen Robben scored one and could have had another

  • 72'

    Kopunek's first involvement is to scythe down his fellow sub Elia, and get a booking.

  • 71'

    Slovakia make a change too as Jendrisek goes off and Kopunek comes on.

  • 70'

    Robben's race is run and Elia is his replacement.

  • 69'

    Now Kuyt has a chance to put the game to bed as he meets Sneijder's free-kick but nods over.

  • 68'

    That should just wake the Dutch up a little there, and provide Slovakia with some encouragement. Vittek really should have buried that.

  • 67'

    Now Vittek is clean through! The ball falls to him and he has only the 'keeper to beat from 16 yards but he hits it right at Stekelenburg. Good stop. Will Slovakia get a better chance than that? I doubt it, sadly.

  • 66'

    Great chance for Slovakia as Stoch comes inside and smashes a shot towards goal and Stekelenburg has to tip it over the bar.

  • 65'

    Sneijder is limping after going over on his ankle. That looked nasty.

  • 64'

    A great counter from Holland after a rotten free-kick from Stoch. Robben found Sneijder, who cut it. but his shot was blocked. He chose the wrong option I fear.

  • 63'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Slovakia have scored two of their four goals in this World Cup after the 60th minute.

  • 62'

    Kucka tries the most ridiculous effort of the game so far, if not the tournament, as he smashes a shot in from the centre circle. Even more ridiculous is the fact that Stekelenburg touched it behind. And even more ridiculous than that, is that the ref didn't spot it.

  • 61'

    Van Persie tries a flick to Sneijder when he had loads of time to trap it and turn.

  • 60'

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    Slovakia to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Again Slovakia's final ball is poor. Jendrisek races in vain after Hamsik's pass.

  • 59'

    Van Persie smashes an effort to the near post and Mucha punches clear before Kuyt nearly chops him in half. Free-kick given.

  • 58'

    Van Persie and Sneijder over it.

  • 57'

    Robben gets more joy down the right after being fed by Sneijder but his eventual cross is cleared. Now Robben is clattered by the recovering Zabavnik and Holland have a free-kick on the right angle of the box.

  • 56'

    A stretcher is on for Zabavnik as he gets a dose of the magic spray.

  • 55'

    Van Persie tries to dribble into the area but catches Zabavnik. Hamsik is not happy and boots the ball out of play. Zabavnik gets up, then falls over again.

  • 54'

    Van Bommel is the latest to be penalised for high feet. In fairness, that was probably the right call.

  • 53'

    Sneijder wins a free-kick on the right touchline after a clip from Kucka.

  • 52'

    Another top save from Mucha! Robben gets into the area and finds Van Persie and Mucha has stopped it from point blank range with his face!

  • 51'

    Super football from the Dutch. Van Persie worries Durica, who clears to Robben and his shot is brilliantly turned round the post by Mucha.

  • 50'

    Netherlands celebrate Arjen Robben's opening goal

  • 49'

    A slight opening for Weiss there and he had runners in the box but his pass was poor and Heitinga intervened.

  • 48'

    Van Bronckhorst slaps the ball out of play. A sloppy start to the half from the Dutch. They look as though they reckon this is in the bag.

  • 47'

    How will Slovakia play this then I wonder? Try to keep it tight for the opening 20 minutes then push forward? Or commit more me to attack right from the off?

  • 46'


  • 45'

    Netherlands to win, with bet365  
    Slovakia to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    Comment from Joy Gupta in Durban: Slovakia have fought back impressively, showing a lot of heart though they lack a good final ball. Netherlands are being pegged back and have had one decent attack in the last 20 minutes.

  • 45'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Since 1986, teams leading at half-time in the second round or later have won 43 of 49 games. The last loss was Italy in 2002 vs South Korea.

  • 45'

    Arjen Robben wheels away to celebrate his goal

  • 45'

    HALF TIME Another ridiculous decision from this referee, who penalises Kucka for high feet when he won the ball and smashed a shot in on goal. And that is the last action of the opening period.

  • 44'

    Lovely interchange between Robben and Van Bommel. the latter crosses and Van Poersie gets across his man but can't direct his effort on target from an angle. Finally, some life to proceedings.

  • 43'

    Sneijder tries to slot a long ball into Van Persie's path but it is overhit.

  • 42'

    Slovakia's short corner finally falls to Vittek but his loose ball gifts Holland possession.

  • 41'

    Now Vittek has a pop and wins a corner via a deflection off Heitinga.

  • 40'

    Van Persie picks up Van Bommel's pass and runs at Skrtel, but his right footed shot is rather dribbled at Mucha.

  • 39'

    Kucka slides in to try and get the ball from De Jong, he makes no contact at all but the ref can't wait to get his book out.

  • 38'

    The game has settled into a disappointing, disjointed groove in the last ten minutes. Nothing is happening.

  • 37'

    The way Slovakia are playing at the moment shows you just how bad Italy must have been to lose to them.

  • 36'

    Slovakia can;t get out of their half at the moment. Zabavnik goes all the way back to his 'keeper from the half way line.

  • 35'

    Van Der Wiel thumps into Weiss and wins possession back.

  • 34'

    A very odd free-kick from the Dutch as Van Bommel knocks it back towards his own goal to Heitinga, but he can't keep it in and Slovakia have a throw in.

  • 33'

    Now the ref denies Vittek a clear free-kick - he's finding his groove now. Then a good intervention from Zabavnik prevents Robben flying away.

  • 32'

    Stoch's ball into the box is another decent one but as it comes out to Jendrisek he shanks a shot wide from 35 yards. Why on earth did he think that was the right idea?

  • 31'

    Cracking ball from Stoch but none of his team-mates were far enough goalwards to make it count. then Hamsik's pass hits Robben on the arm and he's booked. Rubbish decision.

  • 30'

    Netherlands to win, with bet365  
    Slovakia to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Vittek does well to win a free-kick off Van Bommel, who can't resist berating the ref. A chance for decent delivery in the box now.

  • 29'

    Slovakia's bright start has vanished and they are struggling to retain possession now. They need a rethink and fast.

  • 28'

    Kucka trips Sneijder and is warned by the referee. Can't believe he hasn't produced a card yet. Someone has obviously had a word.

  • 27'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Netherlands have won 17 of 22 games when scoring first at the World Cup.

  • 26'

    Sneijder's corner is punched clear by Mucha. He really should have caught it. There was no pressure on him at all.

  • 25'

    Kuyt feeds Van Persie who wins a corner.

  • 24'

    Durica lofts an aimless ball up towards Vittek. Its just like watching England all over again.

  • 23'

    Robben runs down a blind alley, then lays-off to no-one. Interesting.

  • 22'

    Sneijder goes for an ambitious ball for Robben when he had an easy ball to Van Persie out on the right.

  • 21'

    Comment from Joy Gupta in Durban: That was Sneijder at his best - the vision and the execution to release Robben.

  • 20'

    Slovakia had done well up until that point but one lapse of concentration has cost them. Their gameplan will have to change now.

  • 19'

    Great vision from Sneijder, but in truth it was poor defending from Slovakia. they know he wants to cut in on his left and they made it far too easy for him to do just that.

  • 18'

    GOAL Robben! Brilliant from Sneijder, who lofts a ball over Zabavnik for Robben who cuts inside before firing a shot in at the near post.

  • 16'

    A poor free-kick from the Ducth hands Slovakia possession. They've been pretty sloppy so far, the Oranjes.

  • 15'

    Netherlands to win, with bet365  
    Slovakia to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Jendrisek wins the ball off Van Der Wiel but should have slotted the ball into Vittek sooner. Heitinga tidies up.

  • 14'

    Kucka works some space for himself before shooting wide from 25 yards out. The standard of shooting in this tournament has been bobbins hasn't it?

  • 13'

    Comment from Joy Gupta in Durban: A bright start by both teams, Slovakia have some smooth, subtle passes.

  • 12'

    Hamsik looks for Stoch but Heitinga cuts it out.

  • 11'

    The game has settled into a more familiar pattern now as Slovakia sit deep and Holland press in possession.

  • 10'

    A chance for Sneijder as Van Persie opens up Slovakia and slides the ball to his team-mate. He aims for the near post when perhaps he should have gone across goal.

  • 9'

    Stoch crosses for Slovakia but Stekelenburg grabs it at his near post.

  • 8'

    Kuyt slides a ball through to Van Persie, who was onside, but Mucha is out to claim.

  • 7'

    Great move from the Dutch, as Van Bommel sweeps an instinctive pass out to Kuyt and his cross is met by Van Persie before it flicks off Zabavnik and behind for a corner.

  • 6'

    Kuyt is the next one to have a crack from distance but his shot lacked power, direction and conviction. So pretty much everything, really.

  • 5'

    Lovely football from Slovakia as Vittek flicks a ball into the path of Hamsik but his shot started off wide and got wider.

  • 4'

    Robben's first involvement is a lay-off to Sneijder; he has a pop but it is three yards over the bar.

  • 3'

    Slight indecision in the Slovakian box as a long throw nearly falls at the feet of Sneijder.

  • 2'

    First chance of the game for Slovakia as Weiss gets down the left before squaring to Jendrisek, and his left-footed shot flies narrowly over the bar. Holland, you have been warned.

  • 1'



    Our referee is Alberto Undiano Mallenco from Spain. He's the one who sent Miroslav Klose off in Germany's defeat to Serbia - one of nine cards he produced. He's one of those refs that seems to forget football is a contact sport.


    Here come the teams, into another bright and sunny day in Durban. Its 24 degrees with a slightly stiff south-westerly breeze.


    Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Nigel De Jong, Gregory Van der Wiel and Robin van Persie are all on yellow cards already, and will miss the quarter final if they are booked today. For Slovakia, 'keeper Jan Mucha, Jan Durica, Weiss, Pekarik and Robert Vittek are in the same boat.


    On paper, this should be a comfortable stroll into the quarter finals for the Dutch, given the wealth of talent at their disposal. But like many big teams in this tournament, while they are potent in attack, they look a little dodgy at the back.


    Slovakia make one change from their historic win over World champions Italy, as Vladimir Weiss comes in for Zdeno Strba.


    Rafael van der Vaart drops to the bench to accommodate Robben. Elsewhere, Gregory Van Der Wiel comes in for Khalid Boulahrouz.


    Without further ado, let's get the team news, starting with Holland. Only one place to start and that is with the inclusion of Arjen Robben, who has recovered from a hamstring injury.


    Good afternoon all and welcome to live coverage of the second round clash between Holland and Slovakia from Durban Stadium.


    Join us at 1400 GMT to see if Slovakia can pull off another giant killing against Netherlands.


    Join us at 1400 GMT to see if Slovakia can pull off another giant killing against Netherlands.



    Arjen Robben returned to action against Cameroon.

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  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Netherlands

  • 16(9)

  • 17

  • 17

  • 52%


  • Slovakia

  • 12(3)

  • 13

  • 19

Match Stats

  • Netherlands
  • Slovakia
16(9) Shots (on goal) 12(3)
17 Fouls 19
5 Corner kicks 2
2 Offsides 3
52% Time of Possession 48%
2 Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 7

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