Final Verdict

Posted by Vadim Furmanov

Best moment: Without a doubt, Shevchenko's stunning brace in the opening match against Sweden, in the city where he first made his name as a world class striker.  A fitting way to end an incredible career for the best Ukrainian player of the past several decades, if not of all time (although Blokhin would contest that claim).

Worst moment: The ghost goal in the match against Donetsk.  Devic's strike could have been a potential momentum-swinger in the last game of the group stages, but it was not to be.  The match finished 1-0, and the co-hosts went out early.

Verdict: 6/10.  Not making it out of the group stages, especially after the opening defeat of Sweden, is a disappointment.  But to be realistic, Ukraine were never favoured to make it to out of the group.  The fantastic result over Sweden and valiant performances against both France and Sweden will be fondly remembered by Ukrainians fans, even if the team simply lacked the class to compete with the big boys.

Thanks you to all who have followed by blog here on ESPNFC, unfortunately I was unable to post any more updates after Ukraine was eliminated.  But if you're interested in all things related to Ukrainian, and more broadly Eastern European football, be sure to check out my blog, Passive Offside, and follow me on Twitter @PassiveOffside .

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