UEFA Champions League

March 11, 2009

Final score - after penalties

AS Roma

(6)1 - 0(7)


UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 11, 2009


Referee: Manuel Enrique Mejuto González

2nd Leg: 1 - 1 (Agg)
Arsenal win on Penalty Kicks.

  • 143'

    An awful penalty from Tonetto. He never fancied it but jubilant celebrations from Arsenal. They've got out of a jail there after a poor performance. Roma's fans still serenade their fans with a song. They played well, and gave everything.

  • 143'

    Tonetto blazes over! Arsenal are through!

  • 142'

    Diaby scores!

  • 142'

    Diaby now...

  • 141'

    Riise scores! Low and hard! All square again...

  • 141'

    Riise steps up...

  • 140'

    Sagna scores! Great pen, right in the corner. Roma have to score again...

  • 140'

    Sagna now...

  • 139'

    Great penalty! on we go...

  • 139'

    If Aquilani misses Arsenal are through

  • 138'

    Toure scores!

  • 138'

    Toure for Arsenal...

  • 137'

    Totti scores! Emphatically! 4-4 and sudden death!

  • 137'

    He must score to keep Roma in it...

  • 137'

    Totti now, the talisman.

  • 136'

    Denilson's penalty is poor but he scores! Arsenal 4-3 Roma! Roma have to score!

  • 136'

    Denilson now...

  • 135'

    Wow! What a cool penalty! Roma 3-3 Arsenal!

  • 135'

    Montella, the late sub steps forward...

  • 134'

    Nasri scores! Arsenal 3-2 Roma!

  • 134'

    Nasri now...

  • 133'

    Good pen, high into the net. Roma 2-2 Arsenal.

  • 133'

    Baptista now, the villain of the piece...

  • 132'

    Walcott scores but Doni should have saved! It wnet under his hands! Arsenal 2-1 Roma.

  • 132'

    Walcott now...

  • 131'

    Rubbish penalty! Almunia saves as it goes right down the middle. Arsenal back in it! Arsenal 1-1 Roma. Two pens taken each.

  • 131'

    Vucinic now...

  • 130'

    Van Persie scores! Arsenal 1-1 Roma!

  • 130'

    Van Persie now. He must score...

  • 129'

    Pizarro scores! Roma 1-0 Arsenal

  • 128'

    Pizarro to gave Roma the edge...

  • 127'

    Doni saves! A poor Eduardo penalty.

  • 127'

    Eduardo to take first for Arsenal....

  • 127'

    Full time! Penalties it is!

  • 126'

    Brighi is coming on and Montella is on, presumably because he takes a better penalty.

  • 125'

    The ref gives Diaby a free kick when he should have played on. Eduardo had the ball. Clichy blasts the ball out of play and that should be that. I repeat, I DO NOT fancy Arsenal on penalties.

  • 124'

    Walcott sets off again but is penalised for handball. A little harsh.

  • 123'

    Eduardo may have run riot against Burnley, but he looks like a player who has been out for a long time in this game. He's crowded out in possession again.

  • 122'

    The ref pulls play back as Walcott skipped clear. Foul given on Diaby.

  • 121'

    It's all gone bitty now. Pens looming large.

  • 120'

    Blackburn have won at Fulham in the Premier League which means I feel sick. I'm a Newcastle fan you see.

  • 119'

    Decent ball from Aquilani finds Baptista whose first touch is good but a combo of Sagna and Toure make sure he can't get a shot off.

  • 118'

    Totti gets hold of the ball and has a whack with his left but it goes wide. He was afforded the chance after more sloppy play from Nasri. Over playing it again.

  • 117'

    Totti is labouring now with his knee injury. Most of his team are now really. But they don't look troubled at the back particularly.

  • 116'

    Walcott cuts in and has a pop with his left foot. Doni holds well.

  • 115'

    Another rubbish Van Persie free kick is cleared. His delivery has been consistently awful. Just awful. Oh, add Nasri to that list too. In space down the left side he shanks a ball clean out. Rubbish.

  • 114'

    Roma look spent here. If Arsenal play their cards right here, surely there is a goal for them. I don't fancy their chances in pens TBH.

  • 113'

    The corner is cleared then Nasri brings down Aquilani. Vucinic beats Sagna but Toure clears.

  • 112'

    Corner for Arsenal after Clichy's cross is blocked by Motta.

  • 111'

    We begin again...

  • 110'

    That's that for half one. If we get through the next 15 minutes without a goal then it's penalties.

  • 108'

    Nasri shoves Motta to give away a free kick on half way.

  • 107'

    Aquilani tries to find Motta down the right but even though he came on as sub, it looked like a tired ball.

  • 106'

    Oh dear! Poor control from Walcott after he played a lovely one-two with Van Persie. That was a big chance! Then Van Persie shanks a volley over the bar from 12 yards. Shape up Arsenal, or you're going out.

  • 105'

    Van Persie delivers to the back post again and it sails harmlessly out for a goal kick. Poor.

  • 104'

    Arsenal have their 13th corner after Walcott's ball in is diverted behind by Riise.

  • 103'

    Nasri stupidly tries to dribble his way out of trouble down the left. Basics Arsenal, basics.

  • 102'

    Motta is a lucky boy after aiming a hand off at Nasri. Free kick.

  • 101'

    Nasri and Van Persie make another mess of good possession. They are crying out for Adebayor I think. He's the most direct player they've got.

  • 100'

    Denilson has had a poor game. He gives the ball away again there when he had options right and left.

  • 99'

    Diaby picks off a pass and spins forward but his ball for RVP was poor. Then Totti whacks one at goal, it hits Vucinic's thigh and spins wide.

  • 98'

    Its fair to say Baptista isn't the most popular man in Rome right now. Don't forget we shouldn't even be in extra time after his glaring and inexplicable miss.

  • 97'

    Roma have lost a bit of sparkle in the last 30 minutes. Arsenal look the fitter and stronger.

  • 96'

    A bright start from Arsenal as Eduardo finds RVP in the box but he wants to do too much before shooting and the chance is lost.

  • 95'

    Ok we're off; 15 minutes each way means this period will end at 110 on our little gamecast minute conuter. Capeesh?

  • 95'

    Full time and we have extra time!

  • 94'

    Aquilani is coming on for Taddei. He was injured during that last Arsenal chance.

  • 93'

    It's all over at Old Trafford and Man Utd are through, winning 2-0 on the night and on aggregate.

  • 92'

    Close for Van Persie! A Sagna cross fell for him and his volley was deflected inches wide! Then from the corner Walcott crosses, Nasri heads across goal and Toure flashes a header over from three yards!

  • 91'

    Pizarro twists and turns and plays a lovely ball looking for Vucinic. A combo of Gallas and Toure gets the ball clear.

  • 90'

    More pressure from Arsenal as two crosses go into the box. Roma equal to it though. Corner. Three minutes added.

  • 89'

    Motta gets a yellow card as Roma's fans crank up the noise. Free kick for Arsenal...

  • 88'

    Motta makes his first mistake after hesitating ahead of a tackle with Nasri. He slipped on his way in and got a clip on the head for his bother.

  • 87'

    Motta has had a great game and there he is again, charging down the right and crossing for Vucinic but Almunia gets there.

  • 86'

    Eduardo was nearly in with his first touch! Walcott clipped a ball inside and Eduardo had space but he miscontrolled.

  • 85'

    Walcott shows he's a bit rusty as his ball for Sagna down the right is overhit. Here is Eduardo and yes! Bendtner is off!

  • 84'

    Eduardo stripped and ready. Please take Bendtner off. PLEASE.

  • 83'

    Clichy is down after a coming together with Taddei and Motta.

  • 82'

    Shoot Bendtner. Shoot him now. He's a complete muppet. Clichy runs the length of the field, slides him into the box and he can't even control a simple ball into feet. What a clown!

  • 81'

    Van Persie takes an Arsenal corner but Doni is up to claim.

  • 80'

    What a mess Baptista made of that! The ball came in from Totti, Gallas missed it and 'The Beast' has tried to hit it with the outside of his right boot for some reason, and shanks it wide.

  • 79'

    Baptista's dropped the Ashes! A glaring miss from eight yards out, right in front of goal. My word. Terrible, terrible effort.

  • 77'

    Nasri gets good possession on the right but runs into traffic in the area. Shame.

  • 76'

    Roma still a threat on the break though and Toure clears from Baptista there.

  • 75'

    Arsenal have taken a grip on this game now and are just searching for the right pass to unlock Roma's rearguard. Can they find it, or are we staring down the barrel of extra time?

  • 73'

    He goes wide right, as a straight replacement for Eboue.

  • 72'

    Here comes the change and Eboue makes way for Theo Walcott. his first involvement is to feed Nasri in the box, forcing Taddei to clear.

  • 71'

    Things relatively quiet at Old Trafford. Inter need two in 20 minutes.

  • 70'

    Motta picks up Totti's corner and has a go, but his shot fizzed well wide. Looks like Walcott is about to come on.

  • 69'

    Vucinic nods clear another Nasri corner.

  • 68'

    Pizarro is down again after a bump from Gallas. He may not be able to continue after this one...

  • 67'

    Motta has worn one from Gallas but he's up and looking lively. Entering squeaky bum time ... now.

  • 66'

    Another poor ball from Sagna puts Denilson in bother and Roma pinch it. Vucinic takes on Sagna and wins a corner.

  • 65'

    Great close control from Diaby. He brought down a clearance from a corner, cut inside and raked a shot a yard wide of the post with Doni static.

  • 64'

    Good ball in from Sagna but neither Van Persie or Bendtner are convincing in the air. Diamoutene clears confortably. They need something else Arsenal.

  • 63'

    Pizarro is down and a stretcher on but he looks ok to continue, even if he is hobbling off as we speak.

  • 62'

    Walcott and Eduardo surely must be on soon. How much more Nicklas Bendtner do we have to put up with?

  • 61'

    Totti smashes one right at Almunia from 20 yards then Riise puts in a solid tackle on RVP as he weaved towards the penalty area.

  • 60'

    Things are getting lively here and space is opening up. There Clichy played the ball in for Bendtner and continued his run but the Dane couldn't find him with a simple ball. Poor.

  • 59'

    Great break from Arsenal as Eboue races clear. He squares for Bendtner but the ball was just a yard too far in front of the striker. He retrieves it though and wins a corner.

  • 58'

    More danger as Vucinic heads into the area and Sagna slides in, but the right back got a decent chunk of the ball. Corner.

  • 57'

    Then as Roma break a Gallas header sits up for Totti, who flashes a volley just wide. Great effort.

  • 56'

    Van Persie tries to collect Diaby's long punt but Riise got a touch on it and Doni pounces.

  • 55'

    Motta runs on to Taddei's ball but fouls Gallas when he gets there.

  • 54'

    Denilson has got away with a shocker. He followed through with studs up on Diamoutene and would have walked if the ref had seen it. In fairness, the big defender got up and got on with it.

  • 53'

    Sagna met the corner and got a good flick on it but it was right into the arms of Doni. A yard either side and it would have been interesting.

  • 52'

    Eboue shoots instead of feeding Bendtner. Corner. Bendtner not happy.

  • 52'

    Riise busted one but it was low and relatively comfortable for Almunia.

  • 51'

    Diaby protests his innocence after an hilarious dive from Totti. There was no contact at all but then, Totti's been doing that so long he's got very good at it.

  • 50'

    Ronaldo scores for Manchester United! It's 2-0 now!

  • 49'

    Now Diaby brings down Riise and gets a yellow. Poor challenge but there wasn't much contact.

  • 48'

    Pizarro gets a good header away as Van Persie whipped it in.

  • 47'

    Arsenal start brightly as Denilson looks for Van Persie, who is fould by John Arne Riise. Free kick on the right touchline.

  • 46'

    We're off again...

  • 45'

    Ahh, I'd like to make an about turn. Having seen the replay, there wasn't a clip of heels but a mere nudge in the back. Motta dived and the referee got it right. I apologise Monsieur Gonzalez. Half time.

  • 45'

    Oh my days! Clichy gets out of jail! Motta got past him, into the area, Clichy clipped the right back's heels but the ref gives nowt. Unbelievable. That's a pen every day of the week.

  • 44'

    Eboue finds room, running towards goal but sends an awful effort miles wide of the goal. Poor execution from Eboue.

  • 43'

    Clichy again slides a ball in towards Denilson and his 50/50 challenge with Diamoutene results in a Roma throw.

  • 42'

    Decent chance for Van Persie as Nasri spun in a cross but he never looked convincing and it looped over the bar.

  • 41'

    Pizarro is caught by Denilson. He took a whack but it looked worse than it was.

  • 40'

    Vucinic shows good pace to track down a long ball, but he shuns options in the box for a shot. Wrong choice.

  • 39'

    Nasri's delivery is poor then the flag goes up as the ball is turned back in..

  • 38'

    Arsenal win another free kick and load players into the box. Nasri over it...

  • 37'

    Bendtner gets away with a nailed on free-kick. He just shoved Motta as he neared the byline but nothing is given.

  • 36'

    Vucinic can't collect a ball from Pizarro, though Sagna was tracking the run.

  • 35'

    Clichy bursts down the left and stands up a beautiful cross and though Diaby's header is firm, it is right at Doni.

  • 34'

    Roma are pressing Arsenal well here...

  • 33'

    Toure does well after Arsenal lost the ball in a terrible area again, Vucinic went to the byline inside the area and Toure made a vital challenge. Corner cleared by Diaby.

  • 32'

    It's very much Jekyll and Hyde with Bendtner. He takes it in turns with each involvement to look a good footballer, then a rubbish one.

  • 31'

    Bendtner dances along the touchline before crossing but the ball was adjudged to have gone out.

  • 30'

    More nice work from Bendtner, who has recovered from his earlier catastrophe. Free kick. Arsenal coming into it more.

  • 29'

    A decent move from Arsenal as Diaby looks for Eboue inside the area, he has his cross blocked but Sagna doesn't. Diamoutene heads clear.

  • 28'

    Change for Roma, the goal scorer Juan is off and Arsenal old boy Julio Baptista is on.

  • 27'

    Yellow card for Pizarro as he is robbed of possession by Nasri and pulls back the Arsenal midfielder.

  • 26'

    Motta picks up Toure's clearance and has a pop but Bendtner deflects behind for a corner. CLichy does well to clear his lines from that one..

  • 25'

    Sagna gets a foot in on Totti but booted his ankle in the process. Free kick on the left touchline.

  • 23'

    Arsene Wenger is looking decidedly unchuffed on the bench.

  • 22'

    Great double save from Almunia! Arsenal look shaky as first Vucinic fires in a shot from the right edge of the area, then as the ball is turned back in and breaks, Totti lets rip with a low shot that the 'keeper does well to get a hand to. Roma all over Arsenal here.

  • 21'

    Riis is left unchecked and goes to unload but Diaby gets there to divert it behind for a Roma corner.

  • 20'

    A bit of head tennis results in half a chance for Gallas, but he tried to nod a looping ball goalwards when he'd have been much better off going across goal. Doni saves easily.

  • 19'

    Bendtner shows a flash of skill to get past two Roma defenders and he wins the free kick, wide left. Now a corner.

  • 18'

    Arsenal have to get rid of this idea that every pass has to be a killer one. There are too many players trying too much too early for a game of this magnitude.

  • 17'

    Van Persie works a nice corner with Nasri and Sagna gets his bonce to the cross but it flies five feet over.

  • 16'

    Van Persie wins a free kick on the right flank, the charges into the box as it is taken short, but Nasri's ball looking for the Dutchman is poor. He was on his own surrounded by four defenders.

  • 15'

    Bendtner is rubbish; there, I've said it. Rushing towards the box with numbers up in support his touch is woeful and Juan clears. Hopeless.

  • 14'

    Brilliant tackle from Juan, the goal scorer, to deny Nasri a good chance to counter.

  • 13'

    Arsenal are misplacing too many risky passes at present. Simple balls lads....

  • 12'

    Denilson gets out of jail, spinning a wayward pas into midfield when Arsenal were stretched at the back. The goal has rattled them after a confident start.

  • 11'

    Riise meets the corner and nods behind for another.

  • 10'

    That cross has travelled through both Gallas and Toure, who were no more than two yards away from each other before a gleeful Juan stroked it home. Terrible start from Arsenal! They have a corner though...

  • 9'

    Criminal defending from Arsenal! The dribbled cross comes in from Totti, two Arsenal defenders miss it and Juan pokes it in at the far post. The all square!

  • 9'

    GOAL! Juan scores!

  • 8'

    Van Persie gives the ball away, then fouls Totti trying to get it back. The Roma captain has a little kick out at Van Persie and is lucky to escape censure.

  • 7'

    Bendtner is in again but slips at the crucial moment! Great start from Arsenal, crisp in possession as always...

  • 6'

    Goal at Old Trafford. Vidic header from a corner!

  • 5'

    Bendtner is as poor with his left as Van Persie is with his right! Clichy slipped him in down the left channel but his centre was nothing short of pathetic.

  • 4'

    First chance for Arsenal, and proof that Van Persie hasn't got a right foot! If he did, it'd be 1-0-, as he hasn't, he tried to cut in on his left and wasted the chance.

  • 3'

    Roma have a corner as Totti feeds Motta and Gallas blocks his cross. The corner is taken to the edge of the area and Diaby gets in the way of Jiohn Arne Riise's effort.

  • 2'

    A decent early ball in from Nasri and Bendtner and Van Persie attack it but the ball cannons behind for a goal kick.

  • 1'

    We're off...


    Roma's fans are trotting out their version of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and just about everyone in the ground has a red and yellow scarf held above their head. The teams come out to a proper cauldron of an atmosphere.


    So, Vucinic and Totti up front for Roma and Bendtner and Van Persie up front for Arsenal. I think we can all agree Vucinic is a superior player to Bendtner but what about Totti and RVP? Tricky one to call, that...


    Roma: Doni, Motta, Diamoutene, Juan, Riise, Brighi, Pizarro, Tonetto, Taddei, Vucinic and Totti. Subs from: Artur, Loria, Aquilani, Ribeiro, Julio Baptista, Montella and Menez.


    The teams. Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Nasri, Bendtner and Van Persie. Subs from: Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs, Vela, Walcott, Song and Eduardo.


    Arsenal are one up from the first leg of course, scant reward for their dominance and chances, but Roma showed they possess a goal threat themselves in the second half. This should be a cracking encounter between two teams who want goals.


    Good evening one and all. Welcome to live coverage of AS Roma versus Arsenal. Everyone may be banging on about Fergie v Jose at Old Trafford, but I've an inkling this one will be a far better game. Who's with me?


    Join us at 1945UK to see if Arsenal can tame Totti and Roma in the Italian capital.