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La Volpe is not the right manager for Chivas

Another season relegated to oblivion and another failure in Chivas' recent history. Guadalajara have lost their magic and color. It seemed Jose Luis Real was to blame for the situation that prevailed, but we now realize that removing him was not the solution to the Rebano's recent ills.

- Marshall: Chivas facing relegation battle

Ricardo Antonio La Volpe came to Chivas with the intention of guiding the red and white team to the Mexican league playoffs and failed to do so. In fact, the Rebano -- in my opinion -- played even worse than it had been doing with "Guero" Real, who was removed as first-team manager for the second time.

One is left wondering why certain decisions are made, when, in the long run, continuity is the best thing. Even if short-term adjustments are needed, a change in the hot seat is not always the best choice, as has been the case at Chivas.

Chivas is not defending well; they pose no threat to their opponents, and show no passion on the field. The team picked up only four points of 12 possible after the arrival of the Argentine coach and missed out on a chance to qualify to the Liguilla, being unable to narrowly defeat the underdog Monterrey team at home.

The Rebano loses; the Rebano disappoints, and with this new failure come the promises, the ideals, the dreams and the intentions. However, in reality, Chivas are in very hot water and are dealing with problems threatening their greatness, as relegation will be a concern next season for the team with the most tradition in Mexican soccer. Worse still, it seems no one can stop the Rebano Sagrado from free-falling.

And to say that the Liguilla becomes less attractive without Chivas is blatant nonsense. Chivas are boring and colorless. They won't be missed. We miss the yesteryear Chivas, players that gave their all in the field. No, no one will miss this team.

But what should be changed next season? I believe a new manager is in order. In my opinion, La Volpe -- for whom I have enormous respect for what he has achieved in Mexican soccer -- is evidently not the ideal manager for Chivas.

Since his arrival he has excused himself by giving a variety of empty pretexts -- the team is in poor physical condition, unsatisfactory work done in youth ranks, reinforcements are not appropriate ... And pretexts will no doubt continue next tournament, as it is impossible to build a team like Barcelona, and they can't bring in Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

I firmly believe that anyone who makes excuses in life will never cease to do so. La Volpe has recently offered more excuses than solutions and in his recent history, with Boca Juniors, with Velez, with Atlante, with Atlas and now Chivas, we recognize his recipe has lost its essence and magic.

Would Marco Fabian’s return be the ultimate solution to these problems? Certainly not. Fabian won't be the leader and hero he is today in Cruz Azul ... he never was. One player or one coach does not make a team, and Chivas has yet to understand this.

Guadalajara wishes to make delicious paella, but changes the ingredients every 15 minutes. You can't ask 10 different cooks to finish the paella. Chivas have hired in the past four years more than eight coaches, and this is the result. Next season they will fight relegation. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

I think that Chivas need to act intelligently -- with the appropriate choice of manager and players. Going back to its roots and respecting its decisions. Success does not solely rely on the work carried out by one player or one coach; it's the sum of sound decisions and hard work. The correct ingredients achieve positive results.