Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany

Referee: Armando Archundia | Attendance: 65000

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0 - 2


Game 61


  • Fabio Grosso 119'
  • Alessandro Del Piero 120' +1'
  • 121'

    The Italian players are celebrating a wonderful victory whilst the Germans hold their heads in their hands. It's a really tough finish to the tournament for the hosts, who had started to believe their name was on the trophy.

  • 121'

    FULL-TIME: Italy break Germany's hearts with two late, late strikes. Italy make the final on Sunday.

  • 120'

    GOAL! Italy break through the space as Germany press forward; Gilardino unselfishly feeds Del Piero, who curls past Lehmann.

  • 120'

    Grosso's wonderful late goal has Germany stunned. Just seconds to hang on now for Italy now...

  • 119'

    GOAL! Grosso is found by Pirlo's cute pass inside the area; the full-back cuts on to his left foot and curls a shot inside the far corner.

  • 118'

    SAVE! Pirlo steps inside and fires in a left-foot shot, but Lehmann is equal to the effort and turns it around the post.

  • 117'

    There are a lot of very tired legs out on the pitch; Pirlo and Gattuso, Ballack and Kehl are almost dead-on-their-feet.

  • 116'

    WIDE! Odonkor fires in a shot from distance, but he skids an effort a couple of yards wide of the post.

  • 115'

    Schweinsteiger tries to win a free-kick as he draws a challenge from Cannavaro on the edge of the area, but the referee doesn't see a foul.

  • 114'

    There are no signs that these two signs are playing for penalties; they are both still giving it their all.

  • 113'

    GOOD DEFENDING! Friedrich is forced to turn a dangerous low cross from Iaquinta over his own bar, with Del Piero lurking behind him.

  • 112'

    GOOD SAVE! The ball is worked to Podolski as Germany break; the youngster fires in a fierce shot, but Buffon is well positioned and palms over the bar for a corner.

  • 112'

    Neuville has appeared from the bench in every game for Germany so far this tournament.

  • 111'

    GERMANY SUB: Neuville comes on to replace Klose; some fresh legs for the final ten minutes.

  • 110'

    Ballack looks really tired; he isn't getting forward at all now.

  • 109'

    WIDE! Lahm collects a loose ball on the edge of the area, but curls his right-foot shot high and wide.

  • 108'

    ...but again Lehmann claims comfortably.

  • 108'

    Italy launch a swift counter of their own, Iaquinta winning a corner off Odonkor. Pirlo will take the set-piece...

  • 107'

    ...but Schweinsteiger's corner is cleared at the near post.

  • 107'

    Odonkor wins his side a corner, off the legs of Grosso...

  • 107'

    Of course, Germany have already endured - and emerged triumphant from - one penalty shoot-out so far this tournament, in their quarter-final victory against Argentina.

  • 106'

    Italy kick off the second half of extra-time.

  • 106'

    HALF-TIME, EXTRA-TIME: Just 15 minutes remaining before the spectre of a penalty shoot-out.

  • 105'

    GREAT CHANCE! Podolski gets on the end of Odonkor's cross to the near post, but plants his header well wide.

  • 104'

    Italy are still being patient in their build-up; there are no signs of panic from either side.

  • 103'

    ITALY SUB: Perrotta is replaced by Del Piero; Italy have a very attacking line-up on the field at the moment.

  • 102'

    Ballack and Iaquinta clash heads as they tussle for Totti's lofted pass over the top. The Italian seems to have emerged worse; he got quite a clattering.

  • 101'

    Italy have a spell with the ball outside the German penalty area, but the German defence looks to still be organised and hard-working.

  • 100'

    None of the substitutes have really come on and grabbed this game by the scruff of the neck; there are some tired players out there, and the subs should be coming in to their own.

  • 99'

    ...but again, Schweinsteiger's delivery is poor and the cross is easily cleared.

  • 98'

    Podolski has his shirt tugged by Cannavaro; free-kick, and another chance for Germany to put in a dangerous cross...

  • 97'

    Podolski beats the off-side flag, but Ballack's pass is a little too strong and runs through to Buffon.

  • 96'

    Materazzi looks a little groggy as he is struck on the head by Kehl's fierce drive.

  • 95'

    ...but Schweinsteiger's corner is over-hit and cleared by Cannavaro.

  • 94'

    Lahm is brought down by Zambrotta on the left-edge of the penalty area. Schweinsteiger's free-kick strikes the one-man wall and goes behind for a corner...

  • 94'

    Italy have struck the woodwork twice in the last three minutes; what a start to extra-time.

  • 93'

    OFF THE BAR! Zambrotta thunders a shot off the crossbar after collecting a corner that had been half-cleared to the edge of the area.

  • 92'

    Iquinta's cross is charged down by Lahm; Italy corner.

  • 91'

    GREAT SKILL! OFF THE POST! Gilardinho gets to the by-line, rounds his marker and prods past Lehmann... only to see the ball rebound off the post!

  • 91'

    ITALY SUB: Camoranesi is replaced by Iaquinta; an attacking change from Lippi.

  • 90'

    Germany kick off the first half of extra-time.

  • 92'

    END OF 90 MINUTES: We have extra-time in Dortmund after an enthralling 90 minutes. Have either side got the energy to win it before a penalty shoot-out?

  • 91'

    ...but no-one can get on the end of Kehl's flick on at the near post.

  • 90'

    Schweinsteiger curls a free-kick in to the penalty area...

  • 89'

    Camoranesi is booked for a strong challenge on Kehl on the half-way line; he is the first Italian player in the book this evening.

  • 88'

    GOOD COVER! Metzelder misses Pirlo's chip over the top; Gilardino collects, but Lahm comes across and sweeps up.

  • 87'

    Germany seem the keener side to win this in normal time; it is they who are showing the most will as the whistle looms.

  • 85'

    UNORTHODOX! Lehmann comes flying out and punches clear, taking out Perrotta in the process as the midfielder tried to get on the end of Totti's clever lofted pass.

  • 84'

    Ballack and Gattuso have a word in each others' ear as they bounce off each other when jumping for the ball in midfield.

  • 83'

    GERMANY SUB: Odonkor comes on to replace Schneider; the susbtitute will give real pace and directness down the right flank.

  • 82'

    WASTED! Ballack takes the free-kick, but blasts his shot a few yards over the crossbar. He should have done much better there.

  • 81'

    ...Ballack places the ball as Buffon arranges his defensive wall...

  • 80'

    Germany win a free-kick when Cannavaro is adjudged to have fouled Podolski as the two jumped on the edge of the penalty area; a really good shooting chance...

  • 79'

    There are a few signs that the players are beginning to tire a little; the late runs in to the penalty areas are certainly becoming less frequent.

  • 78'

    SOLID! Pirlo fires a low, bouncing shot through a crowd of players, but Lehmann claims at his near post.

  • 77'

    Ballack's late challenge leaves Camoranesi on the deck.

  • 76'

    Lehmann's handling tonight has been flawless; again he comes through a crowd to claim Totti's corner.

  • 75'

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    Italy to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    THREATNING! Italy mount an attack down the right; Totti looks to get on a cross to the back post, but Kehl has tracked the run and heads out for a corner.

  • 73'

    ITALY SUB: Gilardino comes on to replace Toni; Lippi looks to strengthen his front line for the closing stages.

  • 72'

    GERMANY SUB: Schweinsteiger comes on to replace Borowski; an injection of youth and energy down the left wing for the home side.

  • 71'

    Gattuso goes down with a touch of cramp; he is another to have worked particularly hard this evening.

  • 70'

    TOO CLEVER! Schneider's first-time pass through to Podolski fools everyone; Buffon collects.

  • 69'

    The tempo has picked up again now after a little quiet spell, as if both sides have taken a deep breath and are ready for one final push.

  • 68'

    Germany break through Ballack; they have a man over on the left, but the pass back inside towards Podolski is cut out inside his own area by Zambrotta.

  • 67'

    FORGOT THE BALL! Ballack's pass releases Podolski down the left channel; the youngster runs at Cannavaro, but the ball gets caught up in his feet and Italy clear.

  • 66'

    Still no sign of any changes from Lippi or Klinsmann; they both have plenty of attacking options on the bench.

  • 65'

    The game has been a bit scrappy in the last five minutes or so; passes are starting to go a bit awry, and neither side can maintain a spell of pressure.

  • 64'

    Grosso holds his head after an accidental clash with Klose; the full-back is fine after a splash of water from the physio.

  • 63'

    Toni is working very hard up front for Italy; he is doing his best to hold up the ball and bring his team-mates in to the game, and has made some excellent runs.

  • 62'

    GREAT TURN! Podolski spins inside the area and fires in a first-time shot, but Buffon stands up tall and beats the ball clear.

  • 60'

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    Italy to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Perrotta is caught off-side as he tries to get on Totti's clipped pass over the top of the high German defence.

  • 59'

    Totti just catches an accidental boot in the face from Kehl; he has played well so far tonight, the Italian playmaker.

  • 58'

    Lehmann is alert enough to come out of his goal and clear with his boot as Perrotta looked to get on Pirlo's long pass.

  • 57'

    Metzelder is shown the yellow card for clipping the heels of Toni as the big striker tried to turn him in the Germany half.

  • 56'

    Materazzi catches a stray arm in the face as he and Klose jump for Lehmann's clearance.

  • 55'

    AMBITIOUS! Borowski cuts in from the left and fires in a shot from distance, but he gets under the ball and sends it over the crossbar.

  • 54'

    Perrotta's persistence wins his side the first corner of the second period. Totti sends it in to the middle, but Lehmann comes out and claims.

  • 53'

    Podolski and Klose almost combine on the edge of the area, but Klose's pass is a little firm for his partner.

  • 52'

    Already, since the break we have had two or three decent chances; it really has been a quality semi-final thus far.

  • 51'

    GOOD CHANCE! OFF-SIDE! Immediately, Italy break; Totti feeds Grosso, who closes down on Lehmann, but the off-side flag ends the threat.

  • 50'

    GREAT SAVE! Klose runs directly at the heart of the Italian defence; he breaks in to the area, but Buffon makes a brave save at his feet.

  • 50'

    Germany have one or two substitutes warming up; Schweinsteiger and Adonkor would be two of their attacking options.

  • 49'

    Zambrotta is caught off-side as he tries to get on the end of Totti's pass; the right-back was furthest man forward for Italy there, a real statement of intent.

  • 48'

    Italy's defence has been excellent this tournament; they have only conceded one goal, and that was an own goal scored by Cristian Zaccardo in the group match against the United States.

  • 47'

    Everything in the first half pointed at goals after the break.

  • 46'

    Italy kick off the second half. There have been no changes to either side at the break.

  • 45'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    Italy to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    HALF-TIME: Terrific first half; an enthralling, open, attacking 45 minutes of football. It remains scoreless, though we have seen plenty of adventure from both sides.

  • 44'

    Ballack wins an unsual free-kick decision as Totti jumps on to his back when the two compete for a loose ball in midfield.

  • 43'

    NICE CROSS! Lahm gets down the left wing and clips over a good cross in to the middle, though Materazzi just reaches it before Podolski.

  • 43'

    Nice skill from Ballack as he flicks the ball over the head of Grosso, who brings him down as he tries to pass.

  • 42'

    Grosso makes a break down the left from his position at full-back, but Materazzi's pass is a little too strong.

  • 41'

    OOH! Pirlo curls a free-kick in to the near post; Camoranesi has lost his marker, Kehl, but his flicked header flies over the bar.

  • 40'

    Borowski becomes the first man booked as he slides through the back of Totti.

  • 39'

    ALMOST! Podolski just fails to gather Klose's neat pass on the edge of the area; those two have linked up really well so far this evening.

  • 38'

    ...but the whipped cross evades everyone and Schneider clears.

  • 37'

    Grosso wins his side a free-kick when he draws a foul from Ballack, down near the corner flag. Pirlo places the ball as his centre-backs trot forward...

  • 36'

    Ballack is such a presence in the German midfield; he is so strong and powerful, and is really driving his side on.

  • 35'

    NICE THINKING! Borowski tries to send a deep cross over to Schneider, who had ghosted in at the back post, but the pass is a little over-hit and runs out for a goal-kick.

  • 34'

    RASH! Klose rolls a ball in to the path of Schneider, breaking in to the area from the right; he smashes a shot in first-time, but sends the bal high and wide.

  • 33'

    The Italian fans are hopelessly out-numbered inside the ground, but they are doing their best to try and spur their side on to reward their recent spell of pressure with a goal.

  • 32'

    EASY CLAIM! Camoranesi's corner is plucked out of the air by Lehmann, who tries to start a quick counter-attack with a throw out to the right wing.

  • 31'

    Italy are having a good spell here; Germany perhaps started the stronger, but Italy are now having the more dangerous attacks.

  • 30'

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    Italy to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    GREAT BLOCK! Metzelder blocks Toni's goal-bound shot at the near post after Italy had broken quickly down the left flank.

  • 29'

    UNLUCKY! Instead of crossing, Pirlo pulls the free-kick back to Totti, but his shot is blocked inside the six-yard box.

  • 29'

    Camoranesi spins Lahm on the right-edge of the area, and the defender's tackle brings down the winger. Free-kick to Italy...

  • 29'

    There is a really good feel about this match this evening; both sides seem really keen to get on with the game and leave out the diving and play-acting that has plagued this tournament.

  • 28'

    SHOULD HAVE PASSED! Schneider has Friedrich bombing on his outside, but instead opts to shoot; Materazzi blocks on the edge of the area.

  • 27'

    Totti tries to angle a pass between two defenders as he searches for the excellent run of Toni; Metersacker intercepts.

  • 26'

    Cannavaro, who has been excellent so far, stops Klose in his tracks as the striker tries to cut in from the left flank.

  • 25'

    In the last meeting between these teams, Italy beat Germany 4-1 in a friendly in Florence. All four Italy goals were scored by players involved tonight; Alberto Gilardino, Luca Toni, Daniele De Rossi and Alessandro Del Piero, with Robert Huth scoring a late consolation goal for Germany.

  • 24'

    ...and met by Materazzi, but the giant defender can't direct his header goalwards.

  • 24'

    Italy win a free-kick when Zambrotta is pulled back by Borowski; Pirlo sends it in to the middle...

  • 23'

    Kehl, in the side this evening because of the lats suspension to Frings, has made a good start; he is getting about the field, and looks in determined mood.

  • 22'

    It is another very warm evening in Germany; the players' shirts are already drenched in sweat as they toil in this excellent first half.

  • 21'

    HALF-A-CHANCE! Kehl clips a firm cross in to the Italian penalty area; Podolski meets it on the penalty spot with a left-foot volley, but he gets under his shot and sends the ball high over the crossbar.

  • 21'

    Podolski is up-ended by Materazzi, just inside the Italy half.

  • 20'

    HE'S EVERYWHERE! Again, Cannavaro is the last line of defence as he comes across to cut out a lofted pass meant for Podolski.

  • 19'

    The referee is giving this game every chance to flow; he isn't stopping the play for every minor infringement, and is encouraging the players to get to their feet. Nice to see.

  • 18'

    ...Borowski sends the corner in to the near post, but Kehl's flick on evades his team-mates and runs out for a throw.

  • 17'

    There is a lovely flow to this game; Italy attack, before Germany counter and win themselves a corner...

  • 16'

    WHAT A CHANCE! Perrotta is put free down the left-channel; a heavy touch hands Lehmann a chance to smother as the midfielder tried to prod the ball past him.

  • 16'

    CRUCIAL! Klose's touch almost gives Podolski a shooting chance, eight yards out; fortunately for Italy, the ever-alert Cannavaro sprints round to clear.

  • 15'

    Germany to win, with bet365  
    Italy to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Germany have an excellent World Cup pedigree; tonight, they are bidding to become the first side ever to reach eight World Cup finals.

  • 14'

    Klinsmann is very animated on the sidelines in these early minutes. He looks superb tonight, in a tight, spotless white shirt and jet-black trousers.

  • 13'

    BLOCKED! Cannavaro gets in a crucial block as Podolski spins on the edge of the area and fires in a left-foot shot.

  • 13'

    Both sides have made a bright start in Dortmund; it was expected to be a tight, cagey match, but there has been plenty of promising attacking play on offer in these early minutes.

  • 12'

    Materazzi and Cannavaro trot forward as Italy win a corner. Totti sends it in to the middle, but Metzelder heads clear at the back post.

  • 11'

    ALERT DEFENDING! Totti gets Italy moving down the left; Perrotta fires a low cross in to the middle, but Lahm has come across to cover.

  • 10'

    UNLUCKY! Camoranesi clips a good ball over the top of the defence for the on-rushing Perrotta to race on to, but Lehmann comes to the edge of his area to collect.

  • 9'

    WILD! Ballack gets on the ball after a nice swift move down the left flank; he fires in a first shot for the distance, but the captain slices his effort well wide.

  • 8'

    There are players on both sides walking disciplinary tightropes: Torsten Frings, Lukas Podolski, David Odonkor and Arne Friedrich will miss a potential final match if they receive a yellow card this evening, with Fabio Grosso, Gianluca Zambrotta and Gennaro Gattuso the same for Italy.

  • 7'

    Klose is down holding his calf after a foul by Materazzi; the referee allows play to continue, before having a stern word with the Italian defender.

  • 7'

    Germany boss Jurgen Klinsmann has made two changes to the team that beat Argentina on penalties; Kehl replaces suspended midfielder Frings, while Borowski earns a place after Bastian Schweinsteiger was dropped.

  • 6'

    Borowski sends the set-piece over to Schneider on the edge of the area, but two Italian defenders come over quickly to snuff out the threat.

  • 5'

    Ballack is brought down by Ballack; free-kick to Germany, 45 yards from goal...

  • 5'

    This time, Lehmann's clearance is charged down by Totti, but he can't do anything with the loose ball.

  • 4'

    SAVE! Lehmann is forced in to the first save of the evening when he clutches Totti's fierce free-kick, just under his crossbar.

  • 4'

    Italy win a free-kick 40 yards out when Lehl fouls. Totti eyes up an outrageous shot...

  • 4'

    Germany made a wonderful start to their quarter-final against Argentina, and it seems like they want to start with the same high tempo this evening.

  • 3'

    Friedrich almost sells Lehmann short with a back-pass, but the goalkeeper manages to clear seconds before Toni reaches the ball.

  • 2'

    There is a tremendous atmosphere inside the stadium, and it is a ground that the host nation love. Germany have won 13 of 14 matches in Dortmund's gigantic Signal Iduna Park stadium, boasting a remarkable goal difference of 59-7. Its usual 82,500 capacity drops to 67,000 for all-seated internationals, but every one of those seats has a bum on it this evening.

  • 1'

    Luca Toni again operates as a lone striker for Italy, with playmaker Francesco Totti playing behind him in a 4-4-1-1 formation.


    Germany kick off in Dortmund.


    Now for the National Anthems; both are sung with admirable gusto by two sets of very proud fans and players.


    The players are lined up outside the changing rooms, awaiting the signal to start the short walk down the tunnel and in to the light...


    Hello, welcome to our coverage of the first semi-final of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. I'm Alex, the match is Germany against Italy, from Dortmund.

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Germany

  • 18(6)

  • -

  • 19

  • 42%


  • Italy

  • 18(11)

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  • 19

Match Stats

  • Germany
  • Italy
18(6) Shots (on goal) 18(11)
19 Fouls 19
4 Corner kicks 12
1 Offsides 11
42% Time of Possession 58%
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
10 Saves 3

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