Wembley Stadium, London, England

Referee: A Marriner | Attendance: 86254

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0 - 1


Wigan Athletic

  • Ben Watson 90' +1'
  • 90'

    Wigan's players are at the top of the Wembley steps, hoisting the FA Cup aloft in a blizzard of blue and white confetti. A fantastic day for them, a bleak one for big-spending Manchester City, who end the season without a trophy. Ben Watson is the hero for the Lancashire side - Wigan are the FA Cup winners, and deservedly so.

  • 90'

    City threw on Dzeko for Barry after the Watson goal, but they never threatened an equaliser. Final score at Wembley, then - a score few would have predicted - is Wigan 1-0 Manchester City. The famous old trophy is on its way to the DW Stadium.

  • 90'

    A stunning result for Wigan - what a moment for them. The underdogs have done it.

  • 90'

    But this is a crushing blow for Manchester City and Roberto Mancini: the red-hot favourites never justified their billing, and Watson's late header - not dissimilar to the Lawrie Sanchez header that won the cup for Wimbledon in 1988 - decided the match.

  • 90'

    The final whistle blows after injury time had gone into injury time, and there are ecastatic celebrations on the pitch. Ben Watson's goal has done it, and you can't say they didn't deserve it.

  • 90'


  • 90'

    They have one final throw. It's scraped clear. Seconds remaining now. Seconds only.

  • 90'

    Joel wastes a little time and is booked. City launch it long, and desperately.

  • 90'

    Less than a minute remaining. Whistles from the Wigan fans in North London.

  • 90'

    City have two minutes to find a response, and have brought on Edin Djeko. Kompany tries to find Silva, but the ball runs behind for a Wigan goal-kick.

  • 90'

    Hart stunned, City stunned, Wigan delirious at Wembley. They have been the better and more enterprising side, and they merit this lead.

  • 90'

    GOAL: AND WIGAN HAVE THE LEAD! Ben Watson, with three minutes of injury time signalled, thumps in a header and the Latics are on the brink of winning the FA Cup!

  • 90'

    We will soon find out what there will be in the way of injury time. McManaman runs into the area and battles with Clichy. He was looking for a penalty but it's only a corner.

  • 89'

    Wigan on the ball. Clichy comes across to put it into touch as McManaman again chases.

  • 88'

    Maloney plays the ball back in and Kompany clears. City will be happy to win a throw inside their own half.

  • 88'

    Watson, in the end, hits it - and hits it straight into the wall.

  • 88'

    Booking for Barry, another dead ball for Maloney.

  • 87'

    Maloney is fouled again, again about 30 yards out. This time Barry is the culprit.

  • 86'

    Last few minutes of normal time. City fans again try to lift their team. Now, though, they're trying to lift the spirits of ten men.

  • 86'

    He curls it, but it's up and over the angle of post and crossbar.

  • 85'

    This free-kick is 30 yards out and central. Maloney over the ball...

  • 84'

    And now he has been sent off - a second yellow, and no question, really - he slid in late on the Wigan man as he threatened to bear down on Hart's goal.

  • 84'

    Break for Wigan - Zabaleta challenges McManaman as he sprints forward. He has already been booked...

  • 83'

    Mancini yells on the touchline as City lumber forward. Toure makes space and finds Clichy, whose cross is cleared.

  • 82'

    City on the ball, but deep inside their own half. In this game of so few chances, will we see a late one?

  • 81'

    Jordi Gomez is off and Ben Watson on. Roberto Martinez's first change of the day.

  • 81'

    And from it, they win another, thanks to Kone. Meanwhile, a Wigan change.

  • 80'

    Wigan come forward and win a throw deep inside Manchester City territory.

  • 80'

    Ten minutes to go. Milner swings in the flag-kick and Joel catches confidently.

  • 79'

    Toure has a chance to shoot from the edge of the area: he hits it low, and it deflects for a corner.

  • 78'

    Clichy makes a run and makes another crossing chance. When the delivery comes in, Scharner heads clear well.

  • 77'

    The plodding comes to nothing, but Rodwell wins it back and they can creak forward again. Toure turns, Aguero feeds Rodwell and the long-range shot cannons straight back off a defender.

  • 77'

    Long from Hart. City build, still looking laborious.

  • 76'

    Maloney will take... he bends it and it hits the top of the bar and goes behind. That, I think, was intended as a cross. It instead left Hart very worried indeed for a second.

  • 75'

    Nastasic gets a yellow card for his pains.

  • 74'

    We're heading towards the final 15 minutes of the 90. Still goalless. Nastasic challenges McManaman right on the edge of the area, and that's a dangerous free-kick for Wigan. Right-hand side.

  • 73'

    More good play from Kone, who has been excellent. He evades challenges in midfield and feeds Espinoza. He finds McManaman, who again beats Clichy and crosses. Again, City clear.

  • 72'

    Rodwell meets it, and Joel gathers.

  • 72'

    Then Espinoza gives away a free-kick on the right. Milner will take. Plenty in there for Manchester City...

  • 71'

    ...the ball is crossed deep, where Yaya Toure is waiting, but he is beaten in the air at the far post.

  • 70'

    Rodwell turns neatly as City look to come forward...

  • 70'

    There are 20 minutes to go. This has extra-time written all over it, even at this distance from the final whistle.

  • 69'

    Second change for City: Carlos Tevez is off, and doesn't look at all happy about it, with Rodwell taking his place. Not an expected one, but then City are not performing anything like as expected.

  • 68'

    Silva crosses for City from the left in the meantime. Joel gathers and kicks downfield... and that drifts out of play.

  • 67'

    McArthur chases in vain, unable to keep the ball in for Wigan on halfway. And City are lining up another change: Jack Rodwell readying himself to come on.

  • 66'

    Then a great run from McManaman forces Kompany into a good block. Again, Wigan the brighter team.

  • 65'

    Milner works space on the right, but his cross is blocked. City still can't get going and McManaman finds a cross for Wigan. Espinoza plays it back in, and City clear.

  • 64'

    Good football around the edge of the area by Wigan culminates a shot from Gomez. That's well hit, but well over.

  • 63'

    Short answer: nothing. Too long, beyond everyone, goal-kick to Wigan.

  • 62'

    Free-kick to City after a high Jordi Gomez challenge. On the right of the area, this one: what can they do with it?

  • 61'

    Milner makes a run, Zabaleta works space and plays in a low cross. It just eludes his colleagues, though.

  • 61'

    And that gives the City man the dubious honour of being the first man in the book in this final.

  • 60'

    The cross is too long, though, and Alcaraz is the man who gets it clear. As Wigan break, Zabaleta brings down McManaman.

  • 60'

    Silva starts a move, which Milner carries on and wins a corner...

  • 59'

    Espinoza on the left now for Wigan, but the ball played back to him is overhit and out of play.

  • 58'

    Still it's a sluggish final all round, with little in the way of chances. Silva tries to feed Aguero, who feels he may have been impeded by Scharner. He wasn't.

  • 57'

    It's taken short, and Martinez's team go backwards to no effect there.

  • 56'

    McManaman takes on and beats Clichy on the right, and the Latics have a corner. Could this be their FA Cup final breakthrough?

  • 56'

    Room on the left for Clichy to cross. Good defensive work from Wigan, and Kone can try to lead them out.

  • 55'

    James Milner is on, and Samir Nasri off. Less than an hour gone, and Mancini has seen enough of things as they are.

  • 54'

    Tevez tries to re-animate his team with a scampering run. No joy, though, and now there will be a change by Mancini.

  • 53'

    Clichy on the left, to Nasri. Aguero tries to make something of it, but it bobbles through to Wigan possession and Joel kicks it clear.

  • 52'

    Good challenge from Scharner. Maloney scampers down the left: City clear. There's no real improvement in City's game so far, and Milner looks to be getting ready to join the fray. That would allow Yaya Toure to roam forward much more.

  • 51'

    Another corner for City. Kompany gets a touch and the ball deflects and lands on the roof of the net. Goal-kick this time.

  • 50'

    It's a low effort, and Aguero is waiting. Wigan get it behind for a corner, which Scharner defends well.

  • 49'

    Long from City towards Tevez. He's beaten by Aguero but gets the ball back and crosses...

  • 48'

    Nasri gets into the area after a rare pacey move from City, only to lift his cross into their fans behind the goal.

  • 47'

    Zabaleta comes forward to cross for City. As it's cleared, Kompany fouls Kone to give Wigan a free-kick around halfway.

  • 47'

    McManaman threads the ball to McCarthy on the edge of the area, but his effort is woeful and bobbles harmlessly wide.

  • 46'

    Toure tries to thread a ball forward. It goes wrong, and Espinoza is out on the left for Wigan all of a sudden.

  • 46'

    And off we go for the second half - City kick off and Scharner clears downfield for Wigan.

  • 45'

    Wigan and City are back onto the pitch - and there are no personnel changes as yet.

  • 45'

    They certainly need to shake something up. And if they do, how much might Wigan regret not being able to engineer a breakthrough while they were playing the better football?

  • 45'

    Seems as though a City change will be in the offing for the second half - looks like James Milner will be joining the fray. Confirmation shortly...

  • 45'

    And that is half-time - City have had the best chance, Tevez thwarted by Joel, but Wigan have played the better, brighter football. No goals at the break.

  • 45'

    Joel passes the ball out to Scharner. A few seconds left until it's half-time at Wembley. Kompany, pressured by McCarthy, hoofs the ball into touch.

  • 45'

    Then Nasri has a go, and Wigan block. A minute of added time will be played at the end of this first half.

  • 44'

    Tevez drops deep, and then Nasri roams forward. Silva, almost at walking pace on the left, takes over. Then Clichy. But still they can't engineer a crossing chance.

  • 43'

    Two minutes of the first half to go. This will not be remembered as one of the better FA Cup finals as things are.

  • 42'

    Again, a Manchester City move breaks down, this time on the right. There's sometimes a lack of support for the man in possession for City, and this was one of those times.

  • 41'

    The ball comes to Barry on the right of the area, but he can only curl the tamest of efforts into the goalkeeper's arms.

  • 40'

    Signs of frustration from Silva as another City move breaks down. But forward they come once more with Tevez...

  • 39'

    Coming towards the final five minutes of the half. Another ball is flashed out towards Espinoza on the Wigan left, but he is quickly robbed of possession.

  • 38'

    Then Nasri crosses from the left, Silva glances it on but there's nobody to apply another touch as the ball flashes dangerously across the Wigan goalmouth.

  • 37'

    Boyce carries the ball forward but is robbed by City, who engineer a Clichy crossing chance. McCarthy blocks well.

  • 37'

    Mind you, they played very well in the league at the Etihad a few games ago, being beaten only by a late Carlos Tevez strike.

  • 36'

    He twists and turns, but sees his shot - eventually - blocked. More enterprising play from Wigan, who have had a virtual monopoly on enterprise so far.

  • 35'

    At the other end, Tevez feeds Toure, around 25 yards. That's blocked. Wigan race forward and McManaman is in the area...

  • 35'

    Not the biggest of appeals from Wigan, but the official had a good look before deciding that there had not been an infringement.

  • 35'

    Zabaleta challenges Espinoza as he races into the area on the left. The Wigan man goes down, and referee Marriner says no penalty.

  • 34'

    Just for a moment, it looks as though he could be through, but he's eventually crowded out and Wigan scrape the ball clear.

  • 33'

    McCarthy takes over and feeds the ball out to the right, but it breaks down and Tevez scampers forward to slide a pass through to Aguero...

  • 32'

    Will they be buoyed by that near miss? Maybe, but for now Wigan are looking forward once more with Kone, who has been full of bright running.

  • 31'

    Half an hour - just over - gone as City win a throw on halfway.

  • 30'

    After 25 minutes in which they have struggled to do anything much, that's City's best moment. Tevez must have thought he had broken the Wembley deadlock.

  • 29'

    Tevez then gets into the area on the right and opts to shoot from an angle: it's much too high, however.

  • 28'

    ...who crosses to Tevez, and his shot is diverted over by a great block from 'keeper Joel. Save of the match so far (not that there have been many, but it was still great).

  • 27'

    Mancini looks a little anxious, as well he might. Toure looks for Nasri on the left. He frees Silva...

  • 27'

    Then McManaman runs down the left - the offside flag is up, though.

  • 26'

    Kone smuggles the ball towards Maloney near the Manchester City area, but there are enough defenders there to snuff out the threat before it had even really started.

  • 25'

    Silva fouls Espinoza inside the Wigan half to give away an obvious free-kick. He pleads his innocence, in vain.

  • 24'

    This is a bit better - some brighter passing on the left involves Nasri. Toure tries to dink the ball into the area, but Wigan clear their lines.

  • 23'

    Throw to City, midway inside the Wigan half. They have dwindled as an attacking force and look very laboured at the moment. Nastasic sums that up with a hopeful, but hopeless, long-range effort that's no trouble for anyone at all.

  • 22'

    When it goes into the area, Maloney tries to get there - but it's past the post.

  • 21'

    Alcaraz and Kone converge on a ball down the left, but neither can quite bring it under control. But it comes forward again and Espinoza has it on the left...

  • 20'

    Good stuff so far, and Wigan will be much the happier with the way they have played. Ever since the first five minutes or so, they've been great: bright, lively and purposeful.

  • 20'

    At the other end, Silva makes another darting run but overhits his attempted pass through to Aguero.

  • 19'

    Good run from Kone, who gets to the left-hand side of the City area but shoots optimistically and sees it blocked.

  • 18'

    The City fans are trying to lift their team. Silva responds with a twisting run, but his cross is easily blocked.

  • 17'

    Wigan are the better side. Kone battles for a long ball, but can't direct it to a colleague.

  • 17'

    Alcaraz challenges Aguero inside the Wigan area. The City man crashes to the North London turf. Nothing doing, says ref Marriner.

  • 16'

    Another Wigan cross. Maloney tries an acrobatic effort from the edge of the box, which cannons off a defender.

  • 15'

    Scharner was the man who got something on it - but that something was only to direct it well over the top.

  • 15'

    They are doing what their manager wanted - being brave and being themselves. No joy from the corner, though.

  • 14'

    Espinoza feeds McManaman on the right as Wigan come again. Clichy gets in the way, and the Latics have a corner.

  • 14'

    A bit ragged from City, who play an aimless ball forward and need Kompany to clear when it comes straight back at them.

  • 13'

    But this has been a very good few minutes for Wigan, who had struggled to find a foothold in the opening moments.

  • 12'

    And now Wigan have a free-kick, midway inside City territory. Gomez swings it in but it's too high, too long, and no bother.

  • 12'

    Throw to Wigan near the City area, and that creates one or two moments of uncertainty before Mancini's side get it away.

  • 11'

    Maloney is felled for Wigan in midfield - they're lifted by that chance. They don't make anything of the free-kick, however.

  • 10'

    That's what Wigan can do. They have the players to stretch City on the counter, and Kone illustrated it with that delightful pass.

  • 9'

    But they win it back and Kone has a chance to run... he feeds McManaman with a superb ball. He has time on the right of the area, checks inside - and curls his shot wide of Hart's far post.

  • 8'

    Alcaraz steps in well inside his own half to win the ball back for Wigan - again, though, they can't keep it.

  • 7'

    McManaman, fed on the right, switches the play to Espinoza on the other side. Back it comes again - and in steps Yaya Toure.

  • 6'

    Alcaraz loses the ball, overplaying things a bit inside his own half. No harm done on this occasion, though.

  • 6'

    They're closed down by City as they try to put something together - but then Mancini's men lose the ball as well.

  • 5'

    Kone chases as City pass the ball around the back. Wigan have barely had a touch so far.

  • 5'

    No doubt whatsoever about who has had the upper hand in the opening five minutes.

  • 4'

    Tevez hits it into the wall, Toure lashes the follow-up, Joel saves and Aguero is offside as he tries to pick up the pieces.

  • 3'

    Mancini's men have been very composed in their early passing. Toure and Tevez are looking at the set piece...

  • 3'

    And still City - Nasri this time, on the left. Aguero takes it up and is clipped on the edge of the area. A very early and very dangerous free-kick for Manchester City.

  • 2'

    Toure slips the ball forward and Zabaleta has space to cross from the right. Wigan didn't deal with that convincingly, until Espinoza bangs it clear.

  • 1'

    Aguero on the edge of the Wigan box, to the right. He's forced back, though, and now the ball is on halfway. Still with City.

  • 1'

    They launch the first pass upfield of the final, and Joe Hart scurries to the edge of his area to lay claim to that one.

  • 1'

    Wigan get the final under way - referee Andre Marriner the man in the middle this afternoon.


    And now the national anthem. More big cheers, and the handshakes between players and managers. Two minutes or so until we're under way.


    Here they come - to a sea of flags. The FA Cup may have been devalued in many people's eyes, but English football still doesn't offer any other occasion quite like this one.


    A big ovation for the singers. Teams and managers are in the tunnel. We're very close to all systems go.


    Lots of noise, lots of flags, two shades of blue all over Wembley. Abide With Me, the traditional Cup Final hymn, is about to be sung. A quartet of vocalists are doing the honours.


    He says he's not feeling nervous and echoes Martinez: "When you play in an FA Cup final, enjoy it."


    Wigan chairman Dave Whelan will lead the team out alongside his manager Martinez. Whelan broke his leg playing for Blackburn against Wolves in the 1960 FA Cup final. He says he feels a sense of "unfinished business" at Wembley stadium.


    There are 15 minutes until kick-off (tradition always used to dictate that the final had its own day and kicked off at 3pm, but no longer).


    Wigan boss Roberto Martinez wants his players to be themselves - to play the game, not the occasion, and see where that takes them. You can certainly argue that far more pressure is on City.


    There are still quite a few fans around and about outside the stadium - and this is a stadium that City's Vincent Kompany feels has a special historic resonance (even though it's a new stadium on an old site). Wembley, originally built for the 1924 Empire Exhibition in North London suburbia, is as legendary as the Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, the Belgian says.


    For Wigan's Gary Caldwell, lifting the trophy at Wembley would be a dream.


    ESPN's Kevin Keegan chats to Michael Wade about the big occasion, while City boss Roberto Mancini has his eyes on another trophy.


    Dale Johnson tells you everything you need to know about the final, while Richard Jolly examines how things might pan out tactically.


    It won't be long until we find out: until then, some reading matter for you.


    ...Wimbledon, who beat Liverpool 1-0 in the 1988 final to prevent them from doing the League and Cup double that year. Can Wigan emulate Dennis Wise, Vinnie Jones, John Fashanu, Lawrie Sanchez, Alan Cork, Laurie Cunningham and Co this afternoon?


    The last team to win the FA Cup in their first final was...


    Wembley is filling up nicely with half an hour or so remaining until kick-off. Manchester City are seeking to lift the FA Cup for a second time in three seasons - for Wigan, this is a first FA Cup final.


    And this is the Wigan Athletic team: Robles, Kone, Alcaraz, McCarthy, Maloney, Gomez, McManaman, McArthur, Boyce, Espinoza, Scharner.


    This is how Manchester City line up: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Silva, Yaya Toure, Barry, Nasri, Aguero, Tevez.


    ESPN FC will bring you LIVE minute-by-minute commentary of Manchester City's FA Cup final with Wigan Athletic, which kicks off at 17.15 BST. Team news will appear here around an hour before kick-off.