Frankenstadion, Nuremberg, Germany

Referee: Toru Kamikawa | Attendance: 41000

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  • Peter Crouch 83'
  • Steven Gerrard 90' +1'

2 - 0


Game 19

  • 90'

    The cracks are still there to see, but steady progress has been made and the climax to the game should give England the confidence to realise the potential that undoubtedly exists in this team.

  • 90'

  • 90'


  • 90'

    Stern John has just seen a goal ruled out for offside after back-heeling a Dwight Yorke shot in to Robinson's goal.

  • 90'

    Beckham and Gerrard link up and Gerrard cuts inside before hitting a great left-footed shot from twenty-five yards out. That's more like it!

  • 90'


  • 87'

    Ferdinand defends a ball in towards Stern John and shepherds it back to Robinson.

  • 86'

    Lennon tackles Wise well and gets the ball back from Lampard. England are retaining the ball and aren't looking to do anything too adventurous.

  • 85'

    Rooney tangles with Sancho but can't quite get a shot in.

  • 84'

    Evans Wise is on for Theobald.

  • 84'

    T and T have a corner though and Yorke takes it. Ferdinand helps it away.

  • 82'

    Not this time though. A fantastic deep cross in from the right by Beckham is met by the towering figure of Crouch in the six-yard box and he rises over Sancho to bang it home at the far post. A fine goal.

  • 82'


  • 81'

    Edwards boots the ball to safety after another poor delivery from Beckham.

  • 80'

    Downing shows some great wing play but the ball ends up breaking for T and T and they race up the park. England regain the ball and now Lennon wins a corner.

  • 79'

    Yorke plays a free-kick in to Stern John who shows good strength to hold off Terry and hit a firm shot towards the England goal.

  • 78'

    Ashley Cole bursts in to the box but Hislop is on hand to come and smother the ball.

  • 77'

    Lampard again gets in to the box after a fine pass from Ferdinand. He is turning away from goal but still manages a decent shot however it goes wide once more.

  • 77'

    Crouch chests a ball down to Rooney who plays a one-two with him before Lampard receives the ball. His shot is not good enough but he is at least getting forward in to good positions.

  • 76'

    Downning's first contribution is a good cross up to Crouch but the big man can't get his head to it.

  • 75'

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    Trinidad and Tobago to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Glen has run rings around Ashley Cole, then cut inside Gerrard before Cole manages to get back and make an important tackle.

  • 74'

    Good run by Lennon stopped by a firm challenge. England have a free-kick but T and T clear once more.

  • 73'

    Joe Cole has come off for Downing.

  • 72'

    Lennon shows some good pace and forces a corner on the right. When it comes in short to Lennon he knocks it to Lampard whose shot fails to hit the target.

  • 71'

    Another bad attempt and from the rebound T and T attack but England get back to stop the move. England get it back up the park and Rooney is well challenged on the left-wing. England need to start creating someting,

  • 71'

    Joe Cole is fouled wide left and Beckham comes to take the free-kick.

  • 70'

    For all England's possession Shaka Hislop has had little to do this afternoon.

  • 69'

    Cornell Glen is on and Jones is off for T and T.

  • 69'

    Good cross in from Beckham is headed over by Sancho.

  • 68'

    Jones tried to play in Stern John at the other end but with no success. Stern John was being shadowed by Rooney though and the England striker seems eager to impress.

  • 66'

    Good challenge from Ashle Cole wins the ball for England. Lampard then hits it out to Beckham and England then win a throw. No way through for them though and T and T are defending well.

  • 65'

    Joe Cole wins the ball and gets it up to Rooney who is fouled. England advance up the park but the move breaks down. Rooney has been involved in a couple of hefty challenges and is showing no adverse reactions.

  • 64'

    Joe and Ashley do well down the left but T and T clear the ball. England have got their tails up though.

  • 63'

    Crouch and Lampard try to get things moving through the middle but T and T break the move down before Lampard is booked for a foul.

  • 62'

    Rooney's first pass is a great one, bringing Ashley Cole in to play but his cross in fails to find an England shirt.

  • 61'

    Beckham plays another ball in towards Lampard who also tries a bicycle kick but with no success.

  • 60'

    England to win, with bet365  
    Trinidad and Tobago to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Lennon shows a great burst of speed down the right to beat his man but unfortunately his cross is too deep for a waiting Rooney.

  • 59'

    Joe cole is fouled and Beckham places the ball about forty-five yards from goal. A truly terrible ball then flies harmlessly out of play.

  • 58'

    England have a throw deep in T and T's half. They fail to apply any pressure though and T and T have a goal-kick.

  • 57'

    ...Wayne Rooney has come on! Owen is off and so too is Jamie Carragher for Lennon.

  • 56'

    Beckhcm gets the ball up to Crouch but when he lays it off to Owen he fails to control. That is the Newcastle player's last contribution because....

  • 55'

    A wonderful free-kick in to the box from Beckham lands right on to Owen's head but his effort goes wide when he sould have at least found the target.

  • 54'

    Gray booked for coming in to the back of Owen.

  • 53'

    Nice flick from Joe Cole to Ashley and his low cross is flicked up from Crouch who then executes a woeful bicycle kick which goes high over the bar.

  • 52'

    Yorke seems to embody a growing confidence in his team and plays it to Birchall who feeds Stern John in the penalty area. Fortunately John Terry is on hand to stop the move.

  • 51'

    Joe Cole fouls Yorke and the ex Man United player takes the free-kick. It goes behind for a goal-kick but for some reason Crouch tries to head it behind for a corner when under no pressure.

  • 50'

    Gerrard shows some poor close control when a pass from Beckham comes his way. England are having a bit of a shocker at the minute.

  • 49'

    Lampard's pass cleared for a throw by Sancho. England try to build again but Ferdinand plays a terrible pass up towards his strikers which finds its way straight to Hislop.

  • 48'

    Carragher links well with Beckham and the Liverpool player storms ahead up the flank. The move breaks down when he fouls Gray.

  • 47'

    Joe Cole should have joined him in the book for a lunge at Birchall.

  • 46'

    Gerrard hits a woeful long ball in the direction of nobody in particular. However, Hislop is too slow taking the goal-kick for the ref's liking and is booked.

  • 45'

    England to win, with bet365  
    Trinidad and Tobago to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    Carragher ball in from the right is cleared by Gray.

  • 45'

    T and T get us underway in the second half. No changes to report. Yet.

  • 45'

    England leave the field to the sound of boos. A poor first half for Sven's boys and it could have been a lot worse were it not for the well-placed legs of John Terry. Do not discount the possibility of Rooney coming straight out for the second half.

  • 45'


  • 45'

    Cole and Cole come down the left and Joe hits a cross in which is headed away.

  • 44'

    Yorke's corner is well cleared by John Terry. When it comes back in Stern John challenges both Ferdinand and Terry in the air and, with Robinson stranded, the ball looks to be going in to an empty net before Terry stretches out a leg to save a certain goal. England were very lucky there.

  • 43'

    Beckham heads behind for a corner.

  • 42'

    Oh dear. A great pass again from Gerrard this time to Beckham who responds with an equally fine cross to Crouch who, completely unmarked, hits a shot which is yards wide of the goal. The chances are at least coming now.

  • 41'

    Beckham tries his luck with a curling shot after turning well but it goes straight to Hislop.

  • 40'

    Gerrard hits a fine pass in to the area which Joe Cole takes well before knocking it back to Owen who does not connect well and spoons the chance over from seven yards out. A poor piece of finishing.

  • 38'

    Yorke orders his players forward and launches a free-kick in to the penalty area where Theobald meets it with his head but can only knock it over the bar.

  • 36'

    England have not played well in this half. Perhaps Rooney will be brought on sooner than we think?

  • 35'

    He plays it short and then gets it back before hitting a great looping ball to the back post which is met by the head of Stern John who, from three yards, dives in but Carragher does enough to put him off.

  • 34'

    Ferdinand has to head behind his own crossbar for a corner when a ball comes in. Yorke to take.

  • 33'

    Trademark long-range effort from Lampard but it skids wide of the left-hand post.

  • 32'

    Sancho does well to block a pass but it doesn't stop Carragher getting the ball and charging forward. His cross is well blocked though. Carragher is having a good game down the right but England look pretty uninspired in other areas.

  • 31'

    England have another corner after Sancho concedes a cheap one. This time Beckham plays it short to Gerrard but this shot is well over the top.

  • 30'

    England to win, with bet365  
    Trinidad and Tobago to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Beckham takes but it ends up going over the other side before Cole brings it back over to the left. Beckham gets another chance to cross but this time Hislop manages to claim it cleanly.

  • 29'

    Lampard is fouled in his own half and a quick punt up the park from Terry is rewarded when T and T knock it behind for a corner.

  • 28'

    Rooney is having a little warm-up to the excitement of most of those in the stadium.

  • 26'

    A high ball up to Crouch is headed down well but Lampard and Owen combine to get in each other's way and T and T are able to clear.

  • 25'

    England have a throw deep in T and T's half. A cross comes in from Cole towards Crouch but nothing comes of it.

  • 23'

    Edwards gets forward down the right and finds himself in a good crossing position but can't produce the goods. The ball flies behind the goal.

  • 22'

    Yorke gets behind the England defence and hits the by-line but his cross back is well claimed by Robinson.

  • 21'

    Carragher finds himself in a bit of room on the right and plays a high cross in the direction of Crouch. He is penalised for a foul and T and T now try to attack.

  • 20'

    Apologies for earlier technical difficulties by the way folks.

  • 20'

    England to win, with bet365  
    Trinidad and Tobago to win, with bet365  

  • 20'

    This time Beckham decides to cross rather than shoot. He finds Crouch but he can't get a decent angle to get his header on target. Goal-kick.

  • 19'

    Gerrard gets round Whitley and is brought down in an almost identical position to Joe Cole. The outcome is the same too, a yellow card is produced.

  • 18'

    Beckham's effort is straight at the wall and, in truth, was very poor.

  • 17'

    Free-kick to England and a yellow card to Theobald for a foul on Joe Cole. Dangerous position and Beckham steps up to take it.

  • 16'

    After a bit of a scramble the ball breaks to Joe Cole who hits a volley high over the bar.

  • 15'

    England to win, with bet365  
    Trinidad and Tobago to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Joe Cole beats Edwards with a wonderful bit of trickery and puts in a terrific ball which Crouch just can't get to. England have a corner though, but Stern John clears it behind for another.

  • 14'

    Ferdinand plays a long ball to Owen who does well to get away from two men but his cross in finds only the head of Sancho.

  • 11'

    Beckham delivers but it is cleared by T and T defence.

  • 10'

    Cole loses his footing in the T and T penalty are abut manages to get the ball back to Cole whose cross to Beckham is headed behind for a corner.

  • 8'

    Joe Cole puts in a strong tackle on Edwards on the right. T and T have a free-kick over on the right which Dwight Yorke over-hits and it floars behind for a goal-kick.

  • 8'

    Gray tries a cross in from the left but England are able to deal with the danger.

  • 3'

    Beckham takes the free-kick but it is headed straight back out. T and T come on the attack now. Yorke shows some nice touches but loses out in midfield.

  • 2'

    Owen impeded by Theobald and England have a free-kick.

  • 1'

    Carragher gets forward and fires a shot straight at Shaka Hislop.


    England kick off and are attacking the goal to the right. T and T line up in all red, England in their traditional red white and blue.


    Both national anthems have been played and it is pleasing to report that T and T's is as much as a tuneless dirge as England's. The first ever match between these two sides is about to get underway.


    It would seem likely that the Manchester United striker will make an appearance at some point, with or without the approval of a doubtless fuming Alex Ferguson, but it is probable England will have won this game by the time he takes a bow.


    England start with the same team as last week, the only change being Jamie Carragher replacing the injured Gary Neville in defence. However, all England fans will have one eye on the bench where the right-back's club team-mate has been passed fit to play. Wayne Rooney is in the house ladies and gentlemen.


    Will he or won't he? A nation holds its breath. Yes, has Shaka Hislop managed to shake off the injury which threatened his place in today's starting line-up. Those following the Soca Warriors will be pleased to hear that the hero of the Sweden game is fit to start. He could be in for a busy day.

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • England

  • 26(8)

  • -

  • 15

  • 67%


  • Trinidad and Tobago

  • 9(3)

  • -

  • 16

Trinidad and Tobago

POS No Name


1 Shaka Hislop


5 Brent Sancho


6 Dennis Lawrence


8 Cyd Gray


7 Chris Birchall


9 Aurtis Whitley


11 Carlos Edwards


18 Densill Theobald
16 Evans Wise


14 Stern John


15 Kenwyne Jones
13 Cornell Glen


19 Dwight Yorke
POS No Name
G 22 Clayton Ince
G 21 Kelvin Jack
D 2 Ian Cox
D 4 Marvin Andrews
D 17 Atiba Charles
M 23 Anthony Wolfe
F 10 Russell Latapy
F 12 Collin Samuel
F 13 Cornell Glen
F 16 Evans Wise
F 20 Jason Scotland

Match Stats

  • England
  • Trinidad and Tobago
26(8) Shots (on goal) 9(3)
15 Fouls 16
7 Corner kicks 3
2 Offsides 2
67% Time of Possession 33%
1 Yellow Cards 5
0 Red Cards 0
3 Saves 6

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