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A 'Clásico' is always a 'Clásico'

First, there were romantic touches, followed by some drama, later some comedy, and today, it has shades of terror. The Clásico has been a movie. It has always mixed those feelings, emotions and dramas. Of protagonists, of heroes, villains. Of tears, suffering and happiness. The Clásico has always been about stronger matters than simply what happens on the soccer pitch. This Sunday will be no different.

Neither Chivas nor América are in good shape. One team gets to The Clásico without the assurance that its worst soccer crisis ever is in the past. The other certainly is confused because of the changes that a new manager introduced and a new form of understanding life itself on and off the pitch. Chivas and América cannot promise us a good soccer duel Sunday. But their colors bring more than enough adrenaline, courage and pride to substitute what they lack.

Even with the absence of good games or good results, Chivas and América would still have their differences.

Guadalajara are better organized. They defend properly even though they do not craft and finish the moves with the volume and intensity that is required. They know what they lack and what they need to function properly. In short, Chivas lack game intensity, ideas, depth and determination in the last yards of the soccer field.

But the question is: What has happened to América and what do they need? Is it related to the game system imposed by Mohamed? Is it just a drop in individual performances? For some of the season, América tried and generated good soccer. It looked as though they only needed some conviction in front of the goal. But they started to lose their way in setting up the attacks and finishing. Finally, the center forwards had no space and opportunities to win the match. What happened to América? It is hard to tell. It has a good coach and the same players as before, but it is not working at all.

The Clásico comes at a low ebb for both teams. The difference is or could be that Chivas, even though they do not have a way to fix it, know what is lacking and know what needs to be done. América are lost in confusion where everybody has a theory, but nobody has a solution.

Either way, it is the Clásico. When the neurons are not enough on the field, the muscles are all that count and the strongest human muscle is … the heart. The Clásicos are won with the heart.