Video: Mila Kunis is a Watford fan now apparently

Posted by Chris Wright

TP are able to tell you, with a fairly significant air of authority, that there isn't a great deal about the English second division that can be considered "glamorous" or "beautiful" in any way, shape or form -- other, of course, than Chris Eagles' marvelously-pruned Chola-style eyebrows and Alice band combo.

But now the Championship has a glittery new bauble to call its own, with the lovely Miss Mila Kunis proudly stepping out as a card-carrying fan of Watford FC.

Yep, you read that correctly!

In a promo interview for her new movie, "Oz the Great and Powerful", BBC Radio One reporter Stark's steely resolve crumbled in the face of such beauty and the poor mite began rambling about his beloved Watford.

Detailing his matchday routine, Stark waffled on about his regular trips to Nandos and how he and "the boys" usually "bosh a few beers" (we assume that means "drink", though we're not 100% confident) before a game -- which, amazingly enough, piqued Mila's interest.

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Sensing an opportunity, Stark then invited her to Watford vs. Cardiff that very night and, though she claimed to be too ill to visit Vicarage Road there and then, Kunis promised to take in a Hornets game at some point in the near future…

Now it's a fair assertion that Mila has absolutely no intention of spending an afternoon watching turgid second tier hoofball, but still ... Sorry, lost our train of thought for a moment there.

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