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Low's new Germany comes at a price


Euro 2016 round of 16: Croatia vs. Portugal as it happened

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SUMMARY: A dramatic finish to what, on the whole, was a pretty awful game. Quaresma's header from almost on the line after Ronaldo's shot had been saved decided it -- and came seconds after Croatia had hit the post at the other end. It was a game short on chances and incident, but Portugal won't care. After three group stage draws, they have won to put themselves into the quarterfinals.

120 MINS - There will be two minutes of added time at the end of extra time. Two minutes for Portugal to hold on and reach the last eight. But they must defend what is likely to be a dangerous free-kick into the area from the left. Can Croatia salvage it? Keeper Subasic is up... and Vida hooks the ball agonisingly wide. What drama! Surely that's it now...

118 MINS - Modric puts in a terrible cross, just at the time when Croatia can least afford that to happen.


Nani's mishit comes across the area, from left to right, to Ronaldo. His low effort is brilliantly saved by Subasic -- but the ball bounces for substitute Quaresma, who nods home what will surely -- surely -- be the winner.

116 MINS - And they nearly get it -- Perisic is on the left, but the low cross from inside the box eludes everyone. From the follow-up ball in, PERISIC HITS THE POST!

115 MINS - Perisic tries to get a shot in from just inside the area. The Croatia fans turn up the volume, trying to spur their heroes on to the late goal that would eliminate the need for the nerves of a penalty shootout.

113 MINS - Brosovic whips in a corner and Vida has a chance at the far post as Rui Patricio comes and doesn't get there -- but he powers a header over the top.

111 MINS - Nani tries his luck with an overhead kick but gets that one all wrong. Then, as an early cross comes in from the right, Ronaldo is waiting but thwarted by Corluka's header. Better from Portugal, that.

110 MINS - Ivan Rakitic off and Marko Pjaca on as Croatia make a switch of their own.

108 MINS - On comes Danilo, and off goes Adrien Silva for Portugal.

108 MINS - Brosovic tries to get an early ball in and Jose Fonte, who has been very solid tonight, heads clear. Another Portugal change is looming.


105 MINS - END OF THE FIRST PERIOD OF EXTRA TIME. And, by the way, still no shots on target.

104 MINS - Modric crosses and Perisic tries to knock it into the middle again as it falls to the far post -- the contact is all wrong, though, and the ball sails over.

102 MINS - A cross comes in, looking for Nani but not quite finding him. It goes for a corner, which is sent towards Pepe but headed away before it can get to him.

100 MINS - Brosovic tries his luck from distance. Wide, and pretty dismally so.

99 MINS - Then they have the chance to do the same down the right until a total misunderstanding sees the ball roll out of play. Oh dear, oh dear.

97 MINS - Portugal get their first real move of the added period going, advancing down the left. It breaks down and Kalinic gets away, but then swipes a terrible effort miles wide of the target.

95 MINS - Perisic and his new hairdo attempt to flick a header over the keeper, but the effort goes over the top.

93 MINS - Sanches barges into Modric, and this is a free-kick in a crossing position for Croatia. Srna opts to shoot instead, and the effort takes a couple of ricochets before bouncing to safety.

91 MINS - And so extra time is here. Can either of these teams find a winner, or are we going all the way to penalties?


90+3 MINS - Other end. A Croatia corner. This really is the last chance now, and it comes to nothing.

90+3 MINS - A Portugal free-kick. Can they swing this in and make something happen? We are into the last of the three added minutes. It's crossed, but cleared.

90+1 MINS - Late cross from Srna to Kalinic. Pepe is the man on the spot to defend for Portugal.

90 MINS - If anything is going to happen in the 90 minutes, it is going to have to happen soon. But it doesn't look as though it is going to happen.

88 MINS - And one for Croatia; Mandzukic is off and Nikola Kalinic on.

86 MINS - Sanches again eludes his man beautifully, stepping into space as Modric flails but then not quite getting his pass to the left quite, er, right. Joao Mario off and Ricardo Quaresma on for Portugal.

84 MINS - Brozovic and Modric link. The referee thinks about playing advantage after a clumsy challenge, then doesn't. Moments earlier, a pass towards Sanches just eluded him with a bit of space threatening to open up.

82 MINS -  Portugal on the ball. They go all the way back to their goalkeeper.

80 MINS - And into the final 10 minutes we go.

78 MINS - Carvalho is booked for a foul on Perisic, and that is the game's first yellow card.

76 MINS - You get the feeling that only a moment of inspiration (Ronaldo? Modric?) or a mistake will prevent this game from going into extra time.

74 MINS - Srna is clipped by Sanches, on the right-hand edge of the penalty area. What can Croatia make of this? Nothing. Rakitic's delivery is poor.

72 MINS - Perisic takes a swing at the ball from a difficult angle past the far post, and can only smash high and wide.

70 MINS - Portugal upping their game a bit. A free-kick on the right. Ronaldo waits in the middle, but it's headed away.

68 MINS - Vida again, heading off the threat of a Nani run down the right. We are approaching the final 20 minutes, with extra time looking increasingly likely.

66 MINS - No shots on goal from either side, which tells you all you need to know about what we have been watching so far. Ronaldo tries to change that, latching on to a long ball -- but Vida is there to make sure he can't turn and shoot.

64 MINS - Nani goes to ground under a challenge in the Croatia area. He wants a penalty, and it does look as though a foot might have been a bit high... but the referee says goal-kick.

62 MINS - GOOD CHANCE! In comes an excellent cross from a free-kick on the right. Mandzukic is there, but he flashes his header past the post. Two good chances for Croatia in this half now.

60 MINS - One or two brighter moments since the break, then. But not much to write home about.

58 MINS - Lovely play by Sanches, shimmying into space, working a one-two... and then scuffing a tame shot miles wide. Great build-up, no end product.

56 MINS - Croatia are just beginning to up their tempo a bit. But as I say that, Modric tries a very optimistic effort from distance, and his optimism doesn't bear fruit.

54 MINS - This game needs a goal. Really, really needs one. Something to open it up.

52 MINS - Rakitic has a cross cleared. Corner. it's taken short and quickly as Portugal switch off and Brosovic can only steer his shot over the top. Good chance -- the best so far.

50 MINS - Looks as though Renato Sanches is readying himself to come on. An early change afoot for the Portuguese. And here he is... on for Andre Gomes.

48 MINS - Croatia try to move forward in these early moments, but Cedric is there to clear for Portugal.

46 MINS - BACK UNDER WAY! Let's hope for a little more excitement in this half.

45 MINS - Croatia corner. But Carvalho is fouled as it comes in, and Portugal have a free-kick. That is nearly that.

44 MINS - Cedric heads back to his keeper. The half is almost over, and to be honest there has been very little to remember it by.

42 MINS - Ronaldo. He plays in Gomes on the left, who is looking for Nani with an early cross. But there's Corluka to make sure it doesn't reach him.

40 MINS - Carvalho is fouled as he tries to surge forward for Portugal. Free-kick around about the half-way line.

38 MINS - Rakitic swerves in a free-kick. Vida is in action at the other end, but can't do anything dangerous with his header, which is neither effort at goal nor flick-on. It's just sort of there, rather like this game.

36 MINS - Crisp move by Portugal. Nani gets in on the right, but Vida blocks his attempt to get a low cross in.

34 MINS - Fonte fouls Rakitic. The first half is meandering gently into its final 10 minutes.

32 MINS - Ronaldo takes a a touch. A heavy touch. The ball balloons out of play. He doesn't seem to have brought the form of the Hungary game with him tonight.

30 MINS - Now Perisic. He's on the right, jinks into the area, goes back onto his left foot and shoots... wide.

28 MINS - Croatia play the ball around amongst themselves at the back.

26 MINS - Portugal are beginning to find a little rhythm to their play now. But can they translate it into more chances?

24 MINS - Best chance so far. A free-kick comes in from the left but Pepe heads over the top. He looks frustrated -- he knows he could have steered that effort on target and caused a problem for Subasic.

22 MINS - A Portugal fan waves his arms around frantically. Is he trying to inspire those around him to make more noise? Or inspire the players to wake up? Ronaldo says sorry after challenging Darijo Srna and then standing on his foot.

20 MINS - Ronaldo gets on the ball. Again, he is quickly dispossessed. Cedric makes a run forward for Portugal, but Rui Patricio is there to claim the attempted pass into his path.

18 MINS - Guerreiro crosses, Croatia clear. Possession is being given away a fair bit at the moment -- there is very little shape to this game.

16 MINS - Low-key fare so far. Nani is grounded by a challenge from Vida on the left. The referee has a word with the Croatia man, but no more than that.

14 MINS - A bit careless inside their own half from Croatia there. Portugal win the ball, and Ronaldo is on it for almost the first time. But as he tries to jink past a defender, he is stopped in his tracks. Back come Portugal, though, and win a corner... which is cleared.

12 MINS - The 100-cap Nani is hurt after going up for a header. He sits on the pitch, looking a touch dazed. The doctors are on to have a quick look, but he's soon back on his feet.

10 MINS - We await the first effort on goal of the game. No lack of effort from the Croatia fans, though, who are beginning to create a bit of a din.

8 MINS - Both these sides, by the way, are unbeaten at the tournament so far. Portugal get a cross in through Mario, and it loops into the air off a defender's foot. Cleared.

6 MINS - Some lovely touches already by the returning Modric. One starts a move that leads to Rakitic trying a through ball, but that deflects off a defender and back to Rui Patricio.

4 MINS - Brozovic tries to squeeze a cross in from the right. It's blocked. Portugal have yet to really put anything together so far.

2 MINS - Early possession for Croatia, knocking the ball around in midfield before moving from the centre to the right through Modric. Then they're forced all the way back again.


19.55 BST: The anthems ring out. Five minutes until the action starts.

19.53 BST: The teams are in the tunnel. Ronaldo stares straight ahead. Perisic and his hairdo shuffle from foot to foot. And here they come...

19.50 BST: The players will soon be out on the pitch. Ten minutes to go until kick-off in Lens. This one promises to be a cracker (let's hope that isn't misguided optimism).

19.45 BST: And Ivan Perisic is making a statement via the medium of his hair:

19.40 BST: Plenty of atmosphere and anticipation building up now. Will it be another Ronaldo spectacular? A Modric masterclass? Twenty minutes to go until we find out.

19.36 BST: And there's good news for Croatia -- midfield mastermind Luka Modric and striker Mario Mandzukic are back.

19.34 BST: A trio of Portugal players are in for their first appearances of the tournament tonight -- Adrien Silva and Southampton pair Jose Fonte and Cedric Soares come in. Meanwhile, Nani wins his 100th cap.

19.32 BST: Croatia will need to buck a trend if they are to advance tonight -- they have lost all three of their previous games against Portugal. They haven't even scored a goal. Could all that be about to change?.

19.30 BST: Well, let's hope this one is as good as Portugal's last match. Then, a previously misfiring Cristiano Ronaldo sparked into dramatic life, a seesaw game ended in a 3-3 draw with Hungary, and Portugal -- behind three times -- had made it through to the round of 16.

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