Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Referee: Markus Merk | Attendance: 66000

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  • Adriano 49'
  • Fred 90'

2 - 0


Game 27

  • 93'

    FULL-TIME: Australia made Brazil work really hard for their win, and had chances to equalise before Fred's late goal sealed it. Brazil book their place in the next round; the Aussies still have a chance to qualify if they get a result from their final game against Croatia.

  • 92'

    WHAT A MISS! Emerton makes a crucial block from Robinho's low cross; the ball falls to Kaka on the penalty spot, but he side-foots over the crossbar.

  • 90'

    Australia always looked a bit vulnerable on the break as they pushed forward for an equaliser, but they have still played really well this evening.

  • 89'

    GOAL! Robinho slams a shot against the inside of the post, and with Schwarzer left stranded, Fred rolls the ball in to the empty net.

  • 88'

    BRAZILIAN SUB: Fred comes on to replace Adriano. The young Lyon striker comes on to replace Adriano, who looks dead on his feet.

  • 87'

    Australia have Brazil under a little pressure here; they are lofting some quality balls in to the penalty area, and Lucio and Juan are being kept on their toes.

  • 86'

    AGONISING! Viduka nips in to beat Dida to the ball; he flicks out a boot and lifts the ball over the Brazilian keeper, but the ball lands on the roof of the net.

  • 85'

    Australia came so close to an equaliser there; Dida was well beaten by Viduka's header.

  • 84'

    SO, SO CLOSE! Bresciano whips the free-kick in to the middle; the ball glances off the head of Viduka, but spins agonisingly wide of the far post.

  • 83'

    A clumsy challenge from Cafu hands Australia a free-kick. Robinho is booked for saying something out of turn as he protested the decision.

  • 82'

    OFF THE BAR! Ronaldinho's corner from the left is headed against the crossbar by Kaka. Australia are hanging on by their fingertips.

  • 81'

    WHEN WILL HE LEARN? Roberto Carlos opts to shoot, but blasts his free-kick high over the bar.

  • 80'

    Brazil win a free-kick; central, 40 yards out. Roberto Carlos seems interested in a shot...

  • 79'

    GREAT EFFORT! Bresciano's acrobatic scissor-kick seems to be heading for the top corner before Dida paws it away to safety.

  • 78'

    Australia win a free-kick, 40 yards from goal; they send a couple of players forward...

  • 77'

    Robinho has certainly had a positive impact since coming off the bench; Ronaldo might find himself starting on the bench in Brazil's final group game.

  • 76'

    RUBBISH! Brazil break with pace and in numbers; they pass-up a couple of decent shooting chances before Robinho finally gets an acrobatic shot away which sails over the bar.

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Australia are still managing to cope fairly comfortably with the Brazilian attacks, though they are becoming a little more frequent and threatening as the game progresses.

  • 74'

    Brazil win another free-kick; this time it is so far out, even Carlos refuses to shoot, and the World Champions take it short.

  • 73'

    Bresciano hurls Cafu to the ground after the great right-back checked his run down the left wing. Free-kick to Brazil.

  • 72'

    GOOD SKILL! Robinho glides past Chipperfield before firing in a shot from distance, though Schwarzer is able to see it wide.

  • 71'

    BRAZIL SUBS: Gilberto Silva and Robinho come on to replace Emerson and Ronaldo. Another quiet game for Ronaldo; Robinho will add some energy and dynamism.

  • 70'

    Kaka breaks brilliantly down the right; he cuts in to the area before firing in a low shot, but Schwarzer gets down quickly to save.

  • 69'

    AUSTRALIA SUB: Moore off, Aloisi on. An attacking change from Hiddink, who takes off a centre-back to the veteran striker.

  • 68'

    FIZZER! Kewell again breaks down the left-channel; perhaps sensing he doesn't have the pace to beat Cafu, he opts to shoot but fizzes a dipping shot just over the bar.

  • 67'

    The Aussie fans are whistling now as Brazil try to take the sting out of the game with a spell of possession-football in their own half.

  • 66'

    Lucio goes down after a challenge with Viduka; the referee encourages him to get to his feet. There doesn't seem a lot wrong with him.

  • 65'

    Cafu has remarkable stamina; he is still bursting up and down that right touchline, despite the heat and humidity.

  • 64'

    Kewell has made a difference for Australia; he is getting in behind Cafu and causing an occasional threat.

  • 63'

    Emerson clips a good pass in to the run of Carlos, who had made a run in to the penalty area, but Moore comes across to make a good challenge.

  • 62'

    Australia seem a little deflated, as though any self-belief they had disappeared when Adriano fired that low shot in to the bottom corner.

  • 61'

    Kewell robs Juan on the half-way line; he only has Ze Roberto to beat in front of him, but loses the ball to a good challenge.

  • 60'

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  • 59'

    Australia win a corner when Cafu is forced to tackle Kewell on the left-edge of the area. Bresciano curls the set-piece in to the middle, but Viduka misses the header.

  • 58'

    That was a fantastic chance for Kewell; all he had to do was roll the ball in to an empty net, but instead went for power and blasted over.

  • 57'

    WHAT A CHANCE! Dida drops a simple catch inside his penalty area; the ball spins to Kewell, but the Liverpool winger blasts his shot over when faced with an open-goal.

  • 56'

    BRAZIL SUB: Cahill is replaced by Kewell; Cahill still looked a little short of match-fitness.

  • 55'

    NO PACE! Bresciano breaks the off-side trap as he cuts in from the left wing; he has a free run through on goal, but Cafu sprints back to put in a crucial block.

  • 54'

    Ronaldinho curls a corner in to the penalty area, but Schwarzer comes through a crowd of players to punch clear.

  • 53'

    MIS-CONTROL! Adriano'S deflected shot reaches Ronaldo inside the penalty area, but he can't bring the ball under control and Australia clear.

  • 52'

    It does seem now that Brazil have got an extra spring in their step now they have taken the lead.

  • 51'

    Ronaldo strays off-side as he tries to get on a pass between Neill and Moore by Ronaldinho.

  • 50'

    It's going to be tough now for Australia, now that Brazil have finally got their confidence back up.

  • 49'

    GOAL! Ronaldo rolls the ball across the penalty area to Adriano, who holds off his marker before firing a low shot inside the near post.

  • 48'

    Brazil attack well down the left flank; Kaka finds Carlos with a pass in behind Neill, but his cross is over-hit.

  • 47'

    Kaka does well to get to the by-line and send over a cross to the near post, but the linesman rules that the ball had gone out of play.

  • 46'

    Ronaldo holds off three defenders before knocking the ball through Moore's legs and drawing a free-kick.

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    Australia kick off the second half.

  • 46'

    HALF-TIME: A scrappy half, but Australia will be delighted. They have coped fairly easily with Brazil, and occasionally threatened going forward.

  • 45'

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    Australia to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    OOOH! Bresciano cuts in from the left and curls a shot just over the crossbar. Dida looked beaten.

  • 44'

    GREAT FEET! Viduka does wonderfully to rob Lucio inside the Brazil penalty area, before twisting the defender inside-out with a neat turn.

  • 43'

    Australia win a corner off the legs of Juan; Bresciano curls the set-piece in to the middle, but Lucio heads clear.

  • 43'

    Emerton does well down the right, winning a throw of Juan, who had come out to cover behind Roberto Carlos.

  • 42'

    CLOSE! Ronaldo holds off Grella before firing in a right-foot shot which whistles just wide of the far post. Good effort.

  • 41'

    AUSTRALIA SUB: Bresciano replaces Popovic; Australian's most expensive footballer ever comes on to replace the injured Popovic.

  • 40'

    Popovic is down, receiving some treatment on a calf injury; he looks in some pain, and is soon trudging off the field.

  • 39'

    Culina is booked for a foul on Juan; replays show that the Australian midfielder did catch Juan with a studs-up challenge on his thigh.

  • 38'

    Lucio breaks forward with a positive run down the right wing; Kaka feeds him the ball, but the centre-back's cross is blocked.

  • 37'

    GOOD CHANCE! Kaka flicks a pass in to the path of Ronaldo, but the Real Madrid striker completely misses his kick and the chance goes begging.

  • 35'

    Australia have actually had more shots on goal than Brazil, but all of their efforts have been from 25 yards or more.

  • 34'

    Australia have done really well in closing down the Brazlian threats; Kaka and Ronaldinho haven't been given any time whatsoever.

  • 33'

    AMBITIOUS! Grella blasts a hopeful shot in at goal from 40 yards; it doesn't trouble Dida.

  • 32'

    Emerton combines well down the right with Culina, but he wastes the chance to send over a threatening cross as he allows Roberto Carlos to get back and block.

  • 31'

    Ronaldo is booked for shooting after the whistle had gone an earlier off-side.

  • 30'

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    Australia to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    This referee is really starting to annoy me; again, he stops play for a minor foul as a free-kick is sent in to the penalty area.

  • 29'

    Cafu is booked for catching Cahill from behind out on the left flank; the Brazilian captain takes the decision with a smile, and even shakes the referee's hand.

  • 28'

    GREAT BLOCK! Ronaldinho chips a delightful pass over the top for Ronaldo, but Moore throws himself at the shot and the ball spins out for a corner.

  • 28'

    If there is a winner in today's game, they will qualify from Group F, thanks to Croatia and Japan's draw earlier in the day.

  • 27'

    GOOD EFFORT! Culina spins and gets a good shot away, but his effort is straight at Dida.

  • 26'

    CIRCUS FOOTBALL! Ronaldinho trips over the ball inside the penalty area, prompting wild cheers from the Australians in the crowd.

  • 25'

    Ze Roberto falls over his own feet, but is awarded a free-kick for his trouble. Odd decision from the referee.

  • 24'

    Ronaldinho tries to chip a pass over the top for Cafu, but the ball runs out; Australia are very organised in defence, and are certainly frustrating Brazil.

  • 23'

    The game has got a bit scrappy; it is very stop-start, with a lot of niggly fouls and breaks in play. Not the sort of flowing football we associate Brazil with.

  • 22'

    Viduka is caught off-side as he tried to get on the end of Chipperfield's pass in behind Cafu.

  • 21'

    WOEFUL! Roberto Carlos, who clearly believes his own hype, opts to shoot from 45 yards; unsurprisingly, he again blasts high over the bar.

  • 20'

    Ronaldinho has his first run at the Austealian defence, but Neill makes a fantastic challenge on the edge of the penalty area.

  • 19'

    Ronaldinho is being forced back in to his own half to collect the ball; Australia are doing an excellent job of keeping him quiet.

  • 18'

    Referee Merk is forced to intervene to stop some pushing inside the penalty area whilst Ronaldinho waited to swing in a free-kick from the right.

  • 17'

    ...Culina curls the ball in to the crowded area, but Dida comes early and claims comfortably.

  • 16'

    Ze Roberto slides in and takes down Culina; free-kick to the Aussies, and a chance to load the penalty area and put Brazil under some pressure...

  • 15'

    Brazil to win, with bet365  
    Australia to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Adriano can't turn on the edge of the penalty area; Moore was very tight to the Inter Milan striker there.

  • 14'

    It has been a bright start to the match here in Munich; Australia certainly don't look overawed by the five-time Champions.

  • 14'

    GOOD DEFENDING! Popovic has to be alert to track the run of Adriano in to the penalty area and shield the ball back to Schwarzer.

  • 14'

    Emerton is booked for protesting too fiercely after a free-kick decision went the way of Roberto Carlos.

  • 13'

    Chipperfield cuts inside from the left wing; the space opens up in front of him, but the full-back then scuffs his shot.

  • 12'

    DREADFUL! The set-piece is worked to Roberto Carlos, but he blasts his shot high and wide. Poor effort.

  • 11'

    Grella catches Ronaldo with a late kick to his shin; free-kick, on the right-corner of the penalty area.

  • 10'

    BLOCKED! Adriano's piledriver from distance is blocked by Neill on the edge of his penalty area.

  • 9'

    Culina sends a corner in to the penalty area, but it is too high for Cahill at the back post and the ball runs behind.

  • 9'

    Australia have made a good start here; they are knocking the ball around with confidence and making some good runs up front.

  • 8'

    Brazil looked lacklustre in their opening game; they'll be desperate to put on a positive, attacking performance to show they are worthy of the hype that surrounds them.

  • 7'

    Neill breaks forward from the back; he tries to feed a pass in to the run of Emerton, but Cafu intercepts.

  • 6'

    NICE EFFORT! Viduka strikes a good shot from distance, although Dida is well positioned and collects comfortably.

  • 5'

    Juan hammers a clearance high up field for Ronaldo to chase, but the ball finds its way through to Schwarzer.

  • 5'

    UGLY! Cahill's first contribution is to slice a shot horribly wide from 30 yards.

  • 4'

    OOH! Kaka flashes a volley narrowly wide of the post after he had been set-up by a nice touch on the edge of the area by Ronaldo.

  • 3'

    ...he sends a good cross in to the middle, but Australia defend it well.

  • 3'

    Kaka is caught by Chipperfield; free-kick to Brazil, out on the right. Ronaldinho stands over the set-piece...

  • 2'

    Ze Roberto attempts a cross-field pass towards Cafu, but he mis-hits and the ball runs out for a throw.

  • 1'

    Ronaldinho feeds a pass in to the feet of Ronaldo, but his first touch is heavy and Moore nips the ball off him.




    Brazil will start with the same side who edged out Croatia in their opening match, with under-fire striker Ronaldo keeping his place up front.


    Harry Kewell loses his place in the Australian side, with Basle midfielder Mile Sterjovski taking the Liverpool man's place.


    Hi, Alex here; I'm here to guide you through Brazil's Group F match against Australia.

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Brazil

  • 18(6)

  • -

  • 9

  • 53%


  • Australia

  • 14(4)

  • -

  • 23


POS No Name


1 Dida


2 Cafu


3 Lúcio


4 Juan


6 Roberto Carlos


5 Emerson
17 Gilberto Silva


8 Kaká


10 Ronaldinho


11 Zé Roberto


7 Adriano
21 Fred


9 Ronaldo
23 Robinho
POS No Name
G 22 Júlio César
G 12 Ceni Rogerio
D 13 Cicinho
D 14 Luisão
D 15 Cris
D 16 Gilberto Melo
M 17 Gilberto Silva
M 18 Mineiro
M 19 Juninho Pernambucano
M 20 Luis Ricardinho
F 21 Fred
F 23 Robinho

Match Stats

  • Brazil
  • Australia
18(6) Shots (on goal) 14(4)
9 Fouls 23
7 Corner kicks 4
5 Offsides 1
53% Time of Possession 47%
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
6 Saves 5

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