Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Referee: Jorge Larrionda | Attendance: 40510

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  • Miroslav Klose 20'
  • Lukas Podolski 32'
  • Thomas Müller 67'
  • Thomas Müller 70'

4 - 1



  • Matthew Upson 37'
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  • 98'

    And you can read some comments from Fabio Capello here.

  • 97'

    Our report is in, hot off the press and you can access it here.

  • 96'

    Well, the inquest has certainly begun as far as England are concerned but don't forget there is another quarter final tonight and it is an all Latin American affair. It's Argentina v Mexico and our preview is here.

  • 96'

    Capello actually utters the words: "We played well." Utter nonsense I'm afraid.

  • 95'

    "It was one of the most important things in the game," says Fabio of the Lampard incident.

  • 95'

    The only player to emerge with any credit from that performance is David James, but even he could have done better with the third goal. As for Germany, Klose looks at his predatory best, Ozil looks mesmerising and Schweinsteiger looks formidable in the middle of the park.

  • 94'

    ESPN Stats & Info: The last German player under the age of 21 to score a World Cup brace before Muller's effort today was Franz Beckenbauer in a group match in 1966 (20 y, 304 d).

  • 94'

    England were hopeless, abysmal, and that is just the verdict from Alan Shearer. It's hard to believe these players have performed so badly in this competition. a 1-0 win over Slovenia is all we have to show for our tournament.

  • 93'

    Fabio stands bereft with his hands in his pockets as England's players stagger around the pitch in a daze. They are out and will head home to a torrent of abuse from both the press and the public. Germany power into the last eight and will be choc full of confidence.

  • 92'

    FULL TIME England well and truly humbled by a very dangerous Germany side.

  • 91'

    Lampard's forward pass is horrific. What a horror show for all these England players. Germany go into the quarters in buoyant mood.

  • 90'

    Wright-Phillips appears to be playing right back now. His cross is caught by Neuer. Two minutes added. Two more minutes of England's nightmare...

  • 89'

    Lampard tries to get his name on the scoresheet - it should be there already of course - but Neuer is right behind his effort.

  • 88'

    The corner goes short and Rooney gets to the byline but Barry's effort is blocked.

  • 87'

    Rooney wins a corner as England desperately try to salvage some pride with a goal.

  • 86'

    Johnson is coming off and Shaun Wright-Phillips is on.

  • 85'

    ESPN Stats & Info: England have conceded 4 goals twice before at the World Cup, against Belgium and Uruguay in 1954.

  • 84'

    Mick Jagger looks dejected as the camera picks him out in the stands. I'm so dispirited by England's performance I can't even bring myself to inject a lame Rolling Stone pun.

  • 83'

    What a player Ozil is. He'll be key in the quarter final.

  • 82'

    Ozil goes off after an excellent game and Stefan Kiessling comes on.

  • 81'

    Again Germany break easily and Johnson is forced to bring Ozil down.

  • 80'

    A half decent move from England as Gerrard arrives in the box and gets a shot off but Neuer makes a cracking save to deny him.

  • 79'

    You feel for all those England fans who have paid a lot of money and travelled thousands of miles to watch their team. This is not how they should be rewarded, by a miserbale performance like this.

  • 78'

    Now Terry gets turned by Gomez who tries a shot from an angle but it was another demonstration of how easy it is to get at this England defence.

  • 77'

    Germany are stroking the ball around for fun now and their fans are giving it the 'ole' treatment. They are delighted, and why shouldn't they be?

  • 76'

    Even if you don't like the English press it may be worth having a scan of their front pages tomorrow morning because this England team are going to get an absolute roasting.

  • 75'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Germany have been superb going forward today, but England have gifted them goals. It would be easy to say things may have been different if Lamaprd's goal had stood but in truth, England have been humbled here by a far superior unit.

  • 74'

    This could get even more embarrassing for England as they push forward. As it stands it is their worst ever defeat at the World Cup. A damning indictment.

  • 73'

    So, Germany will face the winner of tonight's game between Argentina and Mexico. That'll be a decent game eh?

  • 72'

    Muller and Klose come off and Trochowski and Gomez come on. Germany protecting key players with 20 minutes to go. Tells you all you need to know.

  • 71'

    Defoe is off and Heskey is on.

  • 70'

    GOAL Muller again and Germany are through! Yet again, one pass has unlocked England, as Ozil outpaces Barry and casually rolls a ball across to Muller who makes no mistake. Let the England inquest begin....

  • 69'

    Now Muller flicks wide from the edge of the box. England in tatters at the back. Gerrard wins a corner. But wait, here comes our saviour - Emile Heskey!

  • 68'

    That sums this game up. England in an attacking position and one pass puts them in a total mess on the break. Germany had acres of space and oodles of time to pick out their men and almost seal their progress into the last eight.

  • 67'

    GOAL Muller scores as Germany break! Lampard hits the wall and Germany break, Schweinsteiger feeds Muller and James dives out of the way. England are out.

  • 66'

    England are at times comfy in possession and at times totally pedestrian. Barry flicks one round the corner to no-one. As England rebuild, Rooney wins a free-kick off Friedrich. Lamaprd to shoot again...

  • 65'

    Another picture of the goal that never was.

  • 64'

    Milner off and Joe Cole on.

  • 64'

    Boateng tries a long effort after Lamaprd had set them away on the counter. A poor touch. Joe Cole is coming on...

  • 63'

    Schweinsteiger now has time to line up a shot from distance and it only just flashes past the post. James looks like he may have had it covered, as I'm feeling generous.

  • 63'

    Now Rooney tries to find Defoe but Friedrich gets a boot in before Lahm whips it away from Gerrard. England getting closer.

  • 62'

    Now Barry makes something out of nothing as he draws Mertesacker, feeds Rooney who moves it on to Milner with a clear sight of goal but Boateng blocks his shot.

  • 61'

    Rooneys feeds Milner who fires a firm cross in but Neuer dives out to claim it ahead of Defoe. Better from England.

  • 60'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Rooney overhits a pass for Barry who was marching into the area.

  • 59'

    Muller picks the ball up 30 yards from goal and the England defence parts in front of him. Incredible defending. His eventual poke goes wide via a deflection but the ref gives a goal kick. Awful, all round.

  • 59'

    Germany fans in Berlin celebrate scoring.

  • 58'

    This has gone very nervy from both sides now. Don't be surprised if a mistake leads to a goal. What a pathetic long hoof from Upson.

  • 57'

    Rooney's flick nearly sets Defoe away and Lahm's back pass is short but Neuer rushes out to hack clear.

  • 56'

    Stat Attack: Since Schweinsteiger debuted in June 2004, Germany have won 71% of their major tournament games when he has been involved.

  • 55'

    Khedira tries to feed Muller as a cross falls into his lap but James is out smartly. At the other end Gerrard crosses but right into Neuer's arms.

  • 54'

    Terry gifts Klose possession in the final third and just about manages to cut out his cross. As shaky as Stevens this England defence...

  • 53'

    Neuer was all over the place for that free-kick, stuttering one way then the other before not even attempting a save. Shoot on sight lads...

  • 52'

    Lampard hits the bar! His effort flew past Neuer but cannons back off the bar! He is destined not to score today it seems..

  • 51'

    Rooney wins a free-kick from Friedrich as Terry charged forward. JT obviously realises defence is the best form of attack.

  • 50'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Saving them for their country? Podolski: 2 goals in 27 league games...7 goals in 13 internationals. Klose: 3 goals in 25 league games...5 goals in 11 internationals.

  • 49'

    Gerrard picks the ball up on the left side and cuts in but elects to shoot when bodies were piling into the box.

  • 48'

    The free-kick is nodded out by Mertesacker and Milner's half-volley flies over the bar.

  • 47'

    Friedrich is shown the first card for clipping Defoe.

  • 47'

    No options for England as they enjoy early possession and two hopeful long balls from Upson.

  • 46'


  • 45'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    Sepp Blatter is at the ground and was smirking like a cheshire cat before the game. I hope he is hanging his head in shame right now.

  • 45'

    Manuel Neuer dives helplessly as Lampard's effort lands over the line.

  • 45'

    Frank Lampard reacts in dismay after his 'goal' is not awarded.

  • 45'

    Wow. Everyone in Soccernet towers is in a state of shock. England have been rotten but they are still in this, and the game should be 2-2. They need to win this game because I don't think we can all handle four years of moaning about this linesman. All that, and I haven't even mentioned the Russian linesman from 1966.

  • 45'

    Matthew Upson scores for England.

  • 45'

    ESPN Stats & Info: England have only conceded first and won a World Cup match once, the 1966 Final.

  • 45'

    Let's be clear, before that bout of controversy, Germany were streets ahead of England and could have been 4-0 up. The fact they weren't was down to luck and David James. They need to regroup defensively or else then will concede more here.

  • 45'

    HALF-TIME A captivating half of football, dominated by an absolute scandal of a decision from the officials. Germany deservedly lead, but England should be level.

  • 45'

    Despite the fact they should be level at 2-2, at least England know that they are in this game, and the German defence is vulnerable. And by the way, if the roles were reversed and Germany were denied such a clear goal, I would think it just as preposterous.

  • 44'

    It it a scandal in this day and age, with FIFA making an estimated £2bn off this tournament, that we can't have video technology to decide such matters, when so much is at stake.

  • 43'

    Ozil looks dangerous now but Terry manages to get across and England have a goal kick.

  • 42'

    ESPN Stats & Info: This is the first time Germany have scored more than one goal in any of their last eight competitive meetings with England, since a 3-1 win at Wembley in the 1972 European Championships.

  • 41'

    A chorus of boos are rippling around the stadium. Everyone knows that was in but England have to try and get over it and regroup. They've shown they can hurt Germany.

  • 40'

    Defoe now wins a corner and it is Germany who are rattled. The replays are painful to watch because that was so far over the line it is untrue. Why on earth we can't see a replay on the touchline and settle these issues with technology is beyond me.

  • 39'

    That was more than a yard over the line! A YARD! Unbelievable decision and England have been robbed of an equaliser.

  • 38'

    Lampard bursts through and lobs Neuer and that surely was in! The linesman says no but it was in!

  • 37'

    GOAL Upson pulls one back! An England corner is taken short, Gerrard crosses and Upson nods past Neuer. Hope.

  • 37'

    Lukas Podolski netted Germany's second.

  • 36'

    England are wide open here as Muller finds Klose in the channel, Upson and Johnson are exposed but tnakfully for England it is just a corner. From it, England can't clear and James has to block at the feet of Klose.

  • 35'

    Chance for England as Milner crosses and Lamaprd sticks a leg out. The ball hits Neuer and Lahm hacks clear from the goalline.

  • 34'

    England need a goal before half-time or this game is dead - if it isn't already.

  • 33'

    Miroslav Klose opens the scoring for Germany.

  • 32'

    GOAL Podolski makes it 2-0. Germany are slicing a very weak England back line apart here, Muller is sprung away by a simple ball, he clips over the covering Johnson to Podolski, who fires in from the angle.

  • 31'

    Defoe hits the bar but the flag was up as Johnson clipped it in. Looks like he was level from the replay, but it was very tight.

  • 30'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    James saves from Klose! Terry and Upson were torn apart as Ozil fed Klose and only a great block from the 'keeper prevents England sinking further behind.

  • 29'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Germany has been in the last eight at 14 straight World Cups; the 2nd-longest streak ever is Brazil with 5 from 1938-62 (Brazil is currently on 4 as well).

  • 28'

    Wayne Rooney rises highest to win a header.

  • 27'

    The referee dispossesses Milner and lanuches a Germany counter attack but luckily the winger got back to disrupt it. England suffering with a lack of width.

  • 26'

    Looks like Klose was lurking at least a few yards offside from Neuer's goal kick before he scored.

  • 25'

    England work a shooting chance for Barry but Neuer claims well low down at his feet.

  • 24'

    Rooney's shot is high and wild. He really needs to get a grip on this game now.

  • 23'

    Mesut Ozil forces a save from David James.

  • 22'

    England will need to regroup quickly here, because that will surely drain some of their confidence.

  • 21'

    Horrible stuff from England's centre backs. They let the ball bounce, looked all at sea and Klose couldn't believe his luck. Calamity.

  • 20'

    GOAL Klose scores! That's such poor defending. Neuer's long goal kick sees Klose tussle with Upson, beat him before poking past James. Good finish, terrible defending.

  • 20'

    Gerrard fizzes a volleyed ball in from the right but it is too high for everyone in the box and he will shuffle back to the left flank.

  • 19'

    Lamaprd pumps one into the wall then Cole's mazy dribble upfield ends with a poor touch from Rooney.

  • 18'

    Rooney takes the ball down beautifully before trying a far too ambitious ball wide. Then Lamaprd wins a free-kick 30 yards out as Schweinsteieger dives in. Good shooting chance.

  • 17'

    Khedira is allowed to amble inside and sensing glory, he whacks a left-footed shot on goal that ends up with fans behind the net.

  • 16'

    Glen Johnson's turn to cross now but it was right at Neuer.

  • 15'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Schweinsteiger feeds Lahm but his cross is met by James.

  • 14'

    Frank Lampard and Bastian Schweinsteiger battle for the ball.

  • 13'

    Cole crucnhes into Muller and wins the ball cleanyl. Muller felt that one though, as the England fans roared their apporval.

  • 12'

    Milner crosses into the box but Mertesacker powers a header away. Gareth Barry has been caught too high up the pitch here.

  • 11'

    A horribly selfish choice from Podolski as Germany break four on four. He elects to shoot when he had so many better options. His team-mates are furious, and rightly so.

  • 10'

    Some neat passing from England as Gerrard lofts a ball over the top looking for Defoe but Neuer was out to claim. The putch has been heavily watered and the ball is zipping off the turf.

  • 9'

    Germany with the more assured, and dangerous start. Ozil looking threatening already.

  • 8'

    Decent work from Germany as Ozil gets to the byline to cross but Upson chests to Lampard, who completes the clearance.

  • 7'

    Barry is rather frantic in position as he blasts a ball straight out of play. Some nervy touches from both sets of players.

  • 6'

    ESPN Stats & Info: Germany have won four out of four World Cup penalty shootouts. England have lost all their three.

  • 6'

    Now James catches the corner. Good start for the England 'keeper. A worry that Ozil got in so easily though.

  • 5'

    First big chance as Ozil gets into the box on the right side but James makes himself big and saves. Corner.

  • 4'

    Rooney looks to be away but the flag is up. Upson won the header but a German touch took it into his path. Correct dcision.

  • 3'

    Barry does well to shield the ball behind for a goal kick as Ozil and Podolski pounced on a loose England touch.

  • 2'

    Cole thumps in on Muller and wins the throw in. Big cheers from the England contingent.

  • 1'

    Defoe gets after a long ball from Barry but Germany clear.

  • 1'



    Our referee is Jorge Larrionda from Uruguay, and he has a reputation for being strict. Not great news for those already on a yellow card...


    ESPN Stats & Info: All four knockout matches between England and Germany in major international tournaments went into extra-time.


    Even Mick Jagger is in the crowd belting out God Save the Queen!


    A mild chorus of booing greets the German national anthem. Bit stingy, if predictable, from the England fans.


    The teams are in the tunnel and here they come. Hold onto your hard hats people, this is going to epic.


    ESPN Stats & Info: England have only won six of their last 20 meetings with Germany, losing ten and drawing four.


    As for yellow cards, these lot are all on one. For England: Glen Johnson, Steven Gerrard and James Milner. For Germany: Lahm, Sami Khedira, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller. If they get another today, they will miss the quarter final. If they get through without a card, and win of course, their previous yellow will be wiped out in FIFA's so-called card amnesty.


    Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is confident: "Today is the day when we will see England come and play," he says, in poetic fashion.


    England will play in red again today - the same strip they wore when they recorded their first win against Slovenia in the last game. Germany will wear their usual white kit. A nice omen, seeing as England wore red in 1966, white in 1990 and a horrible grey number in 96.


    The history connected to this fixture is what makes this such an eagerly anticipated clash. England beat Germany to win the 1966 World Cup of course, but they got their revenge by winning on penalties at the 1990 tournament, and at Euro '96. Their most recent fixture, in Berlin back in November 2008, saw England record a 2-1 victory.


    The weather is perfect for football, bright and sunny at around 22 degrees, with a light south-westerly breeze. My favourite kind of breeze, in fact.


    As for Germany, they make just one change to the team that beat Ghana as Klose comes in for Cacau. That means Bastian Schweinsteiger and Jerome Boateng are fit to start.


    Without further ado, here is the team news. Let's start with England, and for the first time in this tournament, Fabio Capello has the luxury of naming an unchanged side meaning Defoe, Upson and Milner keep their places.


    Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the big one. It's England v Germany for a place in the quarter finals of the World Cup. It's rather large one isn't it?


    Join us at 1400 GMT to see the old enemies clash again - it's England v Germany in the second round.



    Key men: Mesut Ozil and Wayne Rooney.

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  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Germany

  • 17(7)

  • 23

  • 7

  • 48%


  • England

  • 19(9)

  • 20

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  • Germany
  • England
17(7) Shots (on goal) 19(9)
7 Fouls 6
4 Corner kicks 6
4 Offsides 2
48% Time of Possession 52%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
6 Saves 2

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