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Swansea City

  • Michu 29'

1 - 1


Manchester United

  • Patrice Evrà 16'
  • 90'

    And they've got one - an excellent, open game ends in a 1-1 draw. Entertaining stuff, and it leaves United four points clear at the top. Swansea are in 11th.

  • 90'

    Big noise from the home fans again - their team are seconds away from a very hard-won point.

  • 90'

    Less than a minute to go. Michu, almost on halfway, just hooks the ball somewhere into the United half.

  • 90'

    Van Persie plays the ball forward and Vorm heads clear. Giggs tries an audacious floated effort from way out on the right, but it drops wide with the Swansea keeper well off his line.

  • 90'

    Luke Moore tries to free Dyer down the right, but it's overhit and United have a goal-kick.

  • 90'

    And a yellow card for Scholes.

  • 90'

    United on halfway. But Scholes brings down Routledge. Another breather for Swansea.

  • 90'

    There will be four minutes of added time, the fourth official says.

  • 90'

    The last minute of normal time, and Michu tries to get the ball forward to substitute Shechter. That, though, is easily snuffed out.

  • 89'

    Carrick rolls the ball wide. Swansea are just hanging on now as we head towards injury-time, but again they get the ball out of harm's way.

  • 88'

    Giggs hooks a great cross in, and Ashley Williams - not for the first time - blocks bravely, and crucially, for Swansea.

  • 87'

    Another Swansea change. The excellent Agustien goes off, and striker Shechter comes on. Brave one, that.

  • 86'

    Michu gets back to challenge Evra just inside the Swansea half - and fouls him. Free-kick.

  • 85'

    That's Cleverley's last touch - he's replaced by Paul Scholes.

  • 85'

    Swansea have almost everyone back, and it works as the first ball is scrambled away and the second, from Cleverley floats behind.

  • 84'

    Evra heads into the Swansea area and Chico makes an excellent challenge to stop him from crossing. It's a corner...

  • 83'

    Vorm gathers the ball as Swansea usher it back. They then look long to Michu - who has been starved of service this half - but it's too long.

  • 82'

    Giggs slips as he tries to get away down the left, and then fouls Tiendalli as he tries to make amends. Free-kick.

  • 81'

    Young plays a long ball forward, and Swansea almost make a terrible mess of that. Vorm, however, just gets to the backpass in time.

  • 80'

    Ten minutes remaining. Van Persie fouls Ki deep in the Swansea half - a bit of respite for the home side.

  • 79'

    Carrick on the ball again, this time on halfway. Giggs finds Evra, from whose cross Van Persie and Young have shots blocked.

  • 78'

    As United go forward, Carrick glances a header which comes off Vorm's fingers and then the bar. So close...

  • 78'

    And that's the end of his afternoon - Giggs comes on, Rooney goes off.

  • 77'

    Rooney eventually takes the free-kick. Like so much else that he has done today, it is disappointing and easily blocked by the wall.

  • 76'

    Ashley Williams gets a booking for his part in the aftermath of the foul, and so does Van Persie.

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Van Persie reacts furiously, and there's a bit of a melee. Free-kick for United, right on the edge of the area. Very dangerous one.

  • 74'

    Carrick and Hernandez link - the ball comes towards Van Persie on the edge of the area, where Nathan Dyer is grappling with him.

  • 73'

    Another chance to make something happen goes begging for Rooney, but United come forward once more...

  • 73'

    Ryan Giggs is preparing to enter the fray for Manchester United. In the meantime, Rooney makes a mess of a square pass after Swansea give away possession in a dangerous place just outside their own area.

  • 72'

    Just under 20 minutes to go, and it's still very much in the balannce at the Liberty. Can either side find a winner?

  • 72'

    Van Persie plays a low ball to Hernandez - he can't get hold of the shot first time but tries a second, which is deflected and Vorm again deals with the danger well.

  • 71'

    Ki finds Davies down the left, but the overlapping full-back can only shank his cross behind with new arrival Moore waiting in vain.

  • 70'

    De Guzman off for Swansea, and Luke Moore on as Laudrup makes another switch.

  • 69'

    He does - it's not been the greatest afternoon for Rooney, and now he has a yellow card.

  • 68'

    Rooney brings down Tiendalli as he raids forward for Swansea... and the referee is quite possibly going to book him here.

  • 67'

    Van Persie's touch is heavy on the right - goal-kick. Swansea need to find a bit of time on the ball if they can - they're under the cosh.

  • 66'

    Rooney crosses, Van Persie improvises a volley and the ball hits the top of the bar. Brilliant effort. Corner, says the referee, mystifyingly - it didn't touch anyone else.

  • 65'

    To the other end, where Van Persie tries to cross from the right. It's hacked away, but Swansea are suddenly being forced back.

  • 64'

    Tiendalli for Swansea, inside his own half. The Swans work the ball up to Michu, but it's steered away by United.

  • 63'

    Who overhits his cross, but United are just beginning to build a bit of a head of steam again.

  • 62'

    Evans on the ball as United look to build from the back. Cleverley gets possession and looks wide to Young...

  • 61'

    Valnecia off and Hernandez on, Britton off and Ki on for Swansea as both managers opt for a change.

  • 61'

    Jones makes good ground and tries to find Van Persie - but that doesn't work.

  • 61'

    Just over the hour mark, and it looks as though United are preparing to bring on Hernandez.

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Rooney has a go from the free-kick, but the returning Vorm, who has been solid as a rock so far, holds on.

  • 59'

    And that foul earns Tiendalli a lecture, but Chico a booking for protesting.

  • 58'

    The ball is clipped forward by Carrick towards Young, who is impeded by Tiendalli.

  • 57'

    Rooney races back into his own half to intercept an attempted crossfield ball from a roaming Ashley Williams.

  • 56'

    As a result, there's been little co-ordination from United in this second half so far.

  • 56'

    Swansea are working ferociously hard, closing everyone down and chasing every ball.

  • 55'

    Van Persie has a bit of a swipe at Agustien. Swansea free-kick, deep in their own half.

  • 54'

    Now it's Britton, with Tiendalli waiting again. This time, though, he's offside.

  • 53'

    Tiendalli does excellently on the right for Swansea: he tees up Dyer, who can't hit the target.

  • 52'

    Vidic heads clear, and then Swansea give the ball away in midfield - Van Persie finds Young, whose effort is well blocked by Ashley Williams.

  • 52'

    It's very open again - straight to the other end and Routledge shoots from an angle on the right. De Gea beats it away for a corner

  • 52'

    Agustien, with neat footwork, creates space for a shot from distance which De Gea gathers.

  • 51'

    From the same side, Young crosses low. It's cleared, but United are starting like a team who were given an ear-bashing at half-time.

  • 50'

    Rooney, in the area on the left, dithers when he could have fed the ball to Van Persie. He then tries a shot, which is easily blocked.

  • 49'

    Rooney finds Valencia on the right, but he wants too long to cross and Davies is there to block.

  • 48'

    Then Rooney picks up possession, only to be frustrated again as he can't guide a pass to Van Persie, who would have been through on goal.

  • 48'

    Robin van Persie is cutting a slightly frustrated figure at the moment, appealing in vain for a free-kick.

  • 47'

    Rooney's not having a good day - out on the touchline, he tries to steer a pass infield and gives possession straight back to Swansea.

  • 46'

    As they win the ball back, Van Persie tries to flick a header through, but Williams is there to mop up for Swansea.

  • 46'

    And off we go with the second half - United kick off, but concede an early free-kick.

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    HALF-TIME: Swansea 1-1 Manchester United. A good half, and a brilliant Swansea response to going behind. An intriguing second period in prospect.

  • 45'

    ...Rooney is found, but Vorm deals with the low shot very well indeed.

  • 45'

    Great play by Evra - he makes progress into the Swansea penalty area on the left and has Rooney waiting for the cutback...

  • 45'

    Only for Britton to be the man in the right place for Swansea and snuff out the threat.

  • 44'

    Half-time not far away now, and Swansea more than deserve to be level. But they give it away after dispossessing Rooney...

  • 43'

    Swansea are defending at the moment - Jones clips one in towards Rooney, but again the quality of the pass isn't good enough to create real danger for the home side.

  • 42'

    Lovely play by Swansea on the right, the side on which they've looked best. One-twos and flicks end with a Routledge cross that floats behind for a goal-kick.

  • 41'

    He won't have enjoyed Valencia's sluggish response to a great bit of Van Persie control, wasted as the winger fails to anticipate his pass on the right of the area.

  • 40'

    Five minutes remaining until the break, and you suspect there may be a touch of the hairdryer from Sir Alex.

  • 39'

    Swansea have been on top since their equaliser, with United's earlier assurance rather deserting them. They're suddenly much more ragged in possession.

  • 38'

    This has developed into a really interesting match, and De Guzman - probably Swansea's best player so far - scampers forward again before dragging an effort wide from outside the area.

  • 37'

    Chico slips as he tries to clear a low cross at the other end, but gets enough on the ball to steer it out of harm's way for Swansea

  • 36'

    Then, on the left, De Guzman outfoxes Cleverley on the byline but fires the ball straight at De Gea. A waste of what was excellent work.

  • 36'

    Michael Carrick, perhaps remembering some of his stints at centre-half, heads clear well.

  • 35'

    They get a ticking-off from referee Oliver and - finally - the corner can come in.

  • 34'

    Plenty of volume from the home fans. A bit of pushing and shoving between Evra and Routledge in the area before the corner can be taken.

  • 33'

    Another cross comes in towards Michu, and Evra clears. As Swansea pick up the pieces and move forward again, they win a corner.

  • 32'

    Chico steers the ball back to his keeper after a rather aimless pass forward by United. Swansea come forward...

  • 31'

    Young spreads the play out to the right for United - boos as Jones gets the ball - but Swansea defend that one well. Not surprisingly, there's a spring in their collective step at the moment.

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    Van Persie tries to twist and turn as United seek a quick response. He finds room, but shoots high and wide.

  • 29'

    GOAL: He is - De Gea saves, but the ball falls for the prolific Michu, who sidefoots a simple finish home. It's 1-1!

  • 28'

    Swansea on the attack, and De Guzman could be through here after Routledge's superb pass...

  • 27'

    Vidic thunders a ball clear. Rooney tries to pick up the pieces, but it's a rare miscontrol from him and the ball drifts out of play.

  • 26'

    It earns him the game's first booking - and that's the right decision.

  • 26'

    Jones slides in on Davies as he tries to get down the right for United. There's no malice in it, despite the angry roar from the crowd.

  • 25'

    That said, Dyer hooks a decent cross in but Michu can only guide his header over the top (and it wasn't an easy chance)

  • 24'

    Another good spell from United, and they look more likely to score a second than Swansea do to find an equaliser at the moment.

  • 24'

    From another good move, Jones mishits a cross from the right - Rooney the man who played him in - and it has Vorm struggling before landing on top of the net.

  • 23'

    Excellent play by Van Persie on the edge of the area, feeding in Young on the left. His low cross is lashed away.

  • 22'

    United are awarded a throw on halfway, to the fury of the crowd. That looked like Swansea's ball.

  • 22'

    Van Persie plays it deep, Young volleys into the ground but back across, and Swansea finally - and awkwardly - scramble it away.

  • 21'

    But Carrick intercepts from Britton and United break away to win a corner.

  • 20'

    The goal hasn't really thrown Swansea out of their stride - they're still pinging it around nicely.

  • 19'

    De Guzman swings it in, but Vidic is there with a no-nonsense header.

  • 18'

    Free-kick Swansea on the right - Evra with the foul. He gets a talking-to, but no booking. Dangerous one, potentially, for the Swans.

  • 18'

    Then De Guzman finds a way through into the visitors' penalty area, but Michu is adjudged to have impeded Vidic to help create the path. Free-kick to United.

  • 17'

    Carrick is passing the ball around nicely for United: Williams has to make a good interception from a threatening-looking ball into the area.

  • 16'

    Can Swansea find a way back? United are threatening again, though. Valencia skulks on the left-hand side of the area, where he's dispossessed.

  • 16'

    GOAL: And from it, the visitors lead - Evra flicks a header inside the post, guiding it past the despairing Britton on the line.

  • 15'

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    Manchester United to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Carrick plays a great ball to Young inside the area - he shoots, Vorm saves well. Corner.

  • 14'

    Coming up to the quarter hour, and it's been a pretty lively opening.

  • 13'

    Seconds later, there's nothing weak about a Rooney effort from distance. It clips off Ashley Williams and the returning Vorm does well to beat it away.

  • 13'

    ...but ignores them - or doesn't see them - and shoots weakly instead.

  • 12'

    Routledge slips a ball through to Michu. He has options to his right...

  • 12'

    Michu makes a good run, but makes it fractionally too soon. He could have been through on the left; instead, he's offside.

  • 11'

    An excellent last five minutes from the home side: good football, and they've stepped up their own pace.

  • 11'

    Routledge spins on the edge of the box and shoots, but there's no great pace on it and De Gea gathers.

  • 10'

    Splendid pass, though, and this is the threat of Swansea - they've got plenty of imaginative footballers who can make something happen.

  • 9'

    A long pass forward by Agustien gives Michu a chance on the left-hand side of the area, but he has to take that first time and blazes it high over the top.

  • 8'

    United on the ball in midfield, but Swansea's well-organised ranks give them little in the way of options.

  • 7'

    Plenty lurking about for this - but they're lurking in vain as De Gea claims confidently.

  • 6'

    De Guzman and Tiendalli link again. The full-back tries to cross again, and wins his side a corner.

  • 5'

    Tiendalli gets down the right and whips a dangerous cross in, but nobody else in a white shirt can get on the end of that.

  • 4'

    Good closing down from Swansea, though. But they're spending a lot of time in their own half. But wait a moment...

  • 4'

    Vidic is on the ball. Patient passing from the visitors, but Chico clears and Dyer tries to make something of it. He can't, and here's Phil Jones on the right for United...

  • 3'

    They're on the attack again. Young wins a throw. Swansea win it back, but they are being ferociously harried whenever they're in possession.

  • 2'

    No frills from Swansea: the ball's thumped out. Carrick crosses towards Rooney, and it's cleared. United starting at a high tempo here.

  • 2'

    Rooney shoots. It's blocked. Valencia's cross is also blocked. Corner, not a penalty, despite what the United man might think.

  • 1'

    A first touch for Vidic as United win it back - but not for long: here comes Nathan Dyer, whose cross is cut out.

  • 1'

    They pass the ball around at the back. Van Persie is scurrying around in vain pursuit.

  • 1'

    Swansea get us under way...


    There's a warm handshake between Sir Alex Ferguson and Laudrup, and kick-off is seconds away. The customary Big Noise from the home faithful - sounding great.


    Swansea have been bolder under Michael Laudrup than his predecessor Brendan Rodgers - but you never know quite what you're going to get with them. The side that won at Arsenal, or the one that went two goals down at home to Reading before scrambling a draw? We're about to find out.


    Michael Oliver is this afternoon's referee at the Liberty - and here come the teams, to a huge reception.


    Nemanja Vidic is back at the back for Sir Alex Ferguson's side - and that could well make a big difference. Exhilarating though United have been in attack this season, they have been uncharacteristically shaky at the back at times.


    And here's how United will be looking: De Gea, Jones, Evans, Vidic, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Cleverley, Young, Rooney, van Persie. Subs: Lindegaard, Giggs, Hernandez, Welbeck, Scholes, Fletcher, Buttner.


    So, after ten games out through injury, goalkeeper Michel Vorm returns for the Swans. His deputy, Gerhard Tremmel, returns to the bench.


    Team news for you - and there's a big name returning for both sides. This is the home line-up: Vorm, Tiendalli, Chico, Williams, Davies, Dyer, Britton, Agustien, de Guzman, Routledge, Michu. Subs: Tremmel, Graham, Monk, Shechter, Moore, Ki, Richards.


    Swansea, though, will hope to cause an upset - and Michu will be key to those hopes. Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he had been unaware of the Spaniard until his move to England.


    Manchester United travel to the Liberty Stadium looking to claim a victory that would take them six points clear of second-placed Manchester City, who left it late to beat Reading yesterday.


    Live commentary will appear here from 1330 GMT.


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