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An open letter to Arsene Wenger from a frustrated Arsenal fan

The ESPN FC team take a look at Chelsea's match against Arsenal, discussing the referee's poor performance.

Dear Monsieur le Professeur:

It's been a while since I felt compelled to write you directly and once again, I do so with a heavy Gooner heart. On the face of it, Saturday's high farce at Stamford Bridge shouldn't qualify for a cri de coeur. After all, I'm normally only moved to go public after a goal differential of half a dozen (you know, like 8-2 or 6-0). Mon Dieu!

But in some ways, this weekend's 2-0 laydown to Chelsea is both more embarrassing and more illuminating than our usual epic beatdowns....

Will Chelsea's and Jose Mourinho's ills really be cured by a game vs. Arsenal?

The Exploding Heads look ahead to Chelsea's clash with Arsenal and debate what it will take for Chelsea and Arsenal to win the league.

Before the karmic miracle occurs and the Premier League falls off its axis, let's take a deep breath and check the league calendar. It clearly shows there are still 33 games left to play, plenty of time for Chelsea to add the 36 points needed to get to the 40 that usually guarantees safety from relegation.

I know, I know. It's boorish of me to bring up something so indelicate as Chelsea's gloriously dreadful start to the Prem season, particularly in the warm afterglow of Wednesday's Champions...

Man City overshadow Chelsea's win with an impressive victory at Everton

Miss any Premier League action this weekend? The Exploding Heads sum up Manchester United's scoring struggles, Manchester City's perfect start and Chelsea's first win.
ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti believes that Manchester City have a great amount of depth and will likely be adding to their squad.
The FC crew break down Manchester City's return to form and contend that they are, without question, the team to beat.

There was a worrisome moment early on Sunday at Goodison Park while Man City laid siege to Everton's goal, just as they did last weekend against Chelsea. Tim Howard had made an acrobatic kick save to parry a fierce shot from Sergio Aguero when the game came to a dead stop. Players milled around on the touchline beckoning the medics to administer to a spectator who had suddenly taken ill in his seat behind the Toffees net.

There is no truth to the rumor that the person feeling queasy was Jose...

Jose Mourinho puts John Terry under the Chelsea bus after Man City defeat

Miss any Premier League action this weekend? The Exploding Heads sum up Sunderland's struggles, Arsenal's bounce-back win and Chelsea's lack of imagination at the Emirates.

Of all Jose Mourinho's most recent crimes against humanity, ranging from demonizing his medical staff to signing a new four year contract, the one I find most unforgivable was making me feel sorry for John Terry.

Yes, that John Terry, the living embodiment of public civility and sporting morality who happens to be Chelsea's defensive colossus and as ferocious a competitor as the Premier League has known. He's also a man who had played 177 90-minute games under Mourinho. Until Sunday.


Petr Cech humbles Arsenal to start a season of Premier League title hopes

Relive the best of world football as the Premier League returned to action, Guardiola and Ronaldo went on tirades and new managers began their careers with a bang.

Well, I never said they'd go unbeaten.

But after all these years of watching Arsenal come up with ingenious ways to shoot themselves in their cultured feet, I should have known that picking the Gunners to win anything other than a fourth-place trophy is asking for an egg facial. In this case, with Les Championnes-Elect not just losing the first game of the season at home to West Ham but losing it in hubristic fashion thanks to two astonishing howlers from the very person I thought would lead...

Six burning Premier League questions ahead of the 2015-16 season

The ESPN FC guys give their top four predictions for the upcoming Premier League season.

How long has it been? Ten weeks? Ten years? How long since a ball has been kicked that actually meant something? Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the Women's World Cup, the Champions League final, the FA Cup final (especially the FA Cup final!), the Gold Cup, the Emirates Cup, all those fiercely competitive preseason friendlies and, of course, the hilarious sight of 14 FIFA executives being frogmarched out of that luxury Swiss hotel at dawn. But, man, am I happy to have the world's most exciting, richest...