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Old Trafford, England

Referee: P Durkin | Attendance: 67580

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0 - 1


Arsenal are Champions


  • Sylvain Wiltord 57'
  • 90'

    Sylvain Wiltord's goal seals the glory at Old Trafford: it finishes 1-0 to the Gunners

  • 90'


  • 90'

    With seconds left, Parlour hits a shot which is deflected... Barthez gathers

  • 90'

    This has been a magnificent performance by Arsenal, worthy of clinching the Double

  • 90'

    Scholes hits a snapshot from outside the area as the ball rebounds to him - it slices off the outside of his boot and drifts wide

  • 90'

    Van Nistelrooy heads a cross down - and Vieira slams it out of harm's way

  • 90'

    We're on the brink of injury time, and Arsenal - who need only a point for the title - lead 1-0 at Old Trafford

  • 89'

    Just a few seconds separate Arsenal from their second Double under Arsene Wenger

  • 88'

    Keane plays the ball in - too far ahead of Fortune. Lee Dixon is coming on for Arsenal, and Kanu will make way

  • 87'

    Huge noise from the travelling fans now, morose silence from the home faithful. Wiltord and Parlour have the ball - they can't keep it by the corner flag and it's a goal-kick

  • 86'

    ...which Keane gets a head to and can only divert wide

  • 85'

    Solskjaer gets away - he crosses and it's cleared to Brown who is thwarted by a strong challenge. It's a corner...

  • 84'

    Parlour has been tireless, and he picks up another loose ball in midfield. Lauren fouls Fortune, but it's miles away from the Arsenal goal. He gets booked...

  • 84'

    Fortune on the ball - then Phil Neville hits a pass straight out of play

  • 83'

    On the touchline, Ferguson ushers his side forward - but they haven't been able to create a chance in this second half yet

  • 82'

    Brown fouls Wiltord...then Giggs fouls Edu. It's frustration, pure and simple, from the Old Trafford players

  • 81'

    Scholes doing his utmost to get things moving - Silvestre is well-challenged by Arsenal as he moves to shoot

  • 80'

    Ten minutes between Arsenal and the Double... or ten minutes for Manchester United to find two goals

  • 80'

    ...and again, the Highbury side are keeping the ball with consummate coolness

  • 79'

    Free-kick to United - inside their own half, though, and Vieira steps in to win it in any case

  • 78'

    Ferguson's side are spending long spells inside their own half - they have to find an extra gear as we approach the final ten minutes

  • 77'

    ...again the men in yellow are using the ball intelligently and patiently, frustrating United and their fans

  • 76'

    Keane and Giggs link: Giggs provides a poor final ball and Arsenal step in

  • 75'

    Fortune has a chance to cross, and can only flight the ball into the Stretford End. Time running out

  • 74'

    The ball bounces to Fortune, but Arsenal are streaming back and win it again. Once more, Wenger's men are cool in possession. Kanu shoots - wide

  • 74'

    ...Ljungberg crosses and Vieira is robbed as he looks to shoot. That could have sealed matters

  • 73'

    Giggs crosses, Keown heads clear and Wiltord is looking to break out...

  • 72'

    ...and is very close to freeing Wiltord in the area once again. Silvestre does well to tidy things up

  • 71'

    Parlour takes the fight forward for Arsenal once again...

  • 70'

    Scholes sprays a ball wide for Giggs - it's too hard, too high and gives Arsenal possession once again

  • 69'

    Giggs makes his best run of the night, weaving his way across the Arsenal defence, but Solskjaer can't make anything of it under pressure

  • 68'

    Forlan is off, Quinton Fortune on as Ferguson looks to shake things up for United with a little over 20 minutes left

  • 68'

    Keane prompting United forward again - they need two goals to keep their title hopes alive and deny the Gunners

  • 67'

    Barthez gets there first and looks to get United on the move straight away

  • 66'

    ...Wiltord comes forward and looks for Ljungberg with a teasing cross...

  • 65'

    He'll become the latest player to see a yellow card...

  • 64'

    Increasing attempts to up the pace from the home side... Blanc is coming further and further forward, but gives away a free-kick

  • 63'

    In the middle of the mayhem, Arsenal are looking increasingly assured when they have the ball

  • 63'

    Increasing signs of frustration among Sir Alex Ferguson's side

  • 62'

    Another United foul: Kanu the victim, Giggs the guilty party

  • 61'

    Van Nistelrooy tumbles in the area - both Keown and Campbell react furiously, accusing him of making the most of a challenge

  • 60'

    ...his cross is headed away. All the noise is coming from the visiting supporters just at the moment

  • 59'

    Forlan, chasing back, fouls Edu to concede a free-kick: Arsenal come forward with Parlour...

  • 58'

    Veron makes way for van Nistelrooy: can the Dutchman change things?

  • 58'

    Ruud van Nistelrooy will be coming on for United as they search desperately for a way to turn this around

  • 57'

    And that could clinch the double - Wiltord with a potentially historic contribution

  • 56'

    Suddenly, the goal that could be so vital - Ljungberg finds himself through on goal from Wiltord's pass: Barthez saves but Wiltord follows up to slot the ball into the net. 1-0 Arsenal!

  • 55'

    Another good Forlan run: his cross, though, is too close to the alert Seaman

  • 54'

    Barthez scuffs his goal-kick but Brown is there to stop Wiltord as he tries to take advantage

  • 53'

    Good running by Forlan: Campbell stops him and Veron, following up, balloons his attempted cross into the Stretford End

  • 52'

    An offside flag stops Ljungberg as he darts into the area: not a contentious decision that time

  • 51'

    Kanu tries his luck from long range: it's well hit, but Barthez is perfectly placed to gather

  • 51'

    It's a poor one and Arsenal clear with no problems - but a bright start to the second half

  • 50'

    ...then Giggs crosses to Forlan, and Campbell does well to usher it out for a corner

  • 50'

    Barthez punches and Ryan Giggs, back in his own area, completes the clearance

  • 49'

    At the other end, Edu gets a low cross in after good work by Ljungberg and Wiltord - it just eludes Kanu and goes for a corner...

  • 48'

    Veron's charging forward again, but the move breaks down as Forlan fails to control the ball

  • 47'

    The most threatening move that United have put together so far

  • 47'

    Forlan escapes down the right and crosses low - Veron tries to get there, and David Seaman eventually gathers as the ball ricochets back towards him

  • 46'

    It's swung in and cleared - Cole plays it back, but the Gunners can't make anything of that

  • 45'

    Arsenal start the second half: they take a matter of seconds to win a corner through Wiltord

  • 45'

    No goals at the break - Arsenal are 45 minutes away from clinching the championship and the Double at the home of deadly rivals United

  • 45'

    Cole tries a snapshot from the edge of the area, but it's scuffed and apologises its way wide of Barthez' goal

  • 45'

    Silvestre plays it forward - too aimless, and Solskjaer's wearing a look of frustration about that

  • 45'

    Two minutes of added time to be played here...

  • 45'

    It's cleared: Parlour crosses it back, but too high for Wiltord

  • 44'

    Ljungberg does well down the left, winning a throw from which Arsenal win a corner

  • 43'

    Blanc crosses and the ball rebounds to Keane, whose shot from distance is well held by Seaman

  • 42'

    Veron goes for a shot - it hits the wall and Ljungberg tries to feed Parlour, who is thwarted by a harsh offside flag

  • 41'

    ...but his pass into the area is cleared: Edu, though, is booked for obstruction and it's another free-kick, this time further out

  • 41'

    But, 35 yards out and central, it's another United free-kick. Veron looks interested

  • 40'

    Five minutes, plus injury-time, until the break. As it stands, Arsenal will be champions and Double-winners

  • 39'

    ...again, though, it's superb defending from Arsene Wenger's London side

  • 39'

    Vieira is resolute and heads the ball away magnificently. He'll have more to do now - Kanu concedes a free-kick near the area

  • 38'

    Can they create one now? Veron wins a corner...

  • 37'

    Dangerous stuff - but still no really clear-cut chances for the home side

  • 36'

    Good possession from Arsenal - then Campbell dallies and only a great Ray Parlour intervention stops him losing the ball to Giggs

  • 35'

    Now United are on the way forward once more... Keane, Forlan and Giggs are all involved before Campbell clears and Veron concedes a free-kick

  • 34'

    Arsenal enjoy a spell of good possession near the United area, but Lauren overruns the ball and the threat is gone

  • 33'

    Forlan fouls Campbell on the edge of the Gunners area - free-kick, and the visitors will be more than happy with their work so far

  • 32'

    Veron spreads play to Blanc just inside the United half... they've had plenty of the ball, but Arsenal's fine defending has stopped them from creating much with it

  • 31'

    Scholes and Keown appear to tangle... Veron skims the ball in low and Seaman saves well

  • 30'

    Then Lauren is adjudged to have obstructed Giggs down the left - free-kick in a good crossing position for United...

  • 30'

    It's dealt with - a free-kick is given against Edu as the home side attempt to break out

  • 29'

    Corner to Arsenal after a touchline scramble - again, the home fans are incensed by that decision

  • 28'

    ...there's another Scholes foul on Vieira: he needs to watch it, and United are looking a bit ragged

  • 27'

    Cole chases, but Barthez is there first and gets Scholes on his way

  • 27'

    Vieira is back on his feet and Arsenal can take the free-kick

  • 26'

    So we'll have a minute or two of injury time at the end of this half, it seems

  • 25'

    Silvestre gives the ball away inside the visitors' half, then Arsenal follow that lead. Scrappy but interesting... Keane fouls Vieira and is booked

  • 24'

    It comes to nothing, and so does a Kanu-led break for the Gunners

  • 23'

    He's booked as well... meantime, the ball is back with Barthez, who tries to set his side going again

  • 23'

    Another bad challenge from the home side - Phil Neville on Wiltord by the touchline

  • 22'

    The home fans didn't like that much, but it looked to be the right decision

  • 21'

    Parlour steals the ball - United get it back and roar forward, only to be stopped by a whistle against Forlan for a push

  • 20'

    ...and he gets a yellow card. Not the most controversial refereeing decision there's ever been

  • 19'

    Scholes crashes in with a late challenge on Edu - it's a bad one...

  • 19'

    Ljungberg loses the ball in midfield: Veron crosses, Forlan can't get there

  • 18'

    Not much at all in the way of chances - plenty in the way of frenzied midfield activity

  • 17'

    Still goalless here as Solskjaer is penalised for a foul on Edu

  • 16'

    Solskjaer is caught offside from a through ball - Forlan was also chasing

  • 15'

    ...not much - the ball is cleared and the visitors are forced to go all the way back to keeper Seaman

  • 15'

    Brown is penalised for a foul some 35 yards out - what can Arsenal do with this?

  • 14'

    Forlan overruns the ball under pressure, but Scholes does well and then Lauren stops Silvestre down the left

  • 13'

    Brown eventually intercepts and Barthez takes charge of the situation

  • 12'

    Ljungberg does well for Arsenal, carrying the fight forward - they're keeping the ball intelligently

  • 11'

    Keane is penalised for a high challenge on Vieira: the Gunners have the free-kick

  • 10'

    Possession football from United - until, that is, Brown misplaces his attempted pass to Solskjaer

  • 9'

    Brown tidies up well under pressure from Wiltord: the atmosphere and the game are both bubbling along nicely so far

  • 8'

    A long Phil Neville throw brings another corner - United stepping up the pace. Seaman, though, is adjudged to have been fouled

  • 7'

    The momentum ends as Giggs' attempted pass is too powerful for Keane to keep in play

  • 7'

    It's taken quickly, and the ball is only just diverted away from the waiting Wes Brown

  • 6'

    Forlan's looking busy - he sets United in motion and Scholes tries his luck from long range. It deflects over the top for a corner...

  • 5'

    Kanu has a shot from a long way out, and it fizzes harmlessly wide of the post

  • 4'

    Throw to Arsenal, midway inside their own half...

  • 3'

    Arsenal are penalised for a foul on Keane, and again United watch as the ball eludes them and goes for a Gunners goal-kick

  • 3'

    United clear and attempt to break with Giggs: the best he can get is a throw down the right

  • 2'

    It is, as you'd expect, a frantic start... Parlour crosses and Wiltord shoots. Blanc is there with a great block, and it's an Arsenal corner...

  • 1'

    Vieira flicks on: Arsenal, though, can't make anything of that


    United play it forward - but that's far too long, and it's a goal-kick to the Gunners


    United get things under way - Forlan is up front and Ruud van Nistelrooy takes a place on the bench


    Thunderous noise inside the stadium - Arsenal could be just 90 minutes away from Double glory


    The teams are on their way out of the Old Trafford tunnel - it's one of the biggest nights the Premiership has seen


    Can the Gunners dethrone United and win the Double in their own back yard? Join us for live commentary at 20.00 BST

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Manchester United

POS No Name


1 Fabien Barthez


6 Laurent Blanc


12 Phil Neville


24 Wes Brown


27 Mikael Silvestre


4 Juan Sebastián Verón
10 Ruud van Nistelrooy


11 Ryan Giggs


16 Roy Keane


18 Paul Scholes


20 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


21 Diego Forlán
25 Quinton Fortune
POS No Name
G 13 Roy Carroll
D 22 Ronnie Wallwork
D 30 John O'Shea
M 25 Quinton Fortune
F 10 Ruud van Nistelrooy


POS No Name


1 David Seaman


3 Ashley Cole


5 Martin Keown


23 Sol Campbell


4 Patrick Vieira


8 Freddie Ljungberg


12 Lauren


15 Ray Parlour


17 Edu


11 Sylvain Wiltord


25 Nwankwo Kanu
2 Lee Dixon
POS No Name
G 24 Richard Wright
D 2 Lee Dixon
D 26 Igors Stepanovs
F 9 Francis Jeffers
F 10 Dennis Bergkamp

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