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Euro 2016 semifinals: Germany vs. France as it happened

Germany meet hosts France in Marseille for the right to face Portugal in the final of Euro 2016 on Sunday. Kickoff is at 9 p.m. CET, 3 p.m. ET (ESPN).

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Full time review: Germany have been made to pay for not making the most of their first half possession. France, who rode the storm in the first half, battled superbly and held their own in the second, pouncing on a Germany mistake to secure the second goal. The 2014 World Cup winners were probably marginally the better side throughout, but they just couldn't make any decent goalscoring chances and really missed Gomez up front.

Overall it was just a great game of football and roll on the final where France will play Portugal on Sunday!

France: 8 out of 10

Germany: 7 out of 10

FRANCE HAVE DONE IT!!! IT'S ALL OVER!!! THE HOST NATION ARE IN THE FINAL OF EURO 2016!!! Full time review just moments...

90+4 MIN: WHAT A SAVE BY LLORIS! Superb header from Kimmich who rises well above everyone else, but Lloris get's down to his left well and parries that one away. Great stuff from the Spurs keeper.

90+3 MIN: Headed superbly away by Koscielny and France only have a few more seconds of play to soak up. 

90+2 MIN: And Cabaye's already given away a freekick. Chance for Ozil to float it into the box. 

90+1 MIN: Cabaye on for Griezmann. Some energy injected into that exhausted France midfield as we close the game out. 3 minutes to go!


89 MIN: Germany firing crosses into the box, but without a natural striker -- like Mario Gomez -- then you don't really have a chance.

88 MIN: Germany STILL pushing, and STILL can't find a way through. Credit to France here. They may not have had a lot of the ball, but they've defended superbly. Umtiti has been outstanding.

87 MIN: Gingac shoots! From outside the box and for a second looks like it's nestling in the corner, but Neuer gets down well to his right and saves it.

85 MIN: France counterattack! Griezmann -- who is on a hat trick -- completely blitzes Howedes, but the defender JUST manages to get goal side before Griezmann pulls the trigger. After a couple more touches just outside the German box, the Atletico man does manage to fire a shot off, but Neuer collects with ease.

83 MIN: Germany continuing to probe the France penalty area like they have done during the whole game, yet to really trouble Lloris though...

82 MIN: Howedes chance! Germany manage to grab themselves a freekick from 40 metres out which Kroos fires into the box. It's met by Howedes but he can't keep it down (again)!

81 MIN: Germany still struggling to get going and Ozil's the one who's just gifted possession to the French. They need something, and they need something quick.

79 MIN: Howedes has a shot which goes over from 10 yards out. That ones likely to be landing in the car park outside the stadium, shocking effort.

78 MIN: Schweinsteiger off for Sane. 

76 MIN: Draxler again causing trouble down the flank but he's easily dealt with by Sagna who muscles him out of play. Gingac's coming on for Giroud.

75 MIN: Draxler shoots ... but it's just wide!

74 MIN: Kante's earnt a yellow card for hacking down Draxler. Freekick chance from around 29 metres out, suited for a right footed player.

73 MIN: Kimmich hits the bar! Germany hit back straight away with a curling left footed shot from outside the area and it's over the bar!


The goal that summed up the past 20 minutes: scrappy: Kimmich's poor first touch gifts Pogba the ball inside the German penalty area. The Juve midfielder still has a lot to do but he manages to dink the cross in, but Neuer can only get a weak hand to it and Griezmann pounces on the loose ball and slots it home.

70 MIN: But it's Howedes who sticks his head on the ball in, but it's way off. Payet off for Kante, in the meantime.

69 MIN: Freekick against Sissoko after Kroos is brought down. Germany setpiece from around 35 metres. They'd fancy Hummels and Boateng in the box, perfect chance for one of those to get their head on it.

67 MIN: France chance! Dazzling little individual run from West Ham's main man Payet which leads him to just outside the Germany box, but the eventual shot is poor and ends up rolling hopelessly into the hands of Neuer.

66 MIN: The game's really slowed over the past 10 minutes or so. Injuries, subs and niggling fouls. Germany sub: Can's off for Gotze.

65 MIN: Payet's down now after receiving the ball straight in the face. He'll be okay, but it caught him offguard.

64 MIN: Podoloski, Schurrle and Gotze going through their warm up drills along the side of the pitch. Looks like changes could be imminent for Joachim Low's side.

63 MIN: And it's met by Koscielny in the air, but headed over.

62 MIN: France have earnt a corner here. Giroud's forced Schweinsteiger into a unnecessary mistake.

60 MIN: Mustafi on for Germany in his replacement. 

59 MIN: And that's definitely it for the Bayern Munich defender, he's off. Germany are momentarily down to 10.

58 MIN: Injury concern for Germany as Boateng's down. He's run 5.65km and it looks like it's the end of the road for him. Hamstring!

57 MIN: Ozil's long cross-field diagonal ball into the box can't reach Muller and that too, is out for the goalkick.

56 MIN: Howedes' throughball to Kimmich down the right flank is far, far too powerful and it's gone out for another goalkick. Nerves and frustration seeping in.

55 MIN: Another game-slowing foul from Giroud on Boateng at Lloris fire the goalkick up top towards him. 

54 MIN: Germany having slightly more luck at the moment in terms of attacking opportunities, but the fouls are starting to fly in all over the place at the moment slowing the game down. 

53 MIN: Evra this time with responsibility of tackling Draxler, and he ushers the German attacker out of play with ease.

52 MIN: The game's gone very scrappy at the moment and it seems to be suiting the French.

51 MIN: Yellow card for Draxler! Great player from Sissoko who tackles the Draxler to begin with. He's not happy about losing possession and lunges into with two feet out of frustration and earns himself a yellow. Definite booking. 

50 MIN: Koscielny gives the ball away to Draxler and the Germany midfielder looks to counter. However, his final throughball to Kimmich is cut out by Umtiti -- great interception. He's having a good game so far.

49 MIN: Corner kick doesn't threaten and Germany escape the setpiece danger.

48 MIN: Griezmann's had a shot from a left of the box as well but Boateng's blocked that one too -- corner kick! France asking all the questions so far.

47 MIN: Great ball up to Giroud but his shot is blocked. For a second there it looked like France could be on their way to 2-0 already!

46 MIN: We're back underway here in Marseille and France have started this half how they started the first; with the ball at their feet.

Half time review: A very bizarre ending to an intriguing first half. France blitzed the opening five minutes but then it was all Germany. The World Cup winners have had all the possession but in terms of clear cut chances they've really struggled to create any of note. France, however, are very lucky to be ahead as they've barely managed to get out of their own half.

GERMANY RATING: 7 OUT OF 10 -- Have looked streets ahead of France, but are struggling to make any real shooting opportunities. 

FRANCE RATING: 5 OUT OF 10 -- Have held tight, had next to no possession but have the scoreline they'd have been aiming for before the game. 45 minutes to go and they're in the final.

Germany have only conceded two goals at Euro 2016, and both have been penalties due to handball.

HALF TIME!!! Review coming up...


45 MIN: Referee blows his whistle and it's a France penalty!!!
France swing the corner in and Schweinsteiger is deemed to have handballed it in the air! Dubious one! He definitely has touched it, but it's a difficult one to call as both seem to have gone up for the header. 

44 MIN: France possession, and they've forced a corner to end the half. Here we go ... !

43 MIN: WHAT A TACKLE FROM HOWEDES! Giroud's put in beyond the Germany backline unexpectedly after a mistake from Kroos, but the German defender's pulled out probably the best tackle in his career to stop the Arsenal striker from getting a shot away in the box. He's stood up and screamed like he's just scored a goal. What a moment!

42 MIN: Chance for Griezmann! He's fed in down the left channel beyond the German back four, but the Frenchman's shot is wide and into the side netting.

41 MIN: Some France possession now as we look to close out the first half. They're passing with intent just outside the box. 

40 MIN: Floats in, and it's met by ... no one. Throw in on the other side of the pitch.

39 MIN: Sagna blocks a distant Germany cross, and somehow it's deflected off and gone for a corner. 

38 MIN: Giroud sticks a foot in and wins the ball back for his side. They attempt to counter, but Germany are back in numbers quickly and they can't create much.

36 MIN: And Pogba hits it! Straight into the hands on Neuer. Easy stuff for the German shotstopper.

35 MIN: And another silly freekick is given away by Can but this time it's from around 30 metres out -- a dangerous position when you considering France's setpiece takers. Similar to the early freekick opportunity, and France will have a go here.

34 MIN: Kroos fouls Pogba in the centre circle and France have the freekick. The Germans have had 68% possession, their opponents haven't even put together 100 passes yet [98 in all]. 

 33 MIN: Giroud attempts to offload Griezmann on the edge of the box with his back to goal, but his pass is poor and Germany manage to clear. Fair play to France though, a couple of passes and their just touching the Germany box -- a reminder to France that they are still there.

32 MIN: Dangerous looking ball into the box from Kimmich, but Umtiti just about manages to get their before Muller and clear it away.

31 MIN: That being said, in terms of genuine, proper chances, Germany haven't had one. A couple of long efforts here and there, but in terms of goalscoring opportunities, they haven't created any ... yet.

29 MIN: Germany continuing to smother the France. I'm honestly struggling to remember when France last got beyond their defensive third with the ball.

28 MIN: The Germans are absolutely bossing this game, France look completely out of their comfort zone. More possession for the men wearing white.

27 MIN: Germany chance! And France don't get far before Germany pinch possession back again. Long range Schweinsteiger shot from 25 metres out is dipping in and France have to call on Lloris to tip it over -- close one!

26 MIN: Germany corner but they can't create much out of after the cross into the danger zone, and France look to escape their half.

24 MIN: Payet shoots from the setpiece, but Neuer -- unsurprisingly -- collects easily.

23 MIN: After about 15 or so minutes, France are FINALLY managing to string a couple of passes together. They've just earnt a freekick too after Schweinsteiger fouls Payet. Shooting chance, but 30 metres to the goal!

22 MIN: Penalty appeal from Germany! Strange defending from France as both Umtiti and Pogba seemed to fall into Kroos at the same time, who was already in the process of scuffing his shot on the edge of the penalty area. Amusing, actually. Not a penalty, though.

21 MIN: It's swung but then headed clear with ease by Koscielny. Textbook corner defending from the Arsenal man.

20 MIN: Corner to Germany! Hard work from Muller down the left flank earns his side the corner.

19 MIN: Kroos' crossfield ball finds Kimmich, who opts for simple ball back inside to Ozil. It's just simple but effective stuff from the Germans.

18 MIN: France are getting completely over run in the midfield at the moment, Ozil's enjoying some much space. Deschamps' side are missing Kante.

17 MIN: France counterattack involving Payet and Pogba doesn't result in much. Superb defending from Kimmich and he earns the freekick as Payet pushes him over in frustration. 

16 MIN: Long range shot from Muller rolls into the hands of Lloris. Never looked like threatening.

15 MIN: Griezmann looks to pounce on a stray Germany pass, but he's outmuscled by Boateng. Germany escape, and can build an attack of their own again.

14 MIN: More German possession, with Draxler and Schweinsteiger picking their passes with relative ease. Can's just had shot from the edge of the box saved by Lloris.

13 MIN: Chance for Germany! Can is put through down the right flank by Kimmich but the latter's cross into the box can't be turned in by Muller, it's gone wide!

12 MIN: Germany have completely halted that initial French opening energetic spell, and they're using all their experience and keeping the ball with ease.

11 MIN: Lovely stuff from Ozil in the centre of the pitch and he navigates with the ball into some open space just outside the France box. However, his eventual ball to Kimmich down the flank isn't good enough and Evra intercepts.

10 MIN: Draxler tries to switch play to the opposite flank, but his long pass to Kimmich is too high and out for the throw in. Competitive opening 10 minutes.

9 MIN: Germany toying with it down their left flank, but as of yet, they can't find a way into the box.

8 MIN: Schweinsteiger finally manages to cut out a France pass in the direction of Giroud, and now Joachim Low's side can start to assert themselves on the game.

6 MIN: Shot for France! Matiudi offloads to Griezmann who carves Germany open, leaving both centre backs on the deck. However, the Atletico striker is on his weaker right foot and his shot isn't hard enough. Neuer saves and parries it away to safety.

5 MIN: And then Evra and Payet link up well down the left. Germany need to get their midfielders involved here, France are knocking it round them with ease.

4 MIN: France starting the better team here. Griezmann combining well with Sagna down the right flank. 

3 MIN: Germany opt for the long diagonal ball into the box in search of Muller, but Lloris is out well and collects.

2 MIN: France earn the first corner of the game after Payet's cross is blocked, but it's wasteful and Germany manage to escape.

1 MIN: Understandably a nervy start from both teams. Can misplaces a pass after a nice little 20 metre run, before Sagna's then dispossessed by Draxler down the flank. 


19.59 BST: This is Umtiti's second international cap. A semifinal against the world champions. No pressure...

19.58 BST: This is Germany's 20th semifinal in the last 26 major tournaments. 

19.56 BST: It's anthem time. Just caught a glimpse of Gotze on the bench and then suddenly had a flashback of his goal in the World Cup final two years ago. How the Germans would love a piece of his magic again tonight. 

19.53 BST: And the players are starting to emerge in the tunnel now. We're just moments away from kick off. What a tournament it's been. Not the most exciting, nor enthralling, but it's definitely had it's story lines. Will the World Cup winners be the side in the final, or will it be the host nation? Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal awaits whoever it is...

19.49 BST: Payet's edging it...

19.45 BST: Anyone else remember last time Germany played a host nation of a tournament in the semifinal?

How could anyone forget. They battered Brazil 7-1 two years ago. 

19.40 BST: For France, they'll be looking to Pogba to stifle the the Germany midfield. Their line up remains the same from the Iceland win, so Kante remains on the bench. That's a big call from the France coach, as many were expecting Leicester man to return to the team to break up the flow of Ozil and Draxler.

19.37 BST: Schweinsteiger starts for Germany despite fitness concerns during the week. The Manchester United man has a big job of filling in for Khedira, but he's more than capable of doing so if he is actually fit and not carrying a knock into this game.

19.31 BST: For those interested, Ronaldo has three goals and two assists, so one behind Griezmann.

19.30 BST: Can his left foot deliver the goods again? France will be hoping so...

Germany XI: Neuer, Can, Boateng, Höwedes, Hector, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Kimmich, Özil, Draxler, Müller.

France XI: Lloris, Sagna, Koscielny, Umtiti, Evra, Pogba, Matuidi, Sissoko, Griezmann, Payet, Giroud.

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