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Was Arsenal's transfer window spree smart money or just a cheap fix?

ESPN FC's Ross Dyer brings us the latest from the social media world, including Lucas Perez's apparent London connection.

Spare a gentle thought for Arsene Wenger. He's damned if he does and really damned if he doesn't. Of course, I speak of his activity -- or lack thereof -- in the transfer window, a debate that appears to have subsumed the actual playing of games as the defining act in Arsenal's season. (NEWSFLASH: The Gunners finally won their first match of the season on Saturday, in case you missed it).

Now it appears that that the team is willing to let Jack Wilshere, not so long ago the future of English...

Can Antonio Conte tame Diego Costa before the striker's luck runs out?

Antonio Conte stresses how important Diego Costa is to Chelsea's success this season.

When you are as street as I am, you tend to stay way ahead of the curve, which is why I was already aware of the new word that the Urban Dictionary recently introduced.

Wenger (noun) -- a person unwilling to spend money.

While "Wenger" has officially moved to cliché status, I remain cutting edge and propose a new evocative football expression for the UD to consider :

Diego (noun) -- a talented tool who you only like when he's on your team. (synonym -- see Bellamy, Craig)

I realize that there...

Rating the 'Supermanagers': Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho, Conte, Wenger

The boys at How Will They Line Up preview Arsenal against Leicester and make their case for replacing Arsene Wenger with Piers Morgan.

In case, like me, you have been frantically scanning the Vegas odds lately for Hull going undefeated this season, you may have missed the other seismic event of the Premier League's opening weekend. For the first time in its history, there was more attention paid to the debuts of various sideline celebrities than to the players who will ultimately lead them to glory -- or, in Arsenal's case, fourth place.

That's because there has simply never been a collection of such pedigreed, cerebral, charismatic...

No more Premier League fairytales, please! Get the big clubs back on top

ESPN FC's Steve Nicol and Alexis Nunes discuss the latest transfer rumours including Mauro Icardi and Georginio Wijnaldum.

My Euro hangover lasted longer than most, and not for the obvious reason. Oh sure, there was no shortage of golden hops consumed amid the communal bonhomie of a major tournament. But after a while it became less about the spectacle and more about simply coping with the life-sapping tedium of watching teams sit back, tackle hard and spring the occasional counter. In other words, they were all trying to out-Leicester Leicester.

Granted, Iceland and Wales played with a heroic resilience and unbreakable...

Will Jose Mourinho revive Man United? Premier League burning questions

Don't get me wrong. The Champions League final had definite intrigue, and I'm looking forward to the Euros as much as the next person, provided that the next person isn't Gianni De Biasi or Lars Lagerback, the managers of Albania and Iceland respectively, whose feet haven't touched the ground since their teams qualified for the tournament. And I couldn't be happier that the Copa America is being held in the United States next month, just perhaps not as enthusiastically as the guy who penned the...

Arsenal fail to win the league again but besting Tottenham is all that matters

ESPN FC's Craig Burley takes issue with Arsenal's 'pathetic' second-place race with Tottenham after both clubs ended up finishing well behind Leicester.

I'm not one of those foolish dreamers who took a flyer on Leicester City at the beginning of the season. I tend to bet on sure things: you know, like Arsenal finishing above Spurs in the table. And though it came down to the last Sunday of the season, the end result was never in doubt as far as I was concerned. In fact, I predicted it at the end of March.

No need to thank me. I consider it a public service.

You watch Arsenal's "rivalry" with Spurs long enough -- like, say, 21 years of Premier...