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Judgment day is upon us

Men In Blazers Jun, 16, 2014
 Posted by Roger Bennett
Jun, 16, 2014

Fear should guide U.S. vs. Portugal

The Men in Blazers, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, look ahead to the United States vs Portugal match and deliver their cupcake flavored predictions.

The last thing you should tell a man walking on a high wire is to look down.

This is not just circus talk. It could also be the most important rule to think about when watching the American World Cup campaign continue today.

Think back to 2010 and the South African World Cup, which gave the U...

 Posted by Roger Bennett
Jun, 16, 2014

Judgment day is upon us

The Men in Blazers, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies look ahead to the Ghana vs United States match and deliver their cupcake flavored predictions.

Whatever the result, this will be a historic day in American history. There will never have been more full kit clowns at U.S. desks and cubicles across the nation. This is the day we have dreamed of over the past 17 months of qualifying, living and dying as 38 players swaggered through 16 games.


 Posted by Roger Bennett
Jun, 12, 2014

An interview with Carlos Alberto Parreira

Rubens Pozzi and Bob Woodruff discuss the overall morale in Brazil and how the country would react if the team did not win.

Carlos Alberto Parreira is a World Cup perennial. No manager has led more nations into a tournament campaign. When Felipe Scolari reclaimed the reins of a wobbling Brazilian national team in November 2012, the 71-year old Parreira became the nation's technical director as the two men -- World Cup wi...

 Posted by Roger Bennett
Jun, 10, 2014

U.S. head to Brazil full of determination

June 10, 8:30 PM ET on ESPN, INSIDE: U.S. Soccer's March to Brazil continues. In this exclusive content, Roger Bennett talks to Coach Jurgen Klinsmann about the "what ifs" going into this World Cups and the chances for the U.S. Team.

The mood in Jacksonville, Florida, is different from the stressed isolation of Palo Alto, California, and the media-propelled chaos of New York City. The U.S. team appear both looser yet more intense. Arriving in Florida 14 days before their opening group-stage game, the players have a clearer sense...

Jun, 9, 2014

Deromanticising Brazil's relationship with the Selecao

Three-time World Cup champion Pele discusses "the most important tournament in the world".

The first thing I did after landing at Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport for the 2013 Confederations Cup was nip into the gentleman's bathroom. I emerged positively giddy after discovering that in Brazil even the urinal cakes in public bathrooms had famous strikers' faces etched on them.


Jun, 7, 2014

Get ready for a wild World Cup

ESPN's panel of football legends discusses the impact of the World Cup being in South America and then they make their picks.

On the flight down to the Confederations Cup last summer, I read a newspaper article in which a Brazilian government minister urged visiting fans to look beyond the Brazil of samba and soccer. Upon arriving at Sao Paulo Airport, I was bemused to encounter an enormous banner looming over the luggage...