Video: Ukraine’s Stepanenko sees red for almost kicking head of Moldova’s Bordian clean off

Posted by Chris Wright

Ukraine secured themselves a nifty 2-1 World Cup qualifier away win over Moldova Tuesday night, though the evening ended on a sour note when they were reduced to 10 men as the clock ticked over into stoppage time.

Not that Moldova's Vitalie Bordian would've been able to taste that sour note, however, as it just so happens that he was the poor sod who had the taste kicked out of his mouth when Ukraine's Taras Stepanenko inexplicably took to the sky and proceeded to almost decapitate his opponent with a crazy airbourne studs-up assault...

Bloody. Nora.

So many questions, but our first would be to ask just what in the blue blazes Stepanenko was trying to do in the first place. If that's his volley technique, then we heartily suggest he stays behind after training for some extra tutoring.

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