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 By Chris Wright

Cristiano Ronaldo personally returns lost mobile phone to rightful owner

While we're not exactly talking "Hangover"-level pandemonium here, Cristiano Ronaldo certainly enjoyed an unusual night while frittering away the last remaining dregs of his summer holiday in Las Vegas over the weekend.

As documented by various social media posts, the Real Madrid man happened across a lost phone at one point during his stay.

Being the thoroughly decent chap he is, Ronaldo immediately set about returning the misplaced device to its rightful owner.

 By Chris Wright

Cristiano Ronaldo stars in new Japanese fitness advert

Having already looked thoroughly confused while promoting the "facial fitness" widget on Japanese television last year, Cristiano Ronaldo has now been pressed into starring in a strange and unsettling new advertisement for the latest contraption to hit the market.

From the looks of things, the "Sixpad" is some kind of electronic plate that you affix to your rippling beer gut in order to instantly assume the kind of physique it took Ronaldo many years of athletic training and strict conditioning...

 By Chris Wright

Rapper Drake shows Didier Drogba how it's done!

Didier Drogba has been able to list Drake as one of his bestest celebrity chums for a number of years now, with the Canadian rapper attending several Chelsea games in that time as a guest of the former Blues striker.

Sadly, the burgeoning friendship may now be on the rocks after Drake comprehensively destroyed Drogba's footballing credibility by scoring a penalty against him during a backyard kick-about on Saturday.

As he begins his run-up, Drake announces: "Didier I'm your biggest fan ... sorry...

 By Chris Wright

Steven Gerrard treats L.A. Galaxy fans to free beer before grand unveiling

Steven Gerrard is introduced to the fans at the break.

As you're no doubt aware, Steven Gerrard was officially unveiled as an L.A. Galaxy player during the interval of his new side's 4-0 thrashing of Toronto FC on Saturday.

However, unable to wow the Galaxy faithful on the pitch for another two weeks while he waits to make his debut, Gerrard embarked on an altogether different, more direct charm offensive before his halftime introduction.

Indeed, Gerrard treated each of the three main Galaxy supporters' groups to a mountain of complimentary beer before...

ESPN FC  By ESPN staff

Mario Gotze throws horrendous first pitch at Los Angeles Dodgers game

This time last year Mario Gotze was a little preoccupied helping Germany to World Cup glory in Brazil. 

It's different this summer for the Bayern Munich midfielder, who is able to relax on holiday in the United States.

But rather than just sitting back on the beach with a pina colada, Goetze has been checking out...

ESPN FC  By ESPN staff

Hulk playing FIFA: You wouldn't like him when he's angry

Last week we saw just how destructive Hulk can be on the pitch when one of his rapier-like shots appeared to make a ball disintegrate, and another sent the Zenit St Petersburg goalkeeper through the back of the net.

Now the latest bit of Zenit camera trickery has the Brazilian striker getting a little stroppy when playing FIFA.


Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.