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Man United's win streak can't distract fans from Liverpool, Man City successes

It was 7 a.m. on the morning of Manchester United's home game against Arsenal in December when I was rudely awoken by my seven-year-old Manchester City supporting nephew, Charlie. To my dismay, he's got a season ticket and goes to games with his father. My sister has failed in her duty to indoctrinate or convert him, like the rest of the family, to being a United fan.

"Uncle Andy," he said, waking me up. "If United lose tonight, you'll be 19 points behind City. Which is the same as last season,...

Paul Pogba's card game on a train with Man United teammates goes viral

Paul Pogba ended up shocking a soccer fan halfway around the world after taking a photo with the fan's parents.

What if your parents ended up spending a train journey with mega-famous soccer stars but had no idea who they were? Well, what follows is a beguiling yarn spun on Twitter by Nate Patrick, a FIFA 19 and E-sports commentator whose mother and father had the pleasure of bumping into a train full of Manchester United players.

To set the scene a little, Nate was obsessed with football while growing up in Australia but it's fair to suggest that his immediate family don't share his passion for the game....

Chelsea's Eden Hazard: Maurizio Sarri and I share 'same footballing ideas'

Steve Nicol sounds off on Maurizio Sarri's comments about not being able to motivate Chelsea, saying he should get out if he can't do that.
The guys respond to your tweets about the future for players and the manager at Chelsea, Liverpool's upcoming fixtures, Marco Silva and more.
Gab Marcotti provides an update on Chelsea's pursuit of Gonzalo Higuain, after he was left out of Milan's squad for the second straight match.

Eden Hazard has told France Football he wanted to leave Chelsea last summer, but has also not ruled out staying with the club with he and coach Maurizio Sarri sharing "the same footballing ideas."

Hazard said that in Sarri -- unlike more-pragmatic predecessors such as Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte -- he has found someone who, like himself, values plaudits more than prizes, which the Belgian concedes "perhaps sets me apart among the best players in the world."

"We have the same footballing ideas,"...

Arsenal defeat exposes issues for Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea. PLUS: Real get revenge, Spurs' injury crisis

We gravitate towards simple explanations, so the reason Chelsea lost 2-0 away to Arsenal at the Emirates is simple: Maurizio Sarri played his two best players (N'Golo Kante and Eden Hazard) out of position. Easy, right?

Wrong. For a start, Chelsea had no divine right to win at the Emirates, not when they were one place ahead of them in the table. Not when they'd actually beaten them just once in their seven previous encounters, and not when they hadn't played particularly well since long before...