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Jose Mourinho said he'd be retired by 55 years old. Now that he's 56, what else might he do instead?

Is this the year Mourinho actually hangs it up? We doubt it, but he did say he'd be finished by 55 ...

Many moons ago, Jose Mourinho was asked whether he intended to amass 1,000 games in management shortly after Sir Alex Ferguson had passed that particular milestone with Manchester United. The then-Chelsea coach responded that he planned to be safely retired in the Algarve by the age of 55.

Well, Mourinho turned 56 on Saturday. Given that he currently finds himself out of work, it would appear that the planets may have aligned. However, speaking recently, Mourinho sounded very much like a man who is ready and willing to return to management already, revealing to BeIN Sports that he has received no less than three offers since leaving United but turned them all down because they "didn't feel right."

"The time that I am without a job in football, I am going to prepare myself for the next," Mourinho said.

"But the next must be something that makes me really happy with a challenge."

We should consider the alternative avenues he might pursue in his dotage.


Mourinho could begin by finally producing the movie of his life that he first began casting in 2006, when he touted George Clooney for the lead role.

"He [Clooney] is a fantastic actor. My wife thinks he would be ideal."

With a biopic movie under his belt and his foot in the door, Mourinho could also easily branch off into the rough-and-tumble world of the Hollywood stunt professionals.

After all, nobody prat-falls with quite so much grace and panache.


Perhaps we can expect Mourinho to resurface at a fine restaurant (or maybe even in the kitchen of the Lowry Hotel). After all, the man certainly knows how to make a top-tier omelette.

"It depends on the quality of the eggs in the supermarket. They are Class 1, 2 and 3, and some are more expensive than others and some give you better omelets. When the Class 1 eggs are not available, you have a problem."


With a sudden influx of time freed up for mindful reflection, Mourinho may want to follow other such ex-footballing luminaries as Dr. Joseph A. Barton into the realm of amateur philosophy.

We know he's read Hegel -- well, at least once sentence -- as that's exactly who Mourinho quoted when attempting to deflect attention from Man United's dreary 3-0 home defeat against Tottenham in December.

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Get lured back in

Should he feel like he has unfinished business as far as football is concerned, now might be the perfect time for Mourinho to accept the ultimate challenge.

In 2015, days after being sacked by Chelsea for the second time, the Portuguese was offered a job by Ibis Sport Club, a Brazilian side who openly refer to themselves as "the worst team in the world."

Ibis set a world record in the 1980s for going the most number of games without a win (55) and are actually quite proud of that fact. Indeed, the gauntlet laid down to Mourinho was to come in and do his best to keep things exactly as they were, with his two-year contract offer including monthly food hampers and bonuses for every defeat.

Given how the past few months have panned out, it sounds like it might be right up his street.


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